Recovery Sterile Saline Wash 7.4oz

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Recovery Sterile Saline Wash 7.4oz

Soothe, and clean both healed and new piercings with Recovery Saline Wash. Spray Recovery Piercing Aftercare Saline Wash gently onto the skin, for the safest, healthy and hygienic piercing healing and maintenance. Recovery Sterile Saline Wash is vegan, all-natural, devoid of CFCs, drugs, preservatives, or additives, and of course Environmentally friendly.

- 7.4 oz

- 100% pure and sterilized Saline Wash

- Soothing and gentle; sprays onto the skin

- Vegan- and environmentally-friendly; preservative and drug-free

- Comes in a recyclable 99.5% aluminum can

- 360° spray dispenser for easy application

- Hermetically sealed to prevent contamination