Mr. Inkwells Tattoo & Piercing Artists

Steve Realism Tattoo Artist Mr. Inkwells

Steve "The Sleeve"

If you are looking for any style tattoo, Steve is great. He loves doing realism tattoos, or bold, high contrast tattoos with delicate shading and fine detail

Sara Green Traditional Tattoo Artist Mr. Inkwells Tattoos Orange County

Sara "Tat Queen"

Known for clean lines, stippling, and bright colors. Her favorite tattoo style is Traditional, while script and floral designs also have a special place in her heart.

Ryan Script Tattoo Artist Mr. Inkwells

Ryan "Inky"

If you need a tattoo to be exact, Ryan is your tattoo artist. When it comes to perfection in tattoo form there is no better, whether that be script, black, color, or any tattoo.

Rony Castillo Black and Grey Linework Blackwork Tattoo Artist Mr. Inkwells Tattoo Shop

Rony “The Architect”

Specializing in black and gray realism and fine line tattoos, Rony loves designing amazing tattoos. The Architect can build you the tattoo of your dreams.

Nikki Body Piercer at Mr. Inkwells Tattoo and Piercing Shop

Nikki Gosnell

Using body jewelry as art to decorate your body, Nikki has alwasy loved piercing. She believes piercing gives you the express yourself a unquie way.

Kenny Da Kydd Tattoo Artist Mr. Inkwells Tattoo Shop

Kenny "Da Kydd"

A master of all tattoo styles, Kenny loves doing, realistic, blackwork, black and gray, traditional, comic, cartoon, and anime tattoos.

Lauryn Piercing Artist at Mr. Inkwells Tattoo and Piercing

Lauryn "The Marksman"

Born into the tattoo and piercing world, Lauryn is a marksman when it come to jewelry placement. She also has impeccable taste in body jewelry design.

Cambria Tattoo Artist Mr. Inkwells Tattoo Shop LA adn OCs Top Rated Tattoo Shop

Cam "The Creator"

Creating art since she was able to grasp a crayon. Cam loves tattoos because it's art that you can always carry with you. She loves colorful tattoos.

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