New Years Tattoo Ideas: Tattoo Inspiration For The New Year

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New Years Tattoo Ideas Tattoo Inspiration For The New year

New Years Tattoo Ideas: Tattoo Inspiration For The New Year

A New Year means many different things to different people. It can mean New Year's resolutions, a fresh start,  or continuing on the mission you started many New Year’s before. No matter what the new year means to you, a tattoo is a great way to not only celebrate, but to motivate. 

Staying on track can be hard, we all need little reminders to keep our head in the game. Simply writing down your goals makes you 10 times more likely to achieve them, so imagine what getting a tattoo can do!

That is why we put together our New Year’s list of  tattoo ideas, to help you find the perfect New Year’s tattoo. This list will include links to a variety of different tattoo ideas, from motivational tattoos, to tattoo cover up ideas, and everything in between. Whether you are looking for a New Year’s tattoo that will help you reach your goal, or just put a smile on your face, we have something for everybody, including you …

Inspirational Quote Tattoo Ideas

First on our list is Inspirational Quote Tattoos. These tattoos are perfect for when you want to bring a little dose of motivation with you wherever you go. This list of Inspirational Quote Tattoo Ideas will be sure to inspire your next quote tattoo.

Quote Tattoo Ideas New Years Tattoo Ideas

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Philosophy Tattoo Ideas

Next, we have Philosophy Tattoo Ideas. Philosophy means the art of how to live your best life, a New Year’s goal I think we can all agree on. This list includes philosophy tattoos from the east to the west, so no matter what you believe there is a philosophy tattoo for you.

Philosophy Tattoo Ideas New Years Tattoo Ideas

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Mental Health Tattoo Ideas

When starting off the New Year it is important to have your head in the right place. That is why we put together our list of the Top 10 Mental Health Tattoos. These mental health tattoos draw inspiration from ancient ideas to modern psychology, and they are all designed to get your head in the right place and keep it there. 

New Years  Tattoos Mental Health Tattoo Ideas

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Zodiac Tattoo Ideas

As time passes so does our position in the cosmos, that is why astrology tattoos are a great new year tattoo idea. Our Best Zodiac Tattoo Ideas list has many tattoo ideas for every sign in the zodiac.

Zodiac Tattoo Ideas New Years Tattoo Ideas

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Birth Flower Tattoo Ideas

Another great New Year tattoo idea is something that celebrates your Birthday, like Birth Flower Tattoos. Flowers always make a good tattoo idea, and this list of Birth Flower Tattoo Ideas will make that flower tattoo even more unique and special.

 New Years  Tattoos Ideas Birth Flower Tattoos

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Couples Tattoo Ideas

Are 'Relationship goals' your New Years resolution? Then, this Couples Tattoo Ideas list is for you. We have tattoo ideas for any couple you can imagine from lovers to brothers.

Couples Tattoo Ideas New Years Tattoo Ideas

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Weightlifting Tattoo Ideas

Does your New Year mean a new workout plan? Then, Weightlifting Tattoos are for you! Whether your a fitness fanatic, or just getting into it, these Weightlifting tattoo ideas will have something for everyone.

Weightlifting Tattoo Ideas New Years  Tattoos

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Tattoo Cover Up Ideas

If you are reinventing yourself this New Year, a cover up tattoo could be just what the New Year’s doctor ordered. See how you can turn even the most undesirable tattoo into an irresistible work of art.

Cover Up Tattoo Ideas New Years Tattoo Ideas

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Pet Tattoo Ideas

Man and Woman's best friend isn't always a dog, it can be any animal. And what better way to bring in the New Year than to get a tattoo representing the unconditional love that you share? 

Pet Tattoo Ideas New Years Tattoo Ideas

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Tattoo Location Ideas

Have you decided on what to get tattooed but not where? Then, our Tattoo Body Part Guide is perfect for you! Not only does it give you tattoo ideas for each body part, but it also gives you estimated pain levels, something everyone is hurting to know.

Body Part Tattoo Guide New Years Tattoo Ideas

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Body Piercing Ideas

If you are still deciding on the perfect tattoo idea, then may I suggest a body piercing? With over 10 different piercing locations in the ear alone, there is bound to be a piercing you didn’t even know you wanted.

Piercing Ideas New Years Tattoo Ideas

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Tattoo and Piercing Pain Guides

Do you want a New Year's tattoo or piercing, but are wondering how bad it will hurt? Then make sure to check out the tattoo pain guide, and the piercing pain guide, to learn what to expect. I wouldn't let pain alone decide whether or not you get a specific tattoo or piercing, but it is good to mentally prepare for what is coming.

 Tattoo Pain Chart and Guide

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Piercing PainChart and Guide

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More Tattoo Inspiration

Still looking for more inspiration? Then, Click Here and check out all the Mr. Inkwells tattoo ideas and inspiration lists. With 100s of different tattoo articles, you will be sure to find the tattoo idea you have been searching for.

More Tattoo Ideas Best New Years Tattoos

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Working Out after Getting A Tattoo

Getting a New Years tattoo but want to stay in shape? Don’t worry, with Mr. Inkwells’ guide to working out after getting a tattoo. We will show you that getting a tattoo doesn’t mean giving up your workout!

Working Out After Getting a Tattoo New Years Tattoo Ideas

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Tattoo Financing

For the financial goal setter who thinks a new tattoo may break the budget, we have tattoo financing! Learn how you can get the tattoo you really want today without breaking the bank. With no credit check, interest free, tattoo financing at Mr. Inkwells .

Tattoo Financing

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Thank you for checking out our New Year’s Tattoo Guide. What was your favorite New Year’s Tattoo idea? Were there any New Year’s tattoo ideas you wish we would have added? Let us know in the comments below.

If you were inspired and you have resolved to get a tattoo this New Year, make sure to book it at Mr. Inkwells tattoo shop. Where one of our talented artists can design you a tattoo you will love this New Year, and every year to come.

See you soon!


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