Top 10 Travel Tattoo Ideas: Best Travel Tattoo Ideas

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Top 10 Travel Tattoo Ideas Best Travel Tattoo Ideas

Top 10 Travel Tattoo Ideas: Best Travel Tattoo Ideas

We all have a bit of wanderlust…  Sure, home is where the heart is, but the road is where adventure is. Humans are nomadic by nature, and some of the best experiences we have in our lives are when we travel.

That’s why we put together our list of the best travel tattoo ideas, because travel and tattoos go together like airplanes and neck pillows (or booze). We have travel tattoos for everyone, and hopefully you can find the perfect travel tattoo idea for you.

So pack your suitcase, put a new pin in the map, and enjoy our list of the Top 10 Travel Tattoo Ideas…

#10: Travel quote Tattoos

The best thing about travel is getting to talk about all the fun you had! That is why a travel quote tattoo is a great travel tattoo idea. If you're not a big talker, quote tattoos can still work for you as a private reminder to get out there and experience something new.

Travel Quote and Mountain Tattoo Best Travel Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo done by Sarah

#9: Letter Travel Tattoo

Whether its a letter, a postcard, or a social post, corresponding about your adventures while traveling, is not only fun for the traveler, but for their friends too. So get a letter travel tattoo to remind yourself how fun it is to share how much fun you are having to others! Even if they may get a little peanut-butter and jelly...

Traditional Hand and Letter Tattoo Best Travel Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo done by Sara

#8: Camera Travel Tattoos

"Did you really see all that cool stuff?", "Prove it!". Pictures give you the ability to show others everything you saw during your travels, so honor the OG picture taker, the camera! A great travel tattoo idea for all those budding photographers.

Camera Tattoo Best Travel Tattoo Ideas 

Tattoo done by Sara

#7: Small Travel Tattoos

Small tattoos can still say a lot, take the travel tattoo below for example. It has all the travel elements: A passport, a globe, a suitcase, an airplane, all tied together with a heart to signify your love for travel.

Airplane and Suitcase Small Tattoo Best Travel Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo done by Ryan

#6: Coordinates Travel Tattoos

Is there a secret place you love that can't be found on Apple maps? Then, get the coordinates tattooed so you will always know where to go! As an added bonus if someone finds your preserved corpse when you die they may think its a treasure map...

Coordinates Tattoo Best Travel Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo done by Jah

#5: Theme Park Tattoos

Nothing let's you truly experience a new culture like visiting a theme park filled with nothing but tourists and disgruntled local workers. So get a souvenir that will really last, a tattoo! Also, the tattoo will probably be done quicker than most of the lines you waited in.

Disney Theme Park Tattoos Best Travel Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo done by Sara

#4: Mixed Tape Travel Tattoo

Did somebody say roadtrip? No roadtrip is complete without good music to set the vibe for the road, and the mixed tape is the original Spotify, minus all the ads. Mixed tape tattoos are an unique and awesome travel tattoo idea.

Mixed Tape Tattoo Best Travel Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo done by Steve

#3: National Parks Travel Tattoos

Whether you like the beach, the desert, or the forest, there is a National Park for everyone. That's what makes National Park travel tattoos so great, there are so many beautiful things to be tattooed for all tastes, just check out the 2 tattoos below.

National Pars Tattoo Best Travel Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo Right done by Ryan  Tattoo Left done by Steve

#2: Monument Travel Tattoos

Monument travel tattoos look amazing as you can see from the Winged Victory of Samothrace tattoo below. Wherever you travel to there is some monument that will look great tattooed.

Winged Victory Tattoo Best Travel Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo done by Ryan

#1: Compass Travel Tattoos

Wherever you go, there you are. Keep your sense of direction while traveling with a compass tattoo. Compass tattoos can be simple or elaborate so there is a compass travel tattoos idea for everyone, making them #1 on our Best Travel Tattoo Ideas List. 

Compass Tattoos Best Travel Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo Left done by Steve Tattoo Right done by Ryan

We hope you enjoyed our list of Travel tattoo ideas. Travel inspired tattoos are a great way to commemorate your love of travel and all the adventures that they bring you.

Did this list make you want a travel-inspired tattoo so you have a permanent reminder of the incredible experiences you've had on your journeys? Then travel to Mr. Inkwells, and book your tattoo with one of our amazing artists!

See you soon!


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