All About Threadless Jewelry, And Why You Should Use Threadless Jewelry For Your Piercing

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All About Threadless Jewelry, And Why You Should Use Threadless Jewelry For Your Piercing

All About Threadless Jewelry, And Why You Should Use Threadless Jewelry For Your Piercing

When you are thinking about getting a new piercing, the first jewelry that pops in most people's minds is that old school piercing jewelry that has one sharp end that pushes into your head when you lay down. 

Thankfully times have changed, and since the early 2000’s you no longer need to undergo torture while your piercing heals. Not only that, but there are tons of other great benefits from advances in piercing jewelry too, which we will go into below.

In this article you will learn about the most advanced jewelry on the market, threadless jewelry! You will learn what threadless jewelry is, what makes it different, the benefits of using threadless jewelry, how to use threadless jewelry, and more. So let’s get started!

What is threadless jewelry?

Threadless jewelry is just what it sounds like, jewelry without threads. What makes threadless jewelry unique is how it is designed, which differs significantly from conventional piercing jewelry. A threadless jewelry piece is composed of two main components, the “top” and the “backing".

The top is the decorative end of the piece of jewelry. This is the end that has the design on it, the diamond, gem, moon, etc. Unlike traditional jewelry this end does not go through the piercing, it goes into the backing.

The backing goes through the piercing and is flat on the back. This is the part of the jewelry that goes through the piercing and the top is inserted in.

Threadless Jewelry Top and Backing Threadless Jewelry Guide

Instead of relying on threads to screw jewelry into place, threadless jewelry is “tension fit”. The top “decorative end” is designed with a small pin, while the post features a corresponding hollow groove. When the two components are aligned and pushed together, they lock into place securely, creating a seamless and snug fit.

This makes threadless jewelry simple to put on, and eliminates the risk of threads becoming loose or damaged. It also means that threadless jewelry generally doesn't require specialized tools, this makes threadless jewelry safer, more durable, and easy to change.

Threadless jewelry can come in any metal, but the most body safe metals (especially for the intial piercing) are implant grade titanium and 14k gold. You can learn more about the best piecing metals by clicking here. 

What are the benefits of using threadless jewelry?

When it comes to using threadless jewelry there are tons of benefits, from comfort to style, and we will go into detail of each of the reasons you should be using threadless jewelry for your piercings below.

Comfortable flat backs

Flat Backs For Threadless Jewelry Threadless Jewelry Guide

Unlike those old ear piercings from the mall that everyone remembers, there is no sharp back poking you while the piercing heals. The backs on threadless jewelry are flat meaning that you won’t even notice it while your piercing is healing, making the whole jewelry wearing experience much more comfortable, whether you are healing a piercing or not.

Easy to use, no tools required

No Tools Required To Change Threadless Jewelry Threadless Jewelry Guide

Threaded jewelry also has flat backs, but the problem with threaded jewelry is changing it on your own. With threadless jewelry you don’t need any special tools. This makes changing your jewelry a breeze, and means you don't have to go into a piercing studio every time you want to switch up you style.

A secure fit

Threadless Jewelry Holds In Place Threadless Jewelry Guide

Again with threaded jewelry the threads can be damaged making the jewelry less secure, and sometimes unusable. Threadless jewelry is much more secure due to its simple yet innovative design. This means you can enjoy yourself while wearing threadless jewelry instead of worrying.

Interchangeable tops and backings

Interchangeable Tops and Backings Threadless Jewelry Guide

All threadless jewelry is interchangeable, so that means that all the backing and tops work with each other. This makes jewelry design possibilities unlimited with threadless jewelry. Plus, it saves you money, you could never change a backing and just buy tops if you wanted. Whatever you choose to do, with threadless jewelry there are tons of options. You can check some of the beautiful threadless jewelry options out by clicking here.

Ability to change top while healing

Threadless Jewelry Backings Stay in Ear Threadless Jewelry Guide

When the top or decorative side is what goes through the piercing hole it means you must keep it in until it heals. Healing times for piercings range for 6 months to a year, so that means you really need to like your jewelry. With threadless jewelry the backing is what goes through the piercing hole. This means you can switch out the tops while the piercing is healing, so you won’t be stuck with the same jewelry the whole healing process.

With every piercing make sure to follow proper aftercare instructions, you can see how to heal your piercing by clicking here.

How to use threadless jewelry

Threadless jewelry is easy to use, and here is a visual guide to make it even easier.

Visual Guide How To Install and Remove Threadless Jewelry Threadless Jewelry Guide

How to put it threadless jewelry

1. Inset top pin halfway

2. Slightly bend the pin

3. Push the top pin all the way in

How to remove threadless jewelry

Just hold the backing and pull the top out. This may take a little force, but you should be able to do it. If not, you can always come into the studio and have a piercer help you.

We hope this article answered all your questions about threadless jewelry, if you have any other questions you have post them in the comments and we will answer them for you.

If you want to get a new piercing, or check out our huge selection of implant grade titanium and 14k gold threadless jewelry, then come on down to Mr. Inkwells.

See you soon!


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