Funny Tattoo and Piercing Memes: The Best Tattoo and Piercing Memes, GIFs, and Videos

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Funny Tattoo Memes Videos and Gifs Best Tattoo and Piercing Memes

Funny Tattoo and Piercing Memes: The Best Tattoo and Piercing Memes, GIFs, and Videos

Tattoos and piercings aren't only great for expressing yourself and looking cool, they are also good for laughs. Anyone who has been around the tattoo and piercing industry for enough time, as a client or an artist, knows this, and that is why we put together our list of funny tattoo and piercing memes.

These hilarious tattoo and piercing memes cover a variety of topics, but they are all related to tattoos and piercings. Not only that, but the memes are all homemade by Mr. Inkwells, and we are making more everyday so make sure to follow us on, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok, so you don't miss out.

Now, with out further ado, get ready to laugh so hard it hurts more than white highlights, and enjoy our list of the funniest tattoo and piercing memes.

#10: When The Tattoo Idea and The Person Don't Match

We have all seen it before, someone get's a tattoo that seems totally out of left field for them. That's the beautiful part about tattoos, anyone can get whatever they want (within reason), and this tattoo meme shows that. 

#9: When People Ask When You Are Going To Stop Getting Tattoos and Piercings

Could you imagine if random people felt that they were entitled to give clothing advise? Then, why does everyone think it's okay to complain about your tattoos? Craziness.

#8: When The Tattoo Artist Asks If They Can Add Some White Highlights

If you have been through a tattoo you know. You think you have just finished getting tatted, you relax, then... the infamous white highlights. This funny tattoo meme captures that moment perfectly.

#7: When People Ask you If Tattoos or Piercings Hurt

What do you think? Of course they hurt! This tattoo and piercing meme is the perfect reply to those not "in the know".

#6: When You Accidentally Lock Eyes While Getting Tattooed 

You are sharing an experience, talking, then suddenly, your eyes lock. don't worry it happens to everyone, just don't let last too long...

#5: When Someone Gets You a Tattoo or Piercing For Christmas

Let's be honest, the only thing tattoo and piercing people want for Christmas is tattoos and piercings. Don't overthink it, get the people what they want, then see them react like the kid in this hilarious tattoo and piercing video meme.


#4: When Your Family Sees Your New Tattoos and Piercings This Holiday Season

Didn't everyone get taught it's impolite to stare??? Whatever, you wanted them all to see your new tattoos and piercings anyway, at least you will have something better to talk about than the weather. That is, if they can manage to get their jaws off the floor.

#3: When Your Tattoo Artist Sees You Have Been Messing With Your Tattoo While It Heals

Gotta follow them aftercare instructions, or end up like D.W. gettin cold-cocked by a fist full of truth..


#2: When Someone Asks "How You Are Going To Get a "Good Job" with All Those Tattoos?"

When someone ask me this. I always reply with, "How are you ever going to find a girlfriend/boyfriend, looking like such a dork."

#1: When They Ask "Don't You Think You Have Enough Tattoos?"

There is never enough, in fact I am just getting started. This is not a phase, this is me. And, this funny tattoo meme expresses this sentiment perfectly.


We hope this list of funny tattoo and piercing memes put a smile on your face. Remember if you want more laughs throughout the week, follow us on, YouTubeInstagram, and TikTok. You will also get a ton of awesome tattoo and piercing advise, inspiration, and more.

If laughing about all these tattoos and piercings got you in the mood for another tattoo or piercing (or both), then make sure to book it at Mr. Inkwells. Where one of our amazing artists can give you the tattoo or piercing of your dreams, along with a few laughs.


See you soon!


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