10 Best Spring Inspired Tattoo Ideas

Tyler Martina

10 Best Spring Inspired Tattoo Ideas

10 Best Spring Inspired Tattoo Ideas

Spring is in the air, signaling the beginning of summer. Spring brings the blooming of the flowers, the buzzing of the bees, and the fever that only love is the cure for.

To celebrate the equinox we put together our list of the 10 Best Spring Tattoo ideas. These tattoo ideas are the perfect way to express yourself and celebrate the beginning of nature's new cycle and tattoo season.

So find yourself a nice little place in the park, unpack your picnic, and enjoy this dessert that you don’t have to worry about the ants carrying away….


#10: Moth Spring Tattoo

The humble Moth, always playing second fiddle to the flamboyant Butterfly. But, these nocturnal fairies are the stars to us, they are the perfect mix of beauty and darkness, and aesthetics and functionality. A perfect Spring tattoo idea.


Moth Spring tattoo Best Spring Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo done by Devon

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#9: Star Wars Spring Tattoo

You may not of thought they did, but Star Wars tattoos make for ideal spring tattoos. Maybe it's the love stories, the bright colors, or any number of reasons that may have mayde you want a Star Wars tattoo in spring. Either way, get that Star Wars tattoo that's been on your mind, and  May the 4th be with you! 

Star Wars Spring Tattoo Best Spring Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo done by Ryan

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#8: Weight Lifting Spring Tattoo

Spring means it is almost summer, and that means you need to get your summer bod ready. That is why a weight lifting Spiring tattoo is next on our list! A weight lifting tattoo should keep you "pumped up" all Spring and throughout the rest of the year.

Weight Lifting Spring Tattoo Best Spring Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo artist unknown, let us know so we can link

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#7: Spring Flower Tattoo

We all know what April showers bring... May flowers! Just kidding it never rains here in Southern California. Climate change aside, flowers are a perfect spring tattoo idea, they look beautiful, and unlike real flowers, tattooed flowers stay looking beautiful for years.

Flower Rose Spring Tattoo Best Spring Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo done by Ryan

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#6: Ladybug Spring Tattoo

Named a ladybug because farmers used to pray to the Virgin Mary to protect their crops from pests, and these divine Lady beetles would show up in spring and eat all the bad bugs. Pretty cool right? You know what else is pretty cool? the ladybug tattoo below. Bonus, having a ladybug tattoo like this will also give you an opportunity to drop this fun trivia fact you learned anytime of year, not just spring.

Lady Bug Spring Tattoo Best Spring Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo done by Summer


#5: Hummingbird Spring Tattoo

 When it's a nice spring day, the birds come to play. And, what bird is more popular in spring than the hyperactive hummingbird? Eating a diet made up almost exclusively of nectar and sugar water (a.k.a. "bird meth"), these little guys have virtually no chill. Tattoos are really the only way to see hummingbird not in motion, along with when they stop at hummingbird feeder to get their fix, or when they are stealing a catalytic converter.

Humming Bird Tattoo Best Spring Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo done by Steve

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#4: Spider Spring Tattoo

Did you know if you rearrange the letters is SPIDER you get SPRING? And with spring comes spiders! But don't be scared, spiders actually help humans a lot by eliminating more troublesome pests. So, give those arachnids a big thank you by getting a spider tattoo in honor of all those eight legged freaks do for us.  And, SPIDER doesn't really spell SPRING, but that would be cool, right?

Traditional Spider Tattoo Best Spring Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo done by Sara

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#3: Bees and Flowers Spring Tattoo

The loyal Bee, working its whole life to serve a wealthy elite for nothing but the ability have just enough so that they can continue serving... could you imagine?! Fortunately we are human, and would never be stupid enough to live a life as unfulfilling and mundane as that. But, we can still celebrate the beauty of the bee and it's flowers with amazing tattoos like the one below.

Realistic Flowers and Bees Spring Tattoo Best Spring Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo done by Summer

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#2: Spring Couples Tattoos

I got a fever, spring fever. And the cure for that fever isn't more cowbell. No. It is sweet, sweet, love baby. When spring is the air, love is in the air, that is why couples tattoos are a perfect spring tattoo idea.

Couples Spring Tattoo Sparrows and Hearts Best Spring Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo done by Ryan

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#1: Butterfly & Flowers Spring Tattoo

You better watch your butter when these pesky fairies are around. Especially the butterfly tattoo below, with its new spring line of flower camouflage, this butterfly can steal butter from even the most studious watchmen. But for what you lose in butter on your biscuit, is more than made up for with beauty in your eye.

Butterfly Tattoo With Flower Wing Spring Tattoo Best Spring Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo done by Summer

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Bonus: Spring Ear Curations 

Not in the mood for a Spring Tattoo? Don't worry you can celebrate Spring with a new piercing or jewelry! Check out some of our Spring piercing inspiration below.

#1: Butterfly & Flowers Spring Tattoo


We hope you enjoyed our list of the Top 10 Spring Tattoo Ideas. What were some of your favorite spring tattoo ideas? Were there any spring tattoo ideas you didn’t like? Let us know in the comments below.

Did these spring tattoo ideas make a tattoo idea for yourself start to bloom? If so, make sure to book your tattoo at Mr. Inkwells tattoo shop while you still have time. Because we all know that spring is the beginning of tattoo season too.

See you soon!


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