Top 10 Mental Health Tattoo Ideas: Best Mental Health Tattoos

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Top 10 Mental Health Tattoo Ideas Best Mental Health Tattoos

Top 10 Mental Health Tattoo Ideas: Best Mental Health Tattoos

We eat right, exercise, and do what we can to ensure the health of our physical bodies. But, our mind needs to be healthy too. We must feed our minds good things, exercise it with new ideas and experiences, and do whatever we can to ensure our mental health.

That is why we put together our list of the Top 10 Mental Health Tattoos. These mental health tattoos draw inspiration from ancient ideas to modern psychology, and they are all designed to get your head in the right place and keep it there. Tattoos are perfect when you need a mental boost, they are always with you, and you can draw on them for inspiration at any time.

So, relax your mind, let all of those unhelpful thoughts disappear, and enjoy our list of the 10 Best Mental Health Tattoos.

#10: Live In Awe Mental Health Tattoo

Life is amazing, even the simplest things, like a flower opening up for sun, seem almost magic. This mental health tattoo reminds us to take the time to really be present, and let our sense of wonder free, se we can 'live in awe'. 

Live In Awe Tattoo Best Mental Health Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo done by Ryan

#9: Hang Loose Mental Health Tattoo

Sometimes the tension in our bodies creates mental tension, and vice versa. That is why it is a good practice for the body and mind, to notice the tension, and let it go. To hang loose, and relax. This mental health tattoo reminds us in a visual way (the noose meaning "Hang", and the snake with a "Loose" tooth), to let the stresses of the day go and leave them where they are, there is really no reason to carry them with you.

Hang Loose Hand and Finger Tattoo Best Mental Health Tattoo Idea

Tattoo done by Devon

#8: Silver Lining Mental Health Tattoo

There is usually always some good in everything if we take the time to look. You lose your job, now you have more time to pursue your passion. Your car breaks down, now you can get that exercise walking you didn't have time for. There is a silver lining to almost everything, and this mental health tattoo keeps this idea top of mind.

Silver Lining Tattoo Best Mental Health Tattoo Idea

Tattoo done by Ryan


#7: The Love Of Life Must Persist Mental Health Tattoo

No matter what happens to you, love must persist. Humans are social creatures, and to truly live a full life we must help and interact with others. Life is love, and we must embrace and love life. Sometimes it feels like the darkness will never go away, but where there is love there is light. This mental health tattoo will help that love persist.

The Love of Life Must Persist Tattoo Best Mental Health Tattoo Idea

Tattoo done by Sarah

#6: Four Virtues Mental Health Tattoo 

We are all animals. But how did humans not only survive, but thrive? We are not the strongest physically, we are not the fastest, we can't see the best. So how did we do it? Our minds. The human gift is reason, we have the ability to not just automatically react, we have a moment between feeling something and reacting. In this moment we make a decision, the best decisions we can based off what we know. That is exercising reason, and that is what the virtues are; Wisdom, temperance, justice, and courage. This mental health tattoo reminds us when things get tough, that we can take a breath, and rely on reason, our virtues, to get us through anything.

The Four Cardinal Virtues Tattoo Best Mental Health Tattoo Idea

Tattoo done by Summer

#5: Be Still Mental Health Tattoo

This mental health tattoo is simple "Be still", but actually using the advice is sometimes difficult. As humans we are always, trying, pushing, and worrying. Our minds and bodies are never at rest. But, sometimes we need to give ourselves a break, we need to just relax, and be still.

Be Still Tattoo Best Mental Health Tattoo Idea

Tattoo done by Ryan

#4: Amor Fati Coin Mental Health Tattoo

We are the masters of our destiny, and we want everything to go how we imagine it. This mental health tattoo reminds us to love the outcome no matter what, because what happens is what was supposed to happen. We must love fate (Amor Fati). We can only control our actions, the outcome is up to fate. We try our best and give it our all to reach our goals. If fate permits and we reach them, great! If fate denies us, no big deal, we learn and grow stronger, and try again.

Amor Fati and Memento Mori Coin Tattoo Best Mental Health Tattoo Idea

Tattoo done by Sarah

#3: No Rain, No Flowers, Mental Health Tattoo

People need challenges in order to grow. The same way we push heavy weights around to challenge and grow our muscles, we need trials to grow as humans. This mental health tattoo puts it eloquently, "No rain, No Flowers". The dark cloud times are needed, for us to grow strong and flourish when the sun shines. 

No Rain No Flowers Tattoo Best Mental Health Tattoo Idea

Tattoo done by Devon


#2: Seek Discomfort Mental Health Tattoo

We live a "climate controlled" life. We are never cold or hot, never too hungry, never in a state of discomfort. But getting out of your comfort zone is what builds you, creates strength, and allows you to test yourself. When something doesn't feel exactly how you want, that doesn't always mean avoid it. Pain is just as much of a part of life as pleasure, if you live a life excluding one or the other, it is not complete. This mental health tattoo says it perfectly "Seek Discomfort".

Seek Discomfort Tattoo Best Mental Health Tattoo Idea

Tattoo done by Devon

#1: Memento Mori Mental Health Tattoo

Most try not to think about it, they live like the day will never come, wasting their time doing things to "pass the time". But we must remember that our time is limited, we will die, and we have no idea when. That means, live every day pursuing goals that matter to you. Doing things that will enrich your life and the lives of others. This Memento Mori mental health tattoo,  will help you remember you will die. and, help ensure you use your given time to best of your ability.

Memento Mori Grave Tattoo Best Mental Health Tattoo Idea

Tattoo done by Devon

We hope you enjoyed our list of the Top 10 Mental Health Tattoo Ideas, hopefully this list helped provide you with some mental clarity. What were some of your favorite mental health tattoo ideas from the list? Were there any mental health tattoo ideas you would have added? Let us know in the comments below.

If this list did inspire you to get a tattoo that will help you keep mind healthy, make sure to book it at Mr. Inkwells tattoo shop, where you can have the peace of mind of knowing that one of our incredible tattoo artists is working on your tattoo.

See you soon!


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