10 Best Summer Tattoo Ideas

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10 Best Summer Tattoo Ideas

Summer means warm weather, vacations, and days spent partying by the water. That makes summer the perfect season to show off a new tattoo! Whatever your favorite summer activities are there is a perfect tattoo for you.

That is why we put together our list of 10 Best Summer tattoo ideas, these tattoos capture the essence of summer and are sure to inspire you to get a summer themed tattoo yourself.

So, kick back in the lounge chair, make sure to put on your sunscreen, and enjoy our list of the 10 Best Summer tattoo ideas…

#10: Summer Travel Tattoo

Summer often means vacations and travel. That's why a travel tattoo like the one below is a great summer tattoo idea. A tattoo representing your love for travel will be sure to give you wanderlust all year round.

Travel Tattoo Best Summer Tattoo Ideas
Tattoo done by Ryan

#9: Summer Floral Tattoo

Summer is synonymous with blooming flowers. Which makes Floral tattoos perfect for celebrating the season. Floral tattoos are vibrant and colorful, capturing the essence of summer’s natural beauty in tattoo form, just like the tattoo below.

Flower Tattoo Best Summer Tattoo Ideas
Tattoo done by Alex

#8: Jellyfish Tattoo

If you want to make everyone peanut butter and jelly-ous over your summer tattoo, you can't go wrong with a jellyfish tattoo. A jellyfish tattoo is perfect for those who love the ocean and all the beautiful creatures in it.

Jellyfish Tattoo Best Summer Tattoo Ideas
Tattoo done by Alex


#7: Strawberry Tattoo

What's the only fruit with its seeds on the outside? The strawberry! Not only that, but strawberries make for amazing tattoos (like the tattoos below), and are one of the unofficial fruits of summer.

Fruit Strawberry Tattoo Best Summer Tattoo Ideas
Tattoo done by Alex

#6: Palm Tree Tattoo

Palm trees are iconic symbols of beach getaways and relaxation that comes with them. A tattoo of a single palm tree or a small grove can transport you to a serene paradise anytime of year and bring you the summertime fellin.

Palm Tree Tattoo Best Summer Tattoo Ideas
Tattoo done by CC

#5: California Tattoo

Speaking of palm trees, our next summer tattoo idea is the iconic home of palm tree lined beaches, California. This great tattoo for summer, and the one below incorporates all of the great things of summer in Cali, the palms, the city, and of course, the ocean.

California Tattoo Best Summer Tattoo Ideas
Tattoo done by Ryan

#4: Sunglasses Tattoo

Whether you where your sunglasses at night or during the day to block the sun, sunglasses have always been iconic symbols of summer. With countless different sunglasses styles, there is a perfect sunglasses summer tattoo for everyone.

Sunglasses Tattoo Best Summer Tattoo Ideas
Tattoo done by  Kenny

#3: Pineapple Tattoo

Pineapples are not only delicious but also a symbol of hospitality and warmth. A pineapple tattoo can be bright and colorful, making it a standout piece, like the pineapple tattoo below and are perfect for those who love entreating into the summer or all year long.

Pineapple Tattoo Best Summer Tattoo Ideas
Tattoo done by Justine

#2: Butterfly Tattoo

Just as the cold gives way and transforms into the warmth of summer, the caterpillar transforms into the bright and beautiful butterfly. As you can see from the butterfly tattoo below the rich and vibrant colors make for an awesome summer tattoo.

Butterfly Tattoo Best Summer Tattoo Ideas
Tattoo done by Alex

#1: Sun and Wave Tattoo

Nothing says summer quite like the sun and the sea. A tattoo featuring a sun with waves is a classic design that evokes memories of sunny beach days and ocean breezes. You can go for a minimalist line drawing (like the tattoo below), or a more detailed, vibrant piece with all the colors of a summer sunset. Either way, you will have one breath taking summer tattoo.

Sun and Wave Tattoo Best Summer Tattoo Ideas
Tattoo done by Ryan

We hope this hot summer tattoo list helped heat up your desire for a summer tattoo! What were some of your favorite summer tattoos? Let us know in the comments.

If this sizzling summer list left you with that summertime tattoo feeling then make sure to book your tattoo at Mr. Inkwells, where one of our artists can design you a tattoo that will remind you of summer all year long.

See you soon!


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