Best 420 Tattoos: Top 10 Weed Inspired Tattoos

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Best 420 Tattoos Ideas Best Weed Inspired Tattoos

Best 420 Tattoos: Top 10 Weed Inspired Tattoos

420 is a bit of a statewide holiday here in California. Marijuana enthusiasts have been celebrating it for decades before it was made legal. The passion for all things "weed" has inspired many works of art, including weed inspired tattoos.

In this list we curated some of the best 420 and weed tattoos that we have seen. Whether you partake in 420 festivities or not, this list will be sure to entertain.

So, sit back in your bean bag chair, grab some munchies, and enjoy our list of the 10 Best 420 Tattoos.


#10: Little Stoned Weed Bud Man

Number 10 on our Top 10 420 Weed Tattoos list is, Little Stoned Weed Bud Man. This small weed inspired tattoo is done in the cartoon style, with vivid color, and a surprisingly high amount of detail for such a small tattoo. This tattoo takes "Getting high on your own supply to a whole new level". 

weed bud tattoo funny

(artist credit unknown, please let us know so we can link)


#9: I Can Smoke Weed Wherever I Want

The ninth weed tattoo on our list is this clever tattoo. A joint roach tattooed on the pad of the thumb, given this guy the ability to toke up anywhere. Again, this is a highly detailed tattoo for its size.


(artist credit unknown, please let us know so we can link)


#8: Weed, It's What's For Dinner 

Did you ever see some weed that just looked so good you could eat it? This weed tattoo shows just how mouthwatering weed can be. It also makes you wonder it this could cause a never ending cycle of munchies... You eat weed, this gives you munchies, you then eat more weed, followed by more munchies.... Be careful out there.

Mouth Eating Dripping Weed Leaf

Tattoo by Ryan


#7: Cheech And Chong Puffin' Along

You knew Cheech and Chong would make this 420 Weed Tattoo list, and the dynamic smoking duo comes in at number 7. This tattoo is done in a cartoon style, with smoke, low rider eyes, and smiles on our two hero's faces.

cheech and chong tattoo cartoon style

(artist credit unknown, please let us know so we can link)


#6: No, You Can't Harvest My Arm

Number 6 on our list of weed tattoos is this realistic marijuana plant tattoo. In the tattoo the weed plant is flowering and ready to harvest, however I don't think he will be happy with some "out of weed" stoner trying to harvest his arm. The tattoo is very detailed and very large, plus, it looks soooo good.

weed flowers and buds tattoo realistic

(artist credit unknown, please let us know so we can link)



#5: That Weed Is Outta This World

Aliens, Weed, and Tattoos. It's like PB & J for stoners. This tattoo is great, the look is again, a cartoon style, and incorporates a lot of elements all in one. Aliens, abductions, weed leafs, smoking weed, being stoned, flying, and more, all in one awesome 420 weed tattoo. Also, does anyone else think the alien looks like a green Roger?

alien smoking weed tattoo

 (artist credit unknown, please let us know so we can link)


#4: I Keep What I Love Close To My Heart

Number 4 on our 420 Weed Tattoo list is this black and grey beauty. The outline of the weed leaf is filled with, marijuana smoke, a women's lips, and all the mystery you can ask for. This weed tattoo is clean, large, and very aesthetically pleasing.


weed leaf with girls mouth tattoo

 (artist credit unknown, please let us know so we can link)


#3: People, Let Me Tell You 'Bout My Best Bud'

What is better than one weed tattoo? Two weed tattoos! Number 3 on our 420 Weed tattoo list is two buddy tattoos. One tattoo has the lighter, one tattoo has the joint, together they are a match made in heaven. These weed tattoos are not only a cool idea, they are both very clean, that is why they are number 3 on our list.

couples weed tattoo


 (artist credit unknown, please let us know so we can link)


 #2: The Man, The Legend, The Tuff Gong

Number 2 on our Tattoo list is Bob Marley. Bob Marley loved weed, and people who love weed love Bob Marley. This weed tattoo of Bob Marley is great because it mixes its elements so well, a lion turns in smoke, then the smoke rises around Bob Marleys face. This black and grey tattoo is realistic looking and super clean.

bob marley tattoo lion and smoke

 (artist credit unknown, please let us know so we can link)


#1: I Had Dream Of Smoking Weed In The Bahamas

And, the number 1 tattoo on our list of 10 Best 420 and Weed Tattoos is .... The name says it all. This tattoo is really saying what we are all feeling, we all want to take a break from real world from time to time, go to a tropical island, and kick back. Whether that be with weed, margaritas, or just sunshine and moonlight.

weed-tattoo-old school traditional style

(artist credit unknown, please let us know so we can link) 


Bonus 420 Flash and Jewelry

Just like finding an extra bud in your pocket, we have some extra bonus nuggets for you to enjoy, some weed inspired tattoo flash, and for those of you looking for something different, weed inspired jewelry!

Weed Inspired Tattoo Flash 

420 tattoo flash is perfect for sparking new weed tattoo ideas. the flash sheets below should have a little something for everyone, just like your local dispensary.

420 Weed and Pot Flash Tattoos
Weed and 420 Tattoo Flash
Weed flash sheets done by (top) CC, (bottom) Justine

Weed Inspired Jewelry

Tattoo not your thing? We get it, it's just like preferring a joint over a bong, that is why we have more weed inspired body art than just tattoos. Check out this weed inspired jewelry that you can buy online here, or get in-store with a new 420 piercing!

Titanium Weed Jewelry with Green Jewel
14k Gold Weed Leaf Earring with Diamonds


What did you think about the tattoos on our list? Would get a 420 or Weed Inspired Tattoo? Let us know in the comments below.

If you already an awesome weed inspired tattoo send it to us for a chance to be featured. And, as always, if you are looking to get a new tattoo, weed related or not, then ....

Call (562) 446-3656, Book By Clicking Here, or just come on down.

See You Soon!


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