Top 10 Tattoo Myths: Dispelling The Most Common Tattoo Myths

Tyler Martina

Top 10 Tattoo Myths Dispelling The Most Common Tattoo Myths

Top 10 Tattoo Myths: Dispelling The Most Common Tattoo Myths

Tattoos have always had an aura of mystery surrounding them, that is part of their appeal. Even with the knowledge of how tattoos work, it is still almost magical how you can have art done on your skin and it stays there forever. This mystery has opened the doors for many “tattoo myths”, stories and unfounded advice that has been passed down as fact, although it is anything but. 

That is why we put together our list of the Top 10 Tattoo Myths, to shed some light on the mystery of tattoos, and dispel some of the false information that has been circulating for ages. So when you talk tattoos with others you will be able to separate fact from fiction.

#10: Tattoos Will Fade Or Look Bad When You Get Older

We have all heard it, “Imagine what that tattoo is going to look like when you get older..”. And to be honest, this tattoo myth seems like it could be true. We have all seen tattoos on older people that have that worn, blue- green color. They look faded, old, and honestly just plain bad.

Thankfully for us times have changed and so have tattoos techniques and inks. The reason those old tattoos look bad is because of the ink quality. However, modern tattoo inks are designed not to fade, they will hold their color for your entire life (and long after). This means you don’t have to worry about your tattoo suffering the blue-greens. 

As for tattoos looking bad on older people, that is definitely a matter of opinion, and in my opinion a tattoo Grandma or Grandpa looks awesome!


Tattoos Fade With Age Top Tattoo Myths


#9: Tattoo Colors Will Look The Same When Healed

This is not true depending on your skin tone the colors will look different. Imagine the color of the tattoo you want covered in a filter that is your skin color that is how the tattoo will look when healed. 

On that note, tattoos will not look like the day you got them once they are fully healed. Again, when the tattoo is new and it is an open wound there is no skin over it. This means when your tattoo is healed the “skin filter” will be there making the colors look different. 

Remember, when you get a tattoo to imagine what the color will look like covered by your skin, that way you will have a better idea of how the tattoo will look when it is healed.

 Tattoo Colors Look the Same on Everyone Top Tattoo Myths

#8: You Are Tattooed By a Single Needle 

Single needle tattoos are possible, but in general, even the most fine line tattoos are done with three needles wrapped together or more. 

Tattoo artists also will also use different needle sizes based on what they are tattooing. Small for fine lines and details, and larger for thick lines and filling in. Similar to how painters use different brush sizes.

In summary a single needle tattoo is possible, just very unlikely (maybe 1 in 1000 tattoos are single needle). 

Tattoos Are Done With Single Needle Top Tattoo Myths

#7: Tattoo Needles Are Cleaned And Used Again

I have no idea where this tattoo myth came from. Not only is it completely untrue, but it is completely disgusting. 

Tattoo shops never reuse needles, period. Let me repeat that:


Tattoo needles are disposable single use items. Once they have been used they are put in a hazardous waste container and picked by a hazardous waste disposal company. Why? Because they are hazardous waste! 

And, on a separate note, if you believed this was true and still got a tattoo, you are gross. 

Health and safety are of the utmost importance for any reputable tattoo shop. Here at Mr. Inkwells we go above and beyond to ensure the safety of our artists and our clients. We work hand in hand with the state and the county to create procedures and guidelines for safe tattooing. To learn more about the health and safety at Mr. Inkwells click here

Tattoo Shop Reuse Needles Top Tattoo Myths

#5: I Don’t Like Needles, So I Won’t Like Tattoos

The logic seems sound, but again this common tattoo myth is wrong. If you are scared of needles, there is no reason to be scared of getting a tattoo. 

When getting a shot or your blood drawn, the needle pierces completely through your skin into a muscle or vein. When getting tattooed the ink is just put under a few layers of skin very close to the surface. 

