Why should I choose Mr. Inkwells?

Because we make getting a tattoo and pierced easy and enjoyable. We have the worlds best tattoo and piercing artists, and we are the top rated tattoo shop in all of Southern California.

To see even more reasons why Mr. Inkwells is your best choice for tattoos and piercings click here and watch a quick video to learn what it's like to get tattooed at Mr. Inkwells.


What is the Mr. Inkwells guarantee?

A guarantee we made to make sure your next tattoo experience is the best ever:

Upfront Pricing

Best Inks. Jewelry, and Products

Clean and Classy Shops

And of course, World Class Artists

Click Here, call, message us on social, to set your new tattoo or piercing appointment today.


Can I walk in or do I need to set an appointment?

Walk ins are welcome, however we do get busy. Setting an appointment will guarantee you have a spot. Plus, setting an appointment is easy, just Click Here or call your local Mr. Inkwells, then we will get you set up with an artist to get your new tattoo or piercing.


How do I set my appointment to get tattoo or piercing?

To set a tattoo appointment online Click Here. You can also call us at (562) 446-3656, message us on social @mr.inkwells, or come by the shop at 10901 Los Alamitos Blvd, Los Alamitos, CA 90720


How does Confirming with your card and Deposits work?

When you book a tattoo or piercing you will need to confirm with your credit card, or pay a deposit. The deposit will go toward your tattoo and is non-refundable. If you confirmed with your card you will be charged nothing if you cancel or reschedule your appointment at least 48 hours prior to your appointment. If you cancel inside of 48 hours you will be charged 50% of the cost. And, if you no show you will be charged 100% of the cost. This is to compensate your artist for their time.


How Much will my tattoo cost?

We are the first tattoo shop to offer upfront pricing:

$99 for small flash tattoos

$199 for medium flash tattoos

$299 for large flash tattoos

Or, you can get a customized tattoo which are priced per piece upfront

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How Much will my piercing cost?

To see our piercing pricing click here

Can you pay for tattoos and piercings with cards?

Yes you can. We except all forms of payment including:


Credit/Debit Cards

And we offer exclusive tattoo financing, click here to learn more

You can also buy Tattoo and Piercing certificates online by clicking here 

However you want to pay we have you covered at Mr. Inkwells, Click Here to book your appointment.

Can I have any design tattooed on me, can I bring my own?

Our tattoo artists can tattoo any tattoo, in any style. All artists also have exclusive custom designed flash. When you come in for your tattoo appointment you will sit down with your artist go over your ideas, then, your artist will design your tattoo.  Click Here to book your appointment.


How bad does getting a tattoo hurt?

Not too bad at all. Most places the pain is very mild. Some a little more sensitive . However, if it hurts too bad we have numbing cream to help. To learn more about how bad tattoos hurt read this article. Then book your appointment  Get Your Ink Today


What is the age requirement tattoos?

If you want to get your tattoo at Mr. Inkwells you have to be 18 years old, sorry no exceptions.

If you are 18 Click Here to set your appointment.


What is the age requirement piercings?

If you are 18 years old, you can do any piercing. 

For other piercings we start at age 7 for earlobes, all other piercings are different ages per service, give us a ring at (562) 446-3656 to find out the age for your service.

All minors regardless of service will need consent from their parent or legal guardian to get a piercing.


Do the artists have training?

The artists at Mr. Inkwells are the highest trained tattoo and piercing artists in the industry check out this article to learn more. Our artists include, professors of fine arts, art school alumni, and classically trained painters. Then, they were trained in the art of tattoo by the industries best. This is what makes the artists at Mr. Inkwells world class. Book Today


What styles can the artists do?

At Mr. Inkwells we only have the best artists that can do a multitude of styles and if one can’t do a particular style they will let you know and we will have another artist do it for you. Book Today To learn more about different tattoo styles click here


Is color more expensive?

Color, Black and White, whether you want a rainbow or a cloud it all cost the same at Mr. Inkwells. Get Inked


Is all the equipment clean and sterile?

Here at Mr. Inkwells we pride ourselves in clean and classy shops. We only use state of the art medical grade equipment and needles and when it comes to cleanliness we have are only standards that far surpass those required in the tattoo industry. Book Now


Is getting a tattoo or piercing safe?

