Inkspired Art Contest Winners 2023

Tyler Martina

Inkspired Art Contest Winners

Inkspired Art Contest Winners 2023

In this post we are going to reveal the Inkspired Art Contest winners, you’ll also get to see the tattoo flash sheets they created, and you will get to see one of the winners flash tattoo designs come to life, after being tattooed!

But first….

We want to thank everyone who participated, and for making the Inkspired Art event such a huge success! We received a ton of amazing entries from schools across Southern California, and we are extremely excited with the response, and the amazing tattoo flash sheet entries we received.

Although we loved all of the entries we received, we had to pick a winner (well, kinda 3 winners). And, those top three entries were invited to Mr. Inkwells Tattoo & Piercing studio to figure out where they placed, and more importantly, what prize they would receive...

These are the prizes we had up for grabs:

$250 Check for 3rd place

$500 for 2nd place

And, $1000 for 1st place.

But, 1st place in our tattoo flash sheet contest also received another very special prize. The 1st place winner had a tattoo flash design they created tattooed live on a volunteer at Mr. Inkwells!

Again, we had a lot of great entires, and the competition was close. But in the end, these three young artists emerged victorious in our 1st annual Inkspired Art Contest:


3rd Place:

In 3rd place, Abigail Cordero a 10th grader at Cerritos High School. She entered a flash sheet so beautiful, I almost couldn't "bear" it. It was done in a very unique style, represented the theme, and we just loved it.

3rd Place Tattoo Flash Sheet Inkspired Tattoo Contest

3rd Place Winner Tattoo Flash Sheet Inkspired Tattoo Contest

3rd place winner Abigail and her winning flash sheet


2nd Place:

Coming in 2nd place, Simone Mack, an 11th grader at Millikan High school. Her entry has all the California staples, mermaids, the poppy, the sun, and more. It was flash so good, it could make a fish grow legs and start dancing.

2nd Place Tattoo Flash Sheet Inkspired Tattoo Contest

2nd Place Winner Tattoo Flash Sheet Inkspired Tattoo Contest

2nd place winner Simone and her winning flash sheet


1st Place:

And our big winner, coming in first place 1st place, Keira Pycior, a 10th grader at Los Alamitos High School. This tattoo flash sheet screams California, it's like a California omelette with sunny side up egg. Not only that, but all the designs were very tattooable, and would be at home in any tattoo shop.

Fun Fact: When we emailed out her flash sheet for volunteers, we got over 300 requests!

 1st Place Tattoo Flash Sheet Inkspired Tattoo Contest

1st Place Winner Tattoo Flash Sheet Inkspired Tattoo Contest

1st place winner Keira and her winning flash sheet

As you can see, all three of the tattoo flash sheets created by these talented young artists were amazing. Each followed the contest theme "Golden State of Mind", each had a good selection of different designs, and all of the flash sheets really showcased each artist’s unique style. We couldn't be more happy with our winners art!

Now what you've all been waiting for... the winners art tattooed!

Tattooing the Winning Tattoo Design Tattoo Flash Sheet Inkspired Tattoo Contest

Andrew tattooing the winning flash tattoo

Winner and Volunteer withFinished Tattoo Inkspired Tattoo Contest.

Our volunteer Gabriela, artist Andrew, and winner Keira, admiring the completed tattoo

Inkspired Tattoo Contest. Flash tattoo Desing and Finished Tattoo

The winners flash sheet with flash design next to finished tattoo


A big shout out to everyone who made this tattoo possible, Andrew, our amazing tattoo artist! Gabriela, our wonderful volunteer! And of course Keira, the one who created this beautiful artwork! 

Tattoo Team, Contestants, and Volunteer Inkspired Tattoo Contest.


Again, we are so excited with the response the Inkspired Art Contest got from the community. The young artists loved the opportunity to do something different by designing a tattoo flash sheet, and we loved seeing what they created. 

We also loved all the support the competition gained from the community and schools. This is a great opportunity for students to do something they love, support the arts, and win some truly awesome prizes.

With the world moving more towards AI and automation, it makes things made by humans even more special. That is why we think art is even more important now than ever. And we will continue to support the arts in any way we can, and in the process spread some Southern California culture.

Remember, this is just the first year of a long tradition, and we hope to make it bigger and better year after year. Next year we plan to reach more students, give out more prizes and prize money, and spread the message that art matters farther and farther.

If you would like to be involved please click here to reach out and we will contact you. We want to ensure every student has the opportunity to enter the contest, and get the chance to win some money and prizes.

Winner Recieving Check For 1000 Inkspired Tattoo Contest.

2023s, winner Kiera receiving her $1000 check

Thank you again to everyone who participated, and I can’t wait to see what next year brings.

See you soon!


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