Do Tattoo Shops Take Walk-Ins?

Tyler Martina

Do Tattoo Shops Accept Walk-Ins

Do Tattoo Shops Take Walk-Ins ?

There are two types of people that get tattoos:

#1. First you have the people who have been thinking about getting a tattoo for a while. They put a lot of thought and research into getting their tattoo. Then, when they find a tattoo shop and artist they want to work with, they set up a consultation to begin working on ideas for their tattoo. After that, they set a tattoo appointment to actually get tattooed.

#2. Next, you have the people who need a tattoo now! Whether it’s a spontaneous idea, an event that leads to needing a tattoo, or whatever. They want to walk in and get that tattoo ASAP.

Sometimes these different tattoo people can be one in the same. They may want to schedule and work with an artist over a longer period of time when getting a more complex tattoo. But, they may also want to do a walk-in when they want a simple spur of the moment tattoo.

This article is going to focus on people who want their tattoos right away. The Walk-ins. They don’t have the time to wait for an appointment, they need to walk in, sit down, and get tattooed. 

But, do tattoo shops take walk-ins? Are walk-in tattoos a good idea?

We will answer these questions and more below. And, make navigating the sometimes confusing world of tattoos a bit easier.

Do tattoo shops take walk-ins?

The answer depends on the tattoo shop, some do and some do not, tattoo shops are as different as the people getting tattoos.

On one end of the spectrum you have your high volume street shops (think Las Vegas strip or Venice Beach shops), these shops are perfect for those wanting a quick tattoo.

On the opposite end, you have your low volume appointment only private shops. They usually have only a single artist that is highly specialized in one tattoo style, perfect for fans of the artists style that don't mind waiting to get tattooed.

And of course, you have tattoo shops in that are somewhere in the middle. They have multiple tattoo artists that specialize in a variety of tattoo styles. And, although they are appointment based, they are still open for walk-ins if time permits (shops like our shop Mr. Inkwells tattoo shop).

All the different types of tattoo shops have their pros and cons, for example: Low volume appointment only tattoo shops are perfect when you want to spend a lot of time with your artist, and work hand in hand in creating a beautiful tattoo. The down side of course is these smaller private tattoo studios have long waits to get tattooed (sometimes over a year!), and since they are usually only an artist or two, they are limited when it comes to different tattoo styles.

High volume street tattoo shops are great if you want to pop in and get a very simple tattoo. They usually always have availability, and if you can’t get tattooed the moment you walk in, you can almost always get tattooed that same day. This prompt service comes with a couple drawbacks though. The fast rate of tattooing means that if you want to spend time with your tattoo artist and get a truly custom tattoo you may not have the time. Also, it can be tough with so many to ensure you have a tattoo artist that is capable of doing the tattoo you want.

This puts you in a bit of a bind. How can you get a quality tattoo in a reasonable amount of time?

At Mr. Inkwells we take the best of both worlds. We are set up like a classical renaissance artist workshop (the same type of workshop where Leonardo Da Vinci trained). We built a team of world class tattoo artists who are experts in different tattoos styles, and come from a variety of artistic backgrounds. This means that anything you can imagine can be tattooed by one of the tattoo artists at Mr. Inkwells tattoo shop. And sometimes, multiple artists working together to create a tattoo masterpiece. This classic style of artists working together to create the best possible artwork, propels each artist's work to new levels, and ensures that you will always get the best possible tattoo.

Not only that, because we understand that sometimes tattoos are spontaneous, we always leave time in between appointments for people to walk-in and consult with our artists. And, maybe even get tattooed! If you're unable to get tattooed on your first consultation, don’t worry. Not only will we get you set up with the soonest possible appointment, we will also get you set up with the best tattoo artist for your new tattoo.

No matter how spontaneous you feel, having the right artist give you a quality tattoo is worth a short wait. Tattoos are forever, and you want a tattoo you will want to show off, not hide.

That is why we take the best parts of high volume shops, multiple artists of varied styles, and combine it with the personal, customized service of a private shop. This enables you to get the tattoo you really want, and to get that tattoo in a timely fashion. Book your tattoo at Mr. Inkwells today, or just stop by. Walk-ins welcome!

See you soon!


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