Of course at Mr. Inkwells we insure all of our equipment is clean just like the rest of our shop, then we provide your with the aftercare products to ensure the healing process goes well too. Set Your Appointment


Is the ink safe and natural?

We only use the highest quality all natural inks. All of our tattoo inks are free of any animal byproducts and are completely vegan, they are made with organic pigments with with deionized water and hamamelis water. All our tattoo inks come in medical grade sealed bottles to ensure the highest quality before and after opening. Book Today


What should I wear on tattoo day?

You should avoid light colors, and anything too tight that will go over your tattoo. If you already know where you're getting the tattoo, and if it is possible please have the area uncovered by garments. For example if you are getting a forearm tattoo wear short sleeves.  Set Your Appointment


How should I prepare for tattoo day?

Preparing is easy. Clean up, smile, and get ready for the best tattoo experience of your life! 


What happens if I need to miss my appointment?

You will probably be unhappy because you will have to wait longer to get that new tattoo your want. And if you do have to miss please contact us as soon as possible so we can reschedule you. Thanks

What should I get? And where?

That is for you decide, but if you are having trouble check out our tattoo inspiration pages by clicking here, or set an appointment by Clicking Here and one of our artist will help you come up with a new custom designed tattoo.


Where can I find images and inspiration for my new tattoo?

Let the world be your muse, look online, in magazines, our tattoo inspiration pages click here, look anywhere, the world class artists at Mr. Inkwells can create anything your heart desires. So go ahead make it custom Click Here.


Is there any time or reason I should not get a tattoo?

Don’t get tattoo if you don’t want one, also try and come in sober, and if you have a bun in the oven please make until it is fully cooked and out before you get inked.


How do I care for my tattoo?

Tattoo aftercare is very important, that is why we offer all in one aftercare solutions that include everything you need to keep that tattoo looking as great as the day you got it. Read this article to learn more about tattoo aftercare

How long will my tattoo take to heal?

Tattoos about 2 weeks to heal when cared for properly for the instructions on that and the supplies Read this article .


How long after a tattoo can I go swimming?

Sorry all you water bugs out there, you need to avoid fully immersing your new tattoo for the first 2 weeks. This includes: The ocean, the lake, the pool, the hot tub, and any other still bodies of water where you would fully immerse your tattoo that I may have missed. For more information on tattoo aftercare click here.


How long after a tattoo can I go in the sun?

Tattoos are cool, and vampires are cool, however getting a tattoo won’t turn you into a vampire. Feel free to enjoy the outdoors just make sure you keep that new tattoo protected with our aftercare products. For more information on tattoo aftercare click here.


Can I cover up an existing tattoo?

Got a tattoo you want gone? Our tattoo artists are experts at cover ups.  Schedule Your Appointment Here and read this article for more info on tattoo cover ups.


Is there any other tattoo-getting etiquette that people should know their first time in?

First time in, don’t worry we make the process of getting a tattoo easy and enjoyable. When you come in for your tattoo be ready for a good time, have a good attitude, be nice and clean, and be ready to get inked Book Your Tattoo


Are your inks sustainable and vegan friendly?

We only use the highest quality all natural inks. All of our tattoo inks are free of any animal byproducts and are completely vegan, they are made with organic pigments with with deionized water and hamamelis water. All our tattoo inks come in medical grade sealed bottles to ensure the highest quality before and after opening.


Can I bring my kid(s)?

Why of course Mr. Inky loves well behaved kids, and for that matter kids love him. Those little rascals can play games on tablets, watch TV, and even get their own ink (temporary of course) while you are getting your new tattoo. With that being said if your little one is a hellion please arrange to have them not present for your sanity and for your artist and others. Book Your Appointment


Should I tip?

Did you like your tattoo? Did you enjoy your time getting tattooed? Do you feel your artist did a swell job?

Of course you should tip, not only is it a great thing to do, it is also great way to put a cherry on top of that thank you, and everyone likes a cherry on top.


Does Mr. Inky Have any tattoos?

Of course not, Mr. Inky is an octopus and already has his ink on the inside. That is why Mr. and Mrs. Inky are so passionate about putting ink in you!