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Get inked the easy and enjoyable way, Come on down to Mr. Inkwells! From beautiful Flash Art to Custom Designs, turn your boring skin into a living piece of Art

Home of the Mr. Inkwells Guarantee!

We know deciding where to get inked is a tough decision, that is why we make your decision easy with the Mr. Inkwells Guarantee!

<b>Upfront Pricing</b>

Upfront Pricing

Put your large brain at ease by knowing your cost upfront.

<b>Top Quality All Natural Inks</b>

Top Quality All Natural Inks

Any self respecting Octopus knows the importance of Great Ink

<b>Clean and Classy Shop</b>

Clean and Classy Shop

We keep everything in ship-shape

<b>World Class Artists</b>

World Class Artists

Get drawn on by only the best Inkers in the industry.

How It Works Mr. Inkwells makes getting a tattoo easy and enjoyable

We follow a simple 8 step process to ensure get the best tattoo and the best experience in two shakes of a tentacle.

<b>Visit Your Local Mr. Inkwells</b>

Visit Your Local Mr. Inkwells

Hop on down to our Clean and Classy shop

<b>Select Your Tattoo</b>

Select Your Tattoo

Pick out something special to make your flesh shine

<b>Time and Pain Estimate</b>

Time and Pain Estimate

Don’t worry it won’t smart that bad, if it does we have something for that

<b>Test Placement</b>

Test Placement

We’ll place your tattoo before we ink it for your approval

<b>Enjoy getting your Tattoo</b>

Enjoy getting your Tattoo

You’ll have a swell time getting tattooed, enjoy music, movies, and more

<b>Admire your new Tattoo</b>

Admire your new Tattoo

Take a look at how awesome you now look with your new ink

<b>Show Off Your New Ink </b>

Show Off Your New Ink

Showboat your new tattoo around the inter-web

<b>Aftercare products and process</b>

Aftercare products and process

Keep your new tattoo looking fresh for many moons

Upfront Pricing

Step right up, it’s your body, you decide! Big or small we have them all!

Small Flash art

Clean and Tight
Small Flash art
  • Thousands of designs
  • Fast and easy
  • Express yourself

Medium Flash

Now You're Gettin It
Medium Flash
  • Thousands of designs
  • Fast and easy
  • Express yourself

Large Flash

Now that's something else!
Large Flash
  • Thousands of designs
  • Fast and easy
  • Express yourself

Make It Custom

You So Fancy!
Make It Custom
$149 Per Hour
  • World Class original art
  • Choose anything
  • Express yourself

Mr. Inkwells Emporium

Explore our wares and indulge in everything for all your clothing, tattoo aftercare, and other cool stuff needs.

A visit to Mr. Inkwells is like a dream. A dream where you get poked with needles thousands of times and wake up way more awesome than when you went to sleep.

So rest easy knowing you have found your tattoo shop, express yourself, be yourself, and only treat yourself to the very best…
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