This tattoo myth is a case of mistaken identity. A tattoo needle is nothing like a syringe, and getting a tattoo is nothing like getting a shot.

Tattoos are Like Shots Top Tattoo Myths

#6: You should Use Aquaphor To Heal Your Tattoo

This is another classic tattoo myth. And, another tattoo myth that I don’t know how it got started. Maybe the child of an Aquaphor CEO was a tattoo artist, and pressured by their money driven parent went on to spread the lie of Aquaphor being a good tattoo aftercare option.

The truth is, you should never ever use a petroleum based product for tattoo aftercare. Petroleum will clog your pores and irritate your new tattoo. Petroleum is for gasoline and engine oil, not your skin, this is especially true if you have just got a new tattoo. 

For proper tattoo aftercare you should only use a tattoo specific lotion. If that is unavailable, opt for a normal petroleum free body lotion. If you want the what we believe is the best tattoo aftercare lotion Click Here to check out Mr. Inkwells Worlds Best Tattoo Lotion, petroleum free and designed by professional tattoo artists in the heart of Southern California.

tattoo Aftercare Top Tattoo Myths

#4: Tattoos Fade From Sunlight

Tattoos are under your skin, when the shade of your skin color changes from having a tan or lack thereof, the tattoo beneath your “skin filter” will look different. This is because your skin color has changed, not the tattoo. 

So don’t be scared to show off your tattoo in the sun, vitamin D is good for you (unless you’re a vampire). The only time you will want to avoid excessive direct sunlight is when your tattoo is healing. After that, it’s spring break forever!

Tattoos Fade From Sunlight Top Tattoo Myths


#3: Tattoo Shops Only Take Cash

Sure some tattoo shops only take cash. And about 20 years ago, they were probably all cash. But it’s the 21st century and cash is no longer king. That is why at Mr. Inkwells you can pay for your tattoo with all major credit and debit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Crypto, Zelle, and more. We even have industry exclusive, no interest, no credit check, tattoo financing. To learn more about all the ways you can pay for your tattoo at Mr. Inkwells click here.

Mr Inkwells Tattoos Accept all credit cards and more for tattoos 

#2: You Can Get a Price For a Tattoo Over The Phone

This may seem like a doable request, but after you take the time to look at all the possible variables you will see why this tattoo myth is impossible. Imagine you are a tattoo artist and you get a call asking for a tattoo price, someone says that they want a small word tattoo on their arm, and they would like to get an estimate. 

How based on that info, and them not being there, how could you ever give them an accurate estimate of the price? 

Here is just a short list some of the things you would need to know: 

Different skin types, some harder to tattoo

The exact location, Again different body parts are more difficult to tattoo. 

Size, size is subjective. What I think is small you might think is large or vice versa. 

The detail in the tattoo. A tattoo may look small but it can be very intricate. Small Fine line tattoos take much longer and require years of practice to do correctly. 

This, and many other reasons are why it is impossible to get a price over the phone.  Just come on down to the tattoo shop, it's free and you’ll get real answers. 

Tattoos Fade From Sunlight Top Tattoo Myths

#1: All Tattoos Hurt Really Bad

Can tattoos be painful?  Yes. Are they usually very painful? No. It may sound surprising from what you have heard, but most tattoos are really not that painful. 

Sure, there are some spots that certainly don’t feel good, the side, stomach, ribs, but even those tattoo locations are very tolerable for tattoo sessions under 2 hours. And, if the pain is too much, there are tattoo numbing creams that you can use to dull the pain. 

As for after the tattoo, you should only experience mild pain when something rubs against the newly tattooed area for about a week. Other than that the tattoo healing process is painless when done properly click here to learn more about proper tattoo aftercare

 All Tattoos Are Painful Top Tattoo Myths

We hope you enjoyed our Top 10 Tattoo Myths article. Were there any tattoo myths you already knew were false? Were there any tattoo myths we missed that you want answers to? Let us know in the comments below.

See you soon!


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