10 Best Philosophy Tattoos: Best Ideas for Philosophy Tattoos

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Best Philosophy Tattoos

10 Best Philosophy Tattoos: Best Ideas for Philosophy Tattoos

Philosophy is meant to be lived, to guide us through our lives, whether in good times or bad. Your philosophy helps make life's small and even big decisions easy, and helps keep you life manageable. The best philosophy is simple, easy to call upon in times of need, simple sayings, mantras, or symbols, to keep you on the right track.

This makes philosophy and tattoos work very well together. By tattooing philosophical symbols, mantras, and sayings, on your body, you have daily reminders of how to live your life. Seeing these philosophical tattoo reminders day in and day out will help you embed the philosophy into your life , just the way the tattoo is embedded in your skin. 

Not only that, but these tattoos will also inspire those who see them too, at the very least, explore your philosophy themselves, and hopefully help them to start living the philosophy as well. 

That is why we put together a list of the top 10 Philosophy Tattoo Ideas. These tattoos draw inspiration from ancient and modern times, from east to west, and were selected to inspire your next philosophy tattoo. 

And of course, each tattoo not only has an amazing message, they also look amazing as well. Enjoy our list of the best Philosophy tattoo ideas, where the art of living , and the art of tattooing meet.


#10: Samurai Tattoo

The first Philosophy Tattoo on our list is a Samurai tattoo. The Samurai philosophy was "Bushido" or "the way of the warrior". This philosophy valued honor, reckless bravery and selflessness, as well as duty with the purpose of giving up one's life and embracing death, there is no place for fear for Samurai. These reasons are why Samurai philosophy tattoos are so great, they remind of an ideal to live up to.  

Samurai Philosophy Tattoo

Tattoo done by Sarah 

#9: Phi and Eudaimonia Tattoo

Phi is the symbol for philosophy, the golden ratio, and more. Eudaimonia means human flourishing. The two combined makes this a great philosophy tattoo. The symbol is simple and reminds us to go out and live life. And, not only live life, but flourish. That is why this Phi and Eudaimonia tattoo is #9 on our Best Philosophy Tattoo list.

 Phi and Eudaimonia Philosophy Tattoo

Eudaimonia done by Ryan, Phi done by Rey

#8: Egyptian Tattoo

Egypt has always been regarded as a place of mystery, wisdom, and philosophy. A place that hold ancient secrets, from how the pyramids were built, to the secrets of the afterlife. These Egyptian philosophy tattoos of The Eye of Ra and the iconic Ankh are the perfect philosophy tattoo for those who like an ere of mystery.

Egyptian Tattoo

Tattoos done by Devon

#7: Star Wars Jedi Tattoo

The Jedi philosophy in Star Wars may be fictional, but the myths and legends that our ancestors lived their lives by were fictional too. Stories real or fictional can be full of great philosophy. A Jedi tattoo is a way to remember to trust in nature (the "force"), to use reason, other than just emotion, train yourself, and do what is best for the universe. May the Force be with you and your next tattoo.

Star Wars Jedi Philosophy Tattoo

Tattoo done by Rya

#6: Tree Of Life Tattoo

The Tree Of Life or Tree Of Knowledge is common in many philosophies from around the world.  It symbolizes connecting all forms of creation, and connecting the heavens, earth, and the underworld. It makes a great philosophy tattoo, and the tree looks good in color or black and gray.

Tree Of Life Philosophy Tattoo

Tattoo done by Rya 

#5: Polynesian Tattoo

Polynesian culture has no history of written language, that means that the way stories were told and significant life events were marked was with tattoos. Polynesian philosophy believed that all things, animate and inanimate, were believed to be endowed to a greater or lesser degree with sacred supernatural power. That is why Polynesian tattoos and Polynesian philosophy work so well together, the tattoo gives a degree of power to the one being tattooed.

Polynesian Philosophy Tattoo

Tattoo done by Eddie 

#4: Warriors Tattoo

All warriors share a common bond. They live and die by the warriors code, they honor one another, and they stand strong in the face of evil. From ancient to modern times there have been those who live by the warriors creed, that is why it is a great philosophy tattoo. It allows you to easily spot others who live life the same way.

Warrior  Philosophy Tattoo

Tattoo done by Rya  

#3: Budda Tattoo

The Buddhist path combines both philosophical reasoning and meditation. This Buddha Philosophy tattoo embodies both of those ideas very well. The Buddha tattoo is often shown with a lotus and other tattoo elements related to Buddhism, or it can be a more simple tattoo of just Buddha, like the tattoo below. 

Buddha Buddhism Tattoo

Tattoo done by Ryan 

#2: Yin Yang Tattoo

The Tao, it signifies balance and working with nature, not pushing against it. There is no easier symbol than the Yin Yang to embody this philosophy . That is why the Yin Yang is a perfect philosophy tattoo. This Taoist philosophy tattoo is great because it is so versatile . Wether you want a classic Yin Yang or something more exotic, like the one below, you can’t go wrong with this philosophy tattoo.

Taoism Yin Yang Tattoo

Tattoo done by Steve 

#1: Memento Mori and Amor Fati Tattoo

Number 1 on our Best Philosophy Tattoos list is this Stoic tattoo idea. The coin has two reminders to help you make the most out of life. Memento Mori means remember you will die, so remember to live each day like it may be your last. Amor Fati means love fate, no matter what happens it will make you stronger. These Stoic philosophy tattoos are simple and easy to call on when needed. Check Out More Stoic Tattoo Ideas Here

Memento Mori and Amor Fati Tattoo

Tattoo done by Sarah  


That was our list of the Top 10 Philosophy Tattoo Ideas, we hope you found some life and tattoo inspiration.

Did you like the list? Are there any other philosophy tattoos you would have put in the top 10? Let us know in the comments below.

As always, if this Philosophy Tattoo Ideas list did inspire you to get your own philosophy tattoo, make sure to book online or give us a call.

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