Best Body Piercing Services In Orange County

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Best Body Piercing Services In Orange County

Best Body Piercing Services In Orange County

Mr. Inkwells tattoo shop is now offering body piercing services! 

That’s right, Southern California's highest rated tattoo shop will now be bringing the same quality, service, and experience, to body piercing. 

These piercing services include:



Snake Bite





Forward Helix









Body Piercing Services at Mr Inkwells Tattoo Shop LA and OC Best Piercing and Tattoo Shop

All piercing services will be performed by our Master Piercer, ensuring that your next body piercing turns out just the way you want it.


Did somebody say “What about the body piercing jewelry?”

Well, I’m glad you asked. Because at Mr. Inkwells we carry nothing but the best in body jewelry, Implant Grade Titanium and 14k Gold. Titanium and Gold Body Jewelry Mr Inkwells Tattoo and Piercing Shop

Implant Grade Titanium is the safest of all body jewelry options for the initial piercing. It’s nickel free, durable, and lightweight. Not only that, but titanium body jewelry can be anodized, meaning it can have its color changed and still be safe. So, if you want to get fancy with your body jewelry, you are good to go!

14k Gold is just as safe as Titanium, and it is perfect if you want to add a level of luxury to your new body piercing. 14k level gold is the perfect balance of strength and beauty, and makes the perfect choice when selecting a long lasting elegant piece of body jewelry.

The reason we spare no expense and only offer these high quality body piercing metals is that we want to ensure your new piercing heals the best way possible. Cheap metals can lead to skin irritation, allergies, and infection, Titanium and 14k Gold are safe, effective, and proven.


“But, does it look cool?” 

Our body jewelry will have you looking cooler than a pierced cucumber! Our Master Piercer hand selects only the finest, most fashionable body jewelry.  That way you will not only have a great piercing experience, but a great looking piece of body jewelry you will never want to change.

“How do I heal my new body piercing?”

We have you covered here too! Our Master Piercer has designed a simple easy to follow piercing aftercare plan to ensure your new piercing heals the best way possible. And, you can purchase all the body piercing aftercare products you need when you get your piercing!

And, just like our tattoos, every piercing done at Mr. Inkwells will be backed by our Mr. Inkwells guarantee:

Upfront Pricing

Highest Quality Body Jewelry 

Clean & Classy Shop

And of course, World Class Piercing Artists 

Mr Inkwells Piercing Guarantee Best Jewelry Piercers and Experience in OC and LA

We know deciding where to get your body piercing is difficult, that is why we make it easy with the Mr. Inkwells piercing guarantee. When getting a piercing you will get the same level of quality and professionalism you have come to expect from Mr. Inkwells. Turning your favorite tattoo shop into your favorite tattoo and piercing shop.

So, Whether you want a new tattoo, a new body piercing, or both, book today.  Demand is high and space is limited!

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See you soon!


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