Holiday Gift Guide: The Best Tattoo and Piercing Gifts For Everyone On Your List

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Tattoo Holiday Gift Guide Piercings Tattoos and More

Holiday Gift Guide: The Best Gifts For Everyone On Your List

The Holiday Gift Guide has arrived, and it's chock-full of great gift ideas for everyone on your list. Whether you're looking for the perfect present for a loved one or a stocking stuffer for the office Secret Santa, we have you covered.

This holiday gift guide will have gifts for every budget and taste, and you know a gift from Mr. Inkwells will never disappoint. So be the cool one this year, and get them what they really want!

Plus, make sure to check out the whole guide, because we have a super secret savings code in there that you can use to make this the best holiday ever!


Tattoos Holiday Gift Guide Tattoos and Piercings

At the top of our gift list is tattoos of course! If you want to give someone (over 18 of course) a gift that they will love forever, you can’t go wrong with a tattoo. 

We have artists that specialize in every style, so we can make anyone's holiday tattoo dreams a reality. 

Tattoos also make a great “do together” gift, so that means you can get a new tattoo too! Whether you get tattoos for the both of you, or you just gift one, you can be rest assured that you will win the “best gift ever” award this holiday.



Piercings Holiday Gift Guide Tattoos and Piercings

Piercings are another great gift idea, and staring at just $25, a piercing gift is affordable for anyone! We have Master Piercers that can pierce anything (and, I mean anything…). Remember, with each piercing is a new opportunity to pick out new jewelry!

Plus, if you get more than one piercing you SAVE 15% OFF each piercing you get! Talk about a Merry Christmas!

And just like tattoos, you can get a piercing with the person as “moral support”, then you get a piercing too!

Do you like piercings and tattoos? Then, get them both, and make it a Mr. Inkwells Twofer!



Body Jewelry Holiday Gift Guide Tattoos and Piercings

Joy begins with J just like jewelry! And nothing is better than body jewelry!

Mr. Inkwells only sells body jewelry made with only the most body-safe metals, implant grade titanium and 14k gold. We have a wide variety of styles to choose from, so you're sure to find the perfect piece!

You can shop online for healed piercings, or shop our huge in-store selection for new and healed piercings !



Aftercare Products Holiday Gift Guide Tattoos and Piercings

Aftercare may not seem as fun as these other gift ideas, but remember, if you're getting a new tattoo or piercing, that proper aftercare is the best way to ensure your new tattoo and piercing stays looking great ! 

So remember to get your tattoo and piercing aftercare.


Comfy cozy clothing 

Cozy Sweaters Holiday Gift Guide Tattoos and Piercings

Trade in that itchy ugly sweater for some of the most comfortable, cool looking, and creative,  tattoo clothing in the world! 

Mr. Inkwells gear is designed by artists for you. Each piece is made with and on the world's softest materials and is fitted for maximum comfort, making relaxing next to a crackling fire that much more cozy.

Plus, when everyone is wearing their ugly sweaters at your Holiday office party, you can be rocking your Mr. Inkwells gear and be crowned “Party King or Queen ''. You can thank us later.


Skate decks

Skateboard Decks Holiday Gift Guide Tattoos and Piercings

Fun Fact: In the first images we have of Saint Nicholas from story books from the 1300s, instead of being depicted in a Sleigh, like he commonly is now, he is depicted riding a skateboard.

Celebrate this Christmas heritage by buying a skateboard deck as a gift this holiday season, and truly “deck the halls”!

As an added bonus, all skate decks are on close out for 30% off! So get an I’ll skate deck for yourself or the skater in your life while they last… 


Gift cards

Tattoo Gift Cards Holiday Gift Guide Tattoos and Piercings

Mr. Inkwells gift cards are the ultimate holiday gift ! They are good for anything at Mr. Inkwells, tattoos, piercings, jewelry, clothing, anything!!!

Make Christmas easy, and get them what they really want , a gift card to Mr. Inkwells !!!

They can be used whenever for whatever, and are the best gift ever!!!

So, if you are looking for the best, you have Found It, and if you let us know you found it, by typing in the promo code: IFOUNDIT at checkout you will get you super secret savings from now until 12/25/2023



Aren’t you glad you checked out the whole guide? Now, get out there and win the holiday, you filthy animal.

See you soon!


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