10 Best Couples Tattoo Ideas: Best Tattoo Ideas for Two People

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Best Couples Tattoo Ideas

10 Best Couples Tattoo Ideas: Best Tattoo Ideas for Two People

Whether you are lovers, brothers, mothers, or any other couple of people, couples tattoos are a great way to celebrate the bond you have with each other. 

The type of couples tattoo you get to commemorate this bond is up to you. There are matching couples tattoos, couples tattoos that fit together (ex. A lock tattoo on one person and a key tattoo on the other), or anything else that represents the two of you.

One of the best ways to get to get your creative juices flowing for any new tattoo is seeing examples of similar tattoos. That is why we put together our list of the 10 Best Couples Tattoo Ideas. 

Hopefully after checking them out, you will have some inspiration for a couples tattoo of your own, I mean, yours and someone else's own.


#10: Penguins Couples Tattoos 

Penguins, like some people, mate for life. Tattoos, for most people, last for life. That is why a penguin tattoo is the perfect couples tattoo. The Penguins in this couples tattoo don't need to be done geometrically, they can be done in any style that reminds you of waddling and sliding around with your partner in life.

Geometric Penguin Couples Tattoos

Tattoos done by Sarah

#9: Arrow Couples Tattoos

Arrow tattoos are another great couples tattoo idea. The arrow represents follow your path, and when done for couples, it represents follow that path together. Again, like most of the tattoos on this list, they work for many different relationships; siblings, lovers, etc., and can be done in many different creative ways, giving you tons of options.

Arrows Script and Initials Sisters Tattoos Best Couples Tattoo Ideas 

Arrow and Semicolon Couples Tattoos

Tattoos (Top) done by Kenny, Tattoos (Bottom) done by Ryan

#8: Script Couples Tattoos

Script tattoos can say anything, from popular maxims to an inside joke that only you and your friend know. This versatility makes script tattoos perfect couples tattoos. In the tattoo below they both have the same script tattooed, but other popular script couples tattoos can have one part of the sentence tattooed on one person and finished on the other, or any of many various script combinations.

Script Couples Tattoos

Script Couples Tattoo

Script Couples Tattoos Best Couples Tattoo Ideas

Tattoos Top 2 done by Sarah, Bottom done by Ryan

#7: Parent and Child Walking

This tattoo goes out to all the Mama's, Daddio's, and children. A perfect couples tattoo idea for anyone that loves their kids or parents. You can do this couples tattoo in any style, realistic, line work (as seen below), color, etc.

Parent with Child Walking Couples Tattoos

Mother with Child walking Couples Tattoos

Tattoos done by Sarah


#6: Zodiac Couples Tattoos

If you are into astrology, then this zodiac couples tattoo idea may be in your stars. Zodiac couples tattoos are awesome whether you are the same sign or not. As you can see below, if you are different signs, you can combined them to make truly beautiful and one-of-a-kind tattoos.

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Zodiac Couples Tattoos Best Couples Tattoo Ideas

Tattoos done by Devon

#5: Philosophy Couples Tattoos

Do you and your other half or friend follow the same life philosophy? Then a philosophy couples tattoo is perfect for you. These couples tattoos remind you that you are on the path to enlightenment, or virtue, or whatever your goal is, doesn't have to be traveled alone.

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Unalom Couples Tattoo Best Couples Tattoo Ideas

5th Element Couples Tattoos

Tattoos (Top) done by Sara, Tattoos (Bottom) done by Sarah

#4: Flower Couples Tattoos

You knew flowers were going to show up somewhere on a tattoo list, and here they are at #4 on the Best Couples Tattoo Ideas list. Admittedly flowers look cool tattooed, there are also many different types of flowers, so there is something for everyone. You can get these couples tattoos with flowers alone, or with script like the tattoos below.

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Flowers Couples Tattoos Best Couples Tattoo Ideas

Rose with Script Couples Tattoos

Tattoos (Top) done by Sara , (Bottom) done by Ryan

#3: Hearts Couples Tattoos

The heart is a universal symbol of love, and represent many different types of love, from romantic love to the love between a parent and child. Another great thing about couples heart tattoos is all the different ways and styles they can be tattooed in.  The couples heart tattoos below will show you some of the possibilities, and should get you imagination going.

Love Bird Hearts Matching Couples Tattoos Best Couples Tattoo Ideas

Heart Couples Tattoos

Heart Watch Couples Tattoo

Tattoos ( Top) done by Ryan  (Middle) done by Sarah, ( Bottom) done by Ryan


#2: King and Queen Couples Tattoos

#2 on our Best Couples Tattoo Ideas list is the King and Queen couples tattoo. For any couple that will be ruling their kingdom until death. This couples tattoo is also cool if you happen to split, you are still both kings and queens baby, whether you are ruling together or not. You can get these king and queen couples tattoos done in a variety of styles. Below they are done as skulls and card symbols.

King and Queen Skulls Couples Tattoos

King and Queen Cards Couples Tattoos

Tattoos (Top) done by TachoTattoos (Bottom) done by Sarah


#1: Couples Tattoos The Combined To Make Something

#1 on our list is couples tattoos the combined to make something, or half and half couples tattoos. These tattoos look awesome, and really be personalized to couples personality. They are a super fun way to get a couples tattoo, and they are perfect for then unlikely event one of you gets amnesia. What better way to get them to remember you than showing them that they are the second half of your avocado...

Half Avocado Couples Tattoos

Fingers Make a Butterfly Couples Tattoo Best Couples Tattoo Ideas

Koi Fish Yin Yang Couples Tattoos

Split Yin Yang Couples Tattoos

Yin Yang Couples Tattoos

Star Wars couples Tattoos Best Couples tattoo Ideas

Tattoos done by Steve  (Next) done by Tacho, Tattoos ( Next 2) done by Ryan, ( Final One) done by Adriana


Bonus Couples Tattoos  

Fairy Couples Tattoos

Fairy Couples tattoos Best Couples Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo done by Rony

Butterfly Couples Tattoos

Butterfly Couples Tattoos Best couples Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo done by Rony


We hope you enjoyed the 10 Best Couples Tattoo Ideas list. Hopefully it gave you some good ideas for your next couples tattoo. If it did inspire you to get a new couples tattoo, make sure to book your tattoo with Mr. Inkwells tattoos. We have done 100's of couples tattoos for everyone from lovers to co-workers, which sometimes are one in the same (I'm looking at you Jim and Pam), and everything in between.

Let us know your favorite couples tattoo below in the comments, and enjoy some of our other great tattoo articles below.

See you soon!


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