10 Best Mythological Tattoos: Best Ideas For Myth Tattoos

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10 Best Myth Tattoos The Best Ideas For Myth tattoos

10 Best Mythological Tattoos: Best Ideas For Myth Tattoos

Tattoos are an ancient art, there is something special about the blood ritual of getting tattooed, something… almost magical.  This mystique around Tattoos brings them as close to the myths of our ancestors as possible.  

That is why Mythological Tattoos are such great tattoo ideas. They hold a special place in our heart, they teach us lessons, they remind us of how magical the world can be. The subjects of myths are legendary, and they look great tattooed. 

Whether you are getting Mythological heroes tattooed, or maybe something darker … a Mythological monster like Medusa or the antifragile hydra, when it comes to myth Tattoos there is no shortage of great tattoo ideas.

So, stoke the flames of the fire, take a long look at the night sky, gather in close, and enjoy our list of the 10 Best Mythological Tattoo Ideas.


#10: Cupid King of the Cherubs Myth Tattoo

Love is in the air with this myth tattoo, that pesky little Cupid. Cupid's arrows would fill victims with love and passion, making them lovesick and more than a little crazy. Cupid myth tattoos can be done in a variety of ways, the tattoo below depicts Cupid wearing a crown as king of the God's messengers.

Cupid Cherub Tattoo Best Mythological Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo done by Ryan

#9: Phoenix Myth Tattoo

The eternal Phoenix is the next myth tattoo on our list. The mythic bird that burns away from its own flames, then is reborn again, and again, in its own ashes. The Phoenix myth tattoo is the perfect tattoo to symbolize being born again, second chances, or as a reminder that every new day is a chance to live again.

Phoenix Tattoo Best Mythological Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo done by Sara

#8: Eye of Ra and Ankh Egyptian Myth Tattoo

Egyptian mythology has been around longer than the great pyramids, that is why two of the most famous symbols of that ancient mythology have made our list. The Eye of Ra tattoo, a feminine counterpart to the sun god Ra, this symbol represents Ra's power. And, the Egyptian Ankh tattoo, known as the "Key Of Life" , the Ankh was the symbol of all life in the Egyptian world..  

Eye of Ra and Ankh Tattoo Best Mythological Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo done by Devon


#7: Lightsaber Star Wars Myth Tattoo

Not all myths are ancient, although this myth tattoo is from a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far, away. #7 on out Best Myth Tattoo Ideas list is this Star Wars lightsaber tattoo. Star Wars is a modern myth, and just like any good myth it teaches us to follow the path of good, and stand up against evil. This makes Star Wars tattoos great myth tattoos.

Blue Light Saber Tattoo Best Mythological Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo done by Ryan


#6: Mermaid Myth Tattoo

This myth tattoo idea is the perfect tattoo for any salty sea-dog . The mermaid myth is older than you might think, even the ancient Greek mariners talk of these magical beings, but they called them Sirens. The mermaid myth tattoo below is done in the old school / traditional tattoo style, which fits mermaid tattoos perfectly .

Mermaid Tattoo Old School Best Mythological Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo done by Sarah


#5: Dragon Myth Tattoo

From Europe to the Far East, Dragons have been part of ancient cultures myths from around the globe. The meanings of dragon myths tattoos are as varied as the cultures they arise from. The theory behind why so many cultures form around the world had Dragon mythology is that all of these people found old dinosaur fossils , and dragons is how they explained them.... The more you know ...

Dragon Arm Tattoo Best Mythological Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo done by Steve


#4: The Vegvisir Viking Compass Myth Tattoo

The old Norse sagas are full of some of the most epic myths in Europe. That is why this Viking compass myth tattoo is #4 on our Best Myth Tattoo Ideas list. The Vegvisir, is a symbol of protection and guidance believed to be used as a compass by Vikings. The word vegvisir means ‘wayfinder’ and ‘sign post’ in Icelandic language.

Viking Compass Tattoo Best Mythological Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo done by Devon


#3: Medusa Myth Tattoo

The tragic life of Medusa is one of the most commonly portrayed myth tattoos. A once beautiful woman, cursed to walk the earth as monster with the power to turn anyone who gazes at her into stone. Freed from this curse by the sweet release of death by deception, her story still echos in eternity. Tattoos of what she may have looked like, like the one below, create some of the most beautiful myth tattoos.

Medusa Tattoo Best Mythological Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo done by Steve


#2: Apollo and Dionysus Myth Tattoo

This myth tattoo is like the yin-yang of Greek mythology. Apollo, the god of the sun, represents rational thinking and order. Dionysus, the god of wine and dance, represents irrationality and chaos. The two gods seem to rivals, yet they are often intertwined in nature.

Apollo and Dionysus Tattoo Best Mythological Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo done by Devon


#1: Zeus Myth Tattoo

Zeus the king of the gods is the an obvious #1 choice for our Best Myth Tattoo Ideas list, and with good reason. Zeus's exploits have created some of the most memorable , most popular myths in all of history. Zeus has also created some of the most amazing myth tattoos in in the world, like the example below. Whether myths or myth tattoos, you can't go wrong with Zeus.... Hail to the king, baby.

Black and Gray Zeus Tattoo Best Mythological Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo done by Steve


We hope you enjoyed or Best Mythological Tattoo Ideas list. What myth tattoos were your favorite? Was there any myth tattoo ideas that we missed? Let us know in the comments below.

Did these ancient myth tattoos inspire you to tell a story on your flesh and get a myth tattoo? If so, make sure to book your tattoo at Mr. Inkwells tattoo shop, where one of our amazing tattoo artists can design you a truly epic myth tattoo.

See you soon!


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