Inkspired Art Contest Mr Inkwells Tattoo Flash Sheet Art Contest Theme

The Project

You will be creating a Custom Tattoo Flash Sheet based on the year's theme. 2023's theme was "Golden State of Mind". A Tattoo Flash sheet is multiple flash tattoo drawings that all fit together in an overarching theme to make a flash sheet (like the example here designed for Valentine's Day). The flash sheet is designed to make people want to get a tattoo of the pictures on it, and if you win, that is exactly what will happen...

(learn more about Tattoo Flash Sheet design in FAQ's at the bottom of the page)

The Theme

Last year's theme was "Golden State Of Mind". That means your Tattoo Flash Sheet should represent what California means to you. From landmarks to people and everything in between, there is no shortage of tattoo flash ideas in the Golden State. This years theme will be released as the contest day gets closer...

How To Enter

Rules & Contest Information

The Tattoo Flash Sheet Contest is open to students located in the Southern California area grades 9-12 on the contest's launch date

Timeline & Important Dates

Sign up now, and be notified when the contest will launches.  All entries must be submitted by the contest deadline, and the award ceremony will take place after judging.

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Making a Tattoo Flash Sheet is fun and challenging for an artist. You can design them in various different sizes, layouts, etc. , but every flash sheet should follow these guidelines:

1. The Tattoo Flash Sheet needs to relate to the theme "Golden State Of Mind" whatever that means to you.

2. The Tattoo Flash Sheet should have a minimum of 3 separate flash designs (there is no maximum per page), and they should all fit on a single page and relate to the overall theme

3. The Tattoo Flash Sheet needs to be created by you, only original art! We also prefer color Flash Sheets, but if you can create something amazing using just black and gray, that's fine too.

You can read our article on Easy Flash Sheet Design by click here

Once you sign up you will receive emails with more instructions on the best practices for Tattoo Flash Sheet designs, so make sure to check your email often!

The award ceremony will be held at Mr. Inkwells 10901 Los Alamitos Blvd, Los Alamitos, CA 90720, .This is where winners will be announced and prize money will be granted. This is also where and when the live tattoo of the winners art will be tattooed on a lucky Mr. Inkwells client.

Tattoo Flash Sheet judging will be done by art experts from various different fields including: Master Tattoo Artists, Art Professors, Art Critics, and more. Making the Inkspired Art Contest a great place to showcase your art even if you do not win.

Information on this page will be updated as the Inkspired Art Contest progresses. Make sure to sign up for the contest using the form above to get emails with the latest contest information, tips, and more! If there are still any questions about the contest, you can reach us by email at or clicking here on our contact page