Mr. Inkwells Gives Back To Our Community: Events, Donations, and More

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Giving Back Mr Inkwells LA and OCs Best Tattoo and Piercing Shop[

Mr. Inkwells Gives Back To Our Community: Events, Donations, and More

Every dollar you spend at Mr. Inkwells not only goes towards an awesome tattoo, piercing, or both (if you haven’t tried “the double” you really should). It also goes toward making our community a better place in a variety of ways, including; events, charitable donations, art education, and more!

At Mr. Inkwells we know that investing in our community is the best investment we can make. That is why as a pillar of the art community in Southern California, we do the most we can to help our community grow and thrive, through not only art, but many other ways too.

Below is a list of some of the most important projects we focus on to help our community every year, so you will know the impact your tattoo and piercing purchases are making. And we would like to ask you to share some of these causes and events, because the more people that know about them,  the bigger impact we can have,  and the more good we can do together.  

Again thank you all for your support!

Inkspired Art Contest

Our flagship event is the Inkspired Art Contest, this event is open to students located in the Southern California area grades 9-12 on the contest's launch date. The contest is for talented young artists, and we have them create a one-of-a-kind tattoo flash sheet based on that year's theme to win.

If they win, they don’t only get the promoting and notoriety, they also get cold hard cash to continue their art education:

1st Place: $1000

2nd Place: $500

3rd Place: $250

And, other great art related prizes for top entries!

Plus, the winners artwork will be tattooed live on to a Mr. Inkwells Client!

That's right, their artwork could end up tattooed on someone forever, but first, they need to enter!

Check out a recap for last years Inkspired Art Even by clicking here

To learn more about the Inkspired Tattoo Contest click here , and make sure to forward it to any young artists you know to give them a chance to win!

Inkspired Art Contest Mr Inkwells Tattoo and Piercing Shop Charity Work

Annual Inkspired Art Contest

Inkspired Art Contest Mr Inkwells Tattoo and Piercing Shop Charity Work

Inkspired Art Contest winners 2023

Inkspired Art Contest Mr Inkwells Tattoo and Piercing Shop Charity Work

Inkspired Art Contest tattoo 2023

Flash Sheet coloring contest 

Mr. Inkwells also has a flash sheet coloring contest for all ages (including adults), where you color flash sheets designed by our amazing artists and the winner from each age group is awarded an art prize. This event is fun for all ages and happens right before our Inkspired Art Contest.

To learn more about the Flash Sheet Color Contest click here

Art Coloring Contest Mr Inkwells Tattoo and Piercing Shop Charity Work

2023 Flash Coloring Contest flyer

Toys for Tots Toy Drive

At Mr. Inkwells we think every kid deserves toys on Christmas. That is why each year we partner with our local Marines to put on our annual Toy Drive event with Toys For Tots.

Where you can donate a new and unwrapped toy at Mr. Inkwells, and not only will you make Christmas better for a child in need, but you can make your Christmas much better too, by winning some awesome prizes! 


Mr. Inkwells merch

A free piercing with implant grade titanium jewelry

A free flash tattoo!!!

And more…

Whether you win a prize or not, everybody wins, because a child gets a better Christmas, and you get the feeling that you helped out. And that feeling is better than any prize (although winning a free tattoo or piercing would be pretty nice icing on the cake).

Not only that… Mr. Inkwells will be matching the value of the gifts donated up to $2000! Even if we don’t get $2000 in donations we will donate $2000 in gifts either way!

So your donation will be a double donation! That is a big deposit in the karma bank!

To learn more about our Annual Toy Drive click here

Toys For Tots Toy Drive Donations Mr Inkwells Tattoo and Piercing Shop Charity Work

presents for the kids from our Toy Drive

Toys For Tots Toy Drive Mr Inkwells Tattoo and Piercing Shop Charity Work

Toys for Tots Toy Drive event

Skateboard Giveaways For The Kids

Just like Wu-Tang, Mr. Inkwells is for the children. And, at Mr. Inkwells we love action sports, especially skateboarding. It is an awesome way for kids to get outside and be active. It also teaches you one of life's most important lessons: When you fall down, you need to dust yourself off, and get back up. You don’t give up, if you keep trying and learning from your mistakes, you will persevere.

That’s why every year for Go Skateboarding Day we give away free skate decks to kids in our community, they just need to pop by the shop and pick one up. Plus, giving kids new skateboard decks means when they get old enough for tattoos and piercings, they will come to us… 

Go Skate Day Skate Deck Giveaway Mr Inkwells Tattoo and Piercing Shop Charity Work

kids happy to get their free skate decks at Mr. Inkwells

Donating To Local Schools

Mr. Inkwells also love to help local schools with donations, silent auctions, and more. We donate to art departments, sports, departments, and anywhere local schools need our help. We are even Wooden Athletic Fund (WAF) donors for our UCLA Bruins.

If you are or know a local school that would like to work with us, let us know!

UCLA Dontations Mr Inkwells Tattoo and Piercing Shop Charity Work

Go bruins!

Sponsoring Community Events

Mr. Inkwells is the first and only tattoo in the beautiful city of Los Alamitos. And we are proud to be in such an amazing, community focused town. Los Alamitos really cares, and they show that with all of their community events throughout the year. Events that Mr. Inkwells is proud to take part in, and sponsor.


Los Alamitos Weekend of Art

Trunk or Treat

Movies in The Park

And more

We are always open to new events in town, so let us know!

 Community Events Trunk or Treat Mr Inkwells Tattoo and Piercing Shop Charity Work

our spooky trunk on Trunk or Treat

Art and Tattoo Events Around California

Not only do we do local Southern California events to bring awareness to art and body art, we also do art events throughout the state. We believe that just like growing our local community, we need to help grow the body art,  and art in general, community as well.

We do this by sponsoring tattoo shows, and doing tattoos at other traditional “non-tattoo” events like Comic Cons. We know that the best way for something to gain more acceptance is exposing more people to it, so we try to spread the body art around the State through various art and culture events.

Make sure to subscribe to our emails, and follow us on social to keep up to date with what events Mr. Inkwells will be sponsoring throughout the year.

Comic Con Long Beach Mr Inkwells Tattoo and Piercing Shop Charity Work

Comic Con 2023

Comic Con Booth Mr Inkwells Tattoo and Piercing Shop Charity Work

tattooing at Comic Con 2023 

Golden State Tattoo Expo Mr Inkwells Tattoo and Piercing Shop Charity Work

Body Art Expo booth

Golden State Tattoo Expo Winners Mr Inkwells Tattoo and Piercing Shop Charity Work

winning 1st Place at Body Art Expo

Friday The 13th

The biggest tattoo and piercing holiday of the year is even Bigger, Better, and Funner, at Mr. Inkwells!  This is our chance to say “Thank you!” to all of our clients, by giving everybody an unbelievable deal once (sometimes twice) a year. 

And anyone who has done Friday The 13th at Mr. Inkwells knows we spare no expenses to give each and every client the best Friday The 13th experience they have ever had.

To learn more about our World Famous Friday The 13th click here, sign up, and hopefully we will see you there.

Firday The 13th Event Mr. Inkwells Tattoos and Piercing

Friday The 13th 

And More…

Every year Mr. Inkwells tries to do more to give back, and is looking for more opportunities to help our community. And we realize we couldn't do any of it without you, our amazing clients! So, thank you again, we look forward to working with you, and our community for many years to come!

See you soon!

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