10 Best Cancer Zodiac Sign Tattoo Ideas: Best Cancer Zodiac Tattoos

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Best Cancer Zodiac Tattoo Ideas Best Cancer Zodiac Tattoos10 Best Cancer Zodiac Sign Tattoo Ideas: Best Cancer Zodiac Tattoos

Cancer Zodiac Sign (June 21st - July 22nd)

Those born under the Cancer Zodiac sign are tenacious, imaginative, and loyal. The Cancer is intuitive and sentimental, they care deeply about their family, home, and those they hold close. Making tattoos a perfect choice for the Cancer, who loves showing how they feel on the surface.

Tattoo ideas for the Cancer Zodiac can be many things, but the most common tattoo ideas represent the loyalty of the Cancer, and the Cancer's Zodiac relationship to the sun and the moon.

We have put together our list of the 10 Best Cancer Zodiac Tattoos Ideas to help even the most imaginative Cancer come up with some tattoo ideas. Then maybe, a new tattoo will be in your stars ….


#10: Crab Outline Cancer Zodiac Tattoo

A simple crab outline tattoo is perfect for the Cancer that wants to get something small for a tattoo. The Cancer Zodiac is known as the Brave Crab, and this is only the first crab tattoo on our list of tattoo ideas ...

Crab Outline Wrist Tattoo Best Cancer Zodiac Tattoos

Tattoo done by Sarah

#9: Cancer Zodiac Constellation Tattoo

Another simple yet elegant Cancer Zodiac tattoo. Constellations are great tattoo ideas no matter what your sign. This Cancer constellation tattoo also incorporates the crescent moon, an important symbol in the Cancer Zodiac.

Cancer Zodiac Constellation Best Cancer Zodiac Tattoos

(artist credit unknown, please let us know so we can link)

#8: Sun and Moon Snake Cancer Zodiac Tattoo

The Cancer Zodiac symbol has dual meanings: 1: a crabs claw 2: The sun and the Earth connected by crescent moons. That is what the Cancer Zodiac tattoo represents below. The earth being represented by the snakes that shed their skin to create a new day, or a new opportunity .

Sun and Moon Snake Tattoos Best Cancer Zodiac Tattoos

Tattoo done by Tacho

#7: Cancer Zodiac Symbol Tattoo

Here is a Cancer Zodiac symbol tattoo that has its lines made of flower vines. Again, this Cancer tattoo represents the cycle of renewal, and the relationship between the sun, moon, and earth. A perfect tattoo for the imaginative Cancer.

Cancer Zodiac Symbol Tattoo Best Cancer Zodiac Tattoos

(artist credit unknown, please let us know so we can link)

#6: Claw Cancer Zodiac Tattoo

The symbol for Cancer Zodiac also represents a crab’s claws, the Cancer is strong, brave, and they don't easily let go of things they get their grip on. This claw Cancer Zodiac tattoo is different type of claw, and that is what is great about getting tattoos, you can get what you want to represent what you want.  Do you think a dragon claw tattoo is cooler? Then get it!

Dragons Claw Tattoo Best Cancer Zodiac Tattoos

Tattoo done by Devon

#5: Cancer Zodiac Finger Tattoo

Finger tattoos when done right always look good. This goes double for Cancer Zodiac tattoos because the hand is the humans claw. This Cancer tattoo is small the incorporates the Cancer Zodiac symbol and the crab both beautifully.

Crab Outline on Finger Tattoo Best Cancer Zodiac Tattoos 

(artist credit unknown, please let us know so we can link)

#4: Lion Cancer Zodiac Tattoo

A lion tattoo is the perfect tattoo for the loyal Cancer. No animal represents loyalty more than the noble lion, and this lion also incorporates the Cancer Zodiac color of blue in the eyes, making this a great Cancer Zodiac tattoo idea.

Lion with Blue Eyes Tattoo Best Cancer Zodiac Tattoos

Tattoo done by Steve


#3: Outline of Family Cancer Zodiac Tattoo

There is no zodiac sign that cares more about family than the sentimental Cancer. Having their loved ones always with them in tattoo form is something any Cancer would love. This tattoo is a very clean and it is very aesthetically pleasing, that combined with it's meaning makes it a strong #3 on our list.

Family Outline Tattoo Best Cancer Zodiac Tattoos

Tattoo done by Ryan

#2: Sun, Moon, and Sky Cancer Zodiac Tattoo

This new take on the Cancer Zodiac Sign is #2 on our Best Cancer Tattoo Ideas list. As you can see the tattoo has the traditional elements of the Cancer symbol, the Sun and Moon, but it seems the earth is missing. However, on closer inspection you will notice the image is being viewed from earth. That is why you see the clouds and the additional stars. An amazing reimagining of the Cancer Zodiac Symbol, and I would say a worthy replacement.

Sun and Moon Cancer Tattoo Best Cancer Zodiac Tattoos

Tattoo done by Devon

#1: Crab Yin-Yan Sun and Moon Cancer Tattoo

#1 on our Best Cancer Zodiac Tattoo Ideas list is this yin-yang night and day crab cancer tattoo. The tattoo is a shining sun juxtaposed to a moon and star lit night sky mixed with a crab, done with the Cancer Zodiac colors, making a tattoo like this a truly unique and imaginative Cancer tattoo.

Crab Yin Yang Night And Day Cancer Tattoo Best Cancer Zodiac Sign Tattoos

Tattoo done by Sara


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We hope you liked 10 Best Cancer Zodiac Tattoo Ideas list. What were some of your favorite Cancer tattoo ideas? Were there any tattoo ideas we missed? Let us know in the comments below.

And, if you did see an idea you liked, that inspired you to get you own Cancer Zodiac tattoo, make sure to book your tattoo at Mr. Inkwells by clicking here. Our world class tattoo artists can design you a Cancer Zodiac tattoo that all the other crabs crabby because they don't have one.

See you soon!

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