Best Tattoo For Your Zodiac Sign

Best Tattoo For Your Zodiac Sign

What tattoo should you get based on your zodiac sign? This is a common question we get at Mr. Inkwells tattoo shop.  And, it is a good one. Zodiac tattoos are an awesome way to express yourself and a great source for new tattoo ideas. Read below to see our recommendations for the best tattoos for your zodiac signs based on your specific sign.



What tattoo should you get if you are an Aries? Something bold and new of course! Aries are known for not only being the first sign in the zodiac, but also always wanting to be first. They are natural pioneers, they are fearless, and often lead the pack.


Aries tattoo ideas:


  • A ram tattoo
  • A Tribal Fire Tattoo
  • Any red tattoo
  • A tattoo that symbolize adventure and new things


 Life Goes On by Eddie


Queen of Hearts by Ryan

There are plenty more tattoos you can get, but this should give a good starting point before you walk into the tattoo shop.



What Tattoo should you get if you are a Taurus? Something beautiful with staying power! The Taurus is highly devoted and sees things through to their completion. They also like to enjoy the fruits of their labor indulging in the finer things in life.


Taurus tattoo ideas:

  • A bull tattoo
  • Clock and time tattoos
  • Nature tattoos
  • Fine line work tattoos

 Geometric Nature by Sarah

 Trees by Eddie

With a huge selection of beautiful tattoos for a Taurus the list can go forever just like the Taurus themselves. So when you pick your tattoo shop you and your tattoo artist can design something great.



What tattoo should you get if you are a Gemini? Something that has to do with fun, exploring, and knowledge. Gemini’s are love learning new things, and after they learn they love to share it with others.


Gemini tattoo ideas:

  • Yellow or blue tattoos
  • Your consolation tattoo
  • Geometric tattoos
  • A yin yang tattoo 


 Geometric Penguins by Sarah


Geometric Mountains by Sarah

So look online, do what you do best and learn and explore different tattoo designs. Then when you are ready meet with your tattoo artist and get inked.



What tattoo should you get if you\are a Cancer? A traditional tattoo that reminds you of home! Cancers are the “roots” sign which ties them to home. They also embrace traditions and order.


Cancer tattoo ideas:

  • A moon tattoo
  • Traditional tattoos
  • Trees and roots tattoos
  • A crab tattoo 



Aspen Tree by Eddie


Home by Ryan

Tattoos and Cancers go hand in hand. Tattoos last forever and bind your memories to your body.



What tattoo should a Leo get? A Leo should get a tattoo that stands out like they do! Leos love being in the limelight and showing off, their tattoos should reflect this attitude too.


Leo tattoo ideas:

  • Lion tattoos
  • Sun or fire tattoos
  • Crown tattoos
  • Big tattoos that stand out


 Lion by Eddie

Lion by Eddie

Leo have personalities and tattoo ideas should be in good supply. Go to your local tattoo shop and a tattoo that will make as big of an impression as you do.


What tattoo should you get if you are a Virgo? If you are Virgo you are very particular and you tattoo should match this. Take your time in deciding the best tattoo for yourself.

Virgo tattoo ideas:

  • An olive branch tattoo
  • Yellow tattoos
  • Dot work tattoos
  • A tattoo that you design


 Olive branch by Eddie


Dotwork Ufo Piece by Eddie

Virgos need a tattoo the is an exact fit for their personal style more than any other sign. But, don’t spend to long deciding our you may never get that new tattoo.



What tattoo should you get if you are a Libra? Libras love balance so they should get a tattoo that creates balance in their life and on their body.


Libra tattoo ideas:

  • Scale tattoos
  • Quote tattoos
  • Dual tattoos
  • Colorful tattoos


Colorful Watercolor Dragonfly by Eddie


  Walt Whitman Quote by Eddie

Libras love share their creativity with others and tattoos can help them do this. So when you are the tattoo shop get that tattoo that you and everyone else will love.



What tattoo should you get if you are a Scorpio? Scorpios are intense and like to keep their emotions hidden, a good tattoo for a scorpio would be something that shows who they are but still leaves things hidden.


Scorpio tattoo ideas:

  • Scorpion tattoo
  • Red and black tattoos
  • Meaningful tattoos
  • Weapon tattoos

  Custom Meaningful Piece by Ryan


 Scorpion by Sarah

Scorpio tattoos tend to be more aggressive and are still able to portray a hint of secrecy.When you talk to your tattoo artist make sure they understand this.



What tattoo should you get if you are a Sagittarius? A Sagittarius tattoo should be something related to wondering.The Sagittarius is always traveling around and searching out truth and knowledge.


Sagittarius tattoo ideas:

  • Compass tattoos
  • Archer tattoos
  • Blue tattoos
  • Map tattoos

 Compass by Sarah

 Blue Light Saber by Ryan

Tattoos are great for the Sagittarius, they can put all of the things they discover in life on their body and create a map of their life through ink.



What tattoo should you get if you are a Capricorn? Capricorns are hard workers and dedicated to their goals, the tattoo they get should be of what they have achieved or what they are pursuing .


Capricorn tattoo ideas:

  • Goat tattoos
  • Nature tattoos
  • Trash Polka tattoos
  • Commemorative tattoos

 Beach Scene by Ryan

Dagger and Script by Sarah

Capricorns can use tattoos as a way to track goals and set new ones, when you go to the tattoo shop know that you will be coming again soon to commemorate your latest achievement.



What tattoo should you get if you are an Aquarius? The Aquarius is always trying to make the world a better place, when choosing a new tattoo pick something that portray peace, order, and tranquility.

Aquarius tattoo ideas:

  • Water tattoos
  • Chalice tattoos
  • Peace tattoos
  • Modern tattoos

Underwater Scene by Sarah ( Turtle done by another artist)


 Jellyfish by Ryan

When you get the Aquarius gets a tattoo it will be something that draws people toward them.



What tattoo should you get if you are a Pisces? Pisces are very happy and spiritual, when they get a tattoo they should get something that speaks to their inner being.

Pisces tattoo ideas:

  • Fish tattoos
  • Purple tattoos
  • Spiritual tattoos
  • Dreamlike tattoos

  Third Eye by Eddie

 Jesus piece by Ryan

Pisces can find great ideas for tattoos in their mind’s eye, when they should relate theses ideas to their tattoo artist to ensure they get the tattoo of their dreams.


Not matter what your sign the zodiac provides great inspiration for new and unique tattoo ideas. So come on down to the best tattoo shop in Orange County Mr. Inkwells Classy Tattoos and get your new zodiac inspired tattoo today from the best tattoo artists, an awesome new tattoo is in your stars…


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