Are Tattoos Safe? The Definitive Guide To Tattoo Safety

Tyler Martina

Are Tattoos Safe? The Definitive Guide To Tattoo Safety

Are Tattoos Safe? The Definitive Guide To Tattoo Safety

Getting a tattoo is like getting a surgery.  That means for a tattoo to be safe there needs to be a surgical level of cleanliness. This also means, just like a surgeon, your tattoo artist needs to not only be trained for the precision required in tattooing, but also be trained in sterilization, avoiding cross contamination, and a plethora of best practices when it comes to making your new tattoo safe.

Mr. Inkwells tattoo shop is a clean-space, specifically built for ensuring safety when getting a tattoo. Every surface, every tool used, every product used, is designed to maximize your safety and the safety of our tattoo artists. 

That is why getting a tattoo at reputable tattoo shop is so important , not just for your peace of mind, but for your health and safety as well. Can you safely get a garage tattoo or a tattoo from a tattoo shop that cuts corners? Maybe. But, I wouldn't risk my health on a coin flip.


Tattoo Safety Protocol #1: The Tattoo Shop And Tattoo Artist Are Safe, Clean, Certified.

The first thing you want to know when getting a new tattoo, is whether or not the tattoo shop where you are getting the tattoo, and the tattoo artists preforming the tattoos are clean, safe, and state certified.

At Mr. Inkwells tattoo shop we make sure your tattoo procedure is safe. We implement the strictest safety standards in the tattoo business. These industry leading tattoo safety practices ensure that your new tattoo is as safe as possible. That way you can just relax and enjoy the tattoo experience.

There are even tattoo safety protocols going on behind the scenes, before you even walk in the door to ensure your safety while getting tattooed, or just visiting the tattoo shop. Some of these protocol include:

- Cleaning all surfaces (flooring, tables, chairs, etc.) with medical grade disinfectant, before the shop opens, at the end of the day, and as needed throughout the day.

- Disposing of all waste and hazardous waste (used needles, paper towels, gloves, etc.) in proper medical grade safe contains, and then having those containers disposed of safely by a professional team that specializes in hazardous waste.

- General cleaning of all dust, debris, or anything else in and around the tattoo shop.

- Going above and beyond any State mandated or Local codes to ensure safety at our tattoo shop.

Plus, every tattoo artist at Mr. Inkwells invests time in ongoing education pertaining to tattoo safety and best practices. Every year they obtain updated certifications, and they work hand in hand with local health officials to ensure your health and safety while getting tattooed. 

Mr. Inkwells Tattoo Shop also works with state and local health departments to help establish new health & safety standards and protocols for the tattoo industry.  This ensures the latest most effective methods are used to keep you and our tattoo artists safe.


Tattoo Safety Protocol #2: Tattoo Procedure Area, Tattoo Equipment, And Tattoo Inks Safety

When in the operating room (aka tattoo procedure area), the highest standards and cleanliness must be upheld, and only the best equipment and inks can be used to ensure tattoo safety.

When it comes to the tattoo procedure area (where the tattoo artist does your tattoo). We use industry leading cleaning standards to ensure your health and safety while getting tattooed.

- Before every tattoo the entire tattoo procedure area is cleaned with medical grade disinfectant.

- All non-disposable equipment is sanitized and covered with high grade barrier film.

- All disposable equipment and supplies is sterilized in vacuum sealed non opened packaging, until opened only when used then thrown away.

- Tattoo artists wears top quality medical grade gloves during all parts of the tattoo procedure. And, changing those gloves throughout the procedure to prevent cross contamination.

- This and much more.

During the tattoo the only things that touch your skin are clean, safe, and sanitized.  Even the soap we use when wiping the tattoo medical grade.

Plus, every artist at Mr. Inkwells uses the industry's safest tattoo inks. These inks are tested for quality, all natural, and vegan friendly.

Once your new tattoo is complete, your tattoo artist will wrap it for protection, and go over our industry leading tattoo aftercare instructions with you, so your tattoo will heal well and looking as good as the day you got it.


Tattoo Safety Protocol #3: Tattoo Aftercare

Tattoo safety only starts at the tattoo shop, that is why the tattoo aftercare process is just as important to your health and safety, as well as the appearance of your new tattoo

A tattoo needs to heal as safely as possible, that is why Mr. Inkwells has developed an industry leading tattoo aftercare process. This process was designed based on years of tattoo experience and input from medical professionals and health officials. To read more about tattoo aftercare click here to read our article.

We also offer only the safest aftercare products designed specifically to help aid the healing of tattoos. These tattoo aftercare products are free of harmful ingredients like petroleum that can damage your new tattoo and impede the tattoo healing process. To check out some of these great tattoo aftercare products CLICK HERE.


Tattoo Safety Protocol #4: After Tattoo Cleaning, Disposal, And Safety

Now that you have safely got your new tattoo, and you have been given the aftercare instructions to keep you safe as your tattoo heals, your tattoo artists work is still not done.

Next, they clean the tattoo procedure area by properly disposing of all disposable equipment and trash, sanitizing their whole procedure area with medical grade disinfectant, and sterilizing all equipment.

They do all of this so you can be tattooed safely. So you can look forward to your next tattoo, and know that your safety is our number one priority.


Get Tattooed Without The Worry

In closing just like any surgery, if done in a sterile environment,  by a trained professional with your best interest in mind, tattoos are very safe. 

However, if you are getting a tattoo in a place that cuts corners, or you are searching in the bargain bin for your surgeon (tattoo artist), tattoos can be very risky. 

Don't take a gamble on your health when getting a new tattoo. Come on down to Mr. Inkwells Tattoo Shop, where health and safety is our top priority. We make getting a tattoo easy, and that starts with you not having to worry if your tattoo is safe or not.

P.S. We are also taking extra safety measures do to COVID 19, check out our phased reopening plan by clicking here

See you soon!


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