Best Tattoo Shop In California: Why Mr. Inkwells Is The Top Rated Tattoo Shop In California

Tyler Martina

Best Tattoo Shop In California: Why Mr. Inkwells Is The Top Rated Tattoo Shop In California

Best Tattoo Shop In California: Why Mr. Inkwells Is The Top Rated Tattoo Shop In California 

California is the birthplace of tattoos in the United States. Southern California to be specific. Sailors, outlaws, and eccentrics, would start a new phenomena on the Pike in Long Beach, CA that would eventually sweep the nation and become almost commonplace.

This new phenomena that would slowly sweep the nation was tattoos. 

Don't get me wrong, tattoos have been around for ages. The 5300 year old “iceman”  Ötzi had over 50 tattoos covering his mummified body.  But, tattoos as an American phenomena, more specifically the American tattoo shop, began right here, in southern California. 

The first tattoo shops that started serving customers back in the old days were far different than their modern counterparts. However, they still survived, thrived, and made their impact on America in the same ways:

Great Tattoo Artists

A Great Experience 

And Great Clients

Past, present, or future, without these 3 things, a tattoo shop is bound to fail. And with these 3 things in mind we can use them as guideposts to help us measure what the best tattoo shop in California is, and help to constantly improve the tattoo shop experience as tattooing evolves. 

Let's start of point 1 - Great Tattoo Artists: 

A great tattoo requires a great tattoo artist. That is one of the reasons Mr. Inkwells tattoo shop is the top rated tattoo shop in California, we have some of the tattoo industries top tattoo artists. 

The tattoo artists are first and foremost amazing artists, and the medium they choose to work on is skin. They are the best trained tattoo artists in the industry (click here to read more about their tattoo training). Not only are they given rigorous tattoo specific training, as an apprentice. But, the tattoo artists at Mr. Inkwells tattoo shop are also classically trained artists. This combination of training ensures that they become master tattoo artists.

Along with this industry leading training the artists at Mr. Inkwells double as friends and confidants for their clients.  This connection with clients gives them the ability to extract whatever idea you have in your head, and turn that idea into a beautiful tattoo. 

This brings us to the next pillar in being California's best tattoo shop ...

Point 2 - A Great Experience:

Not only do you want a great tattoo, but you also want to have a great experience while getting the tattoo. The best tattoo shop in California needs to give the best tattoo experience in California.

That is why at Mr. Inkwells, we have the Mr. Inkwells guarantee:

Upfront Pricing 

Clean and classy Shop

Top quality all natural inks

And of course world class artists 

We are California's best tattoo shop because we make getting tattoos easy. 

With our upfront pricing you won’t be worried about price. You will know what you are going to pay before you get tattooed. 

The tattoo shop itself sets the standard for cleanliness and comfort. Plus, We use industry leading technology that makes booking and tattoo aftercare a breeze. 

We also use only the best tattoo inks. The inks we use are of only the highest quality,  and they are 100% all natural,  so you don't have to worry about what's being injected into your body. 

And of course, the best tattoo artists in the industry,  to ensure you get an amazing tattoo every time. As stated above, we only have the world's best tattoo artists. And these artists only use top of line equipment when they tattoo you. Our tattoo artist skill combined with this state of the art equipment and technology ensures that every tattoo is the best tattoo it can be.

Point 3 - Great clients:

To grow and be known as the best tattoo shop in California, you also need the best clients.  And at Mr. Inkwells tattoo shop we have some of the best customers in the world. From bikers to pastors our clients come from all walks of life. And from all over the world, However, they all have one thing in common, their love for tattoos. 

These clients have helped our tattoo shop grow into the tattoo shop it is today. Our clients have shown their love for us by making us the highest rated, and most reviewed tattoo shop in Southern California.

They have also worked with our tattoo artists to create some of the most amazing tattoos. From small tattoos to giant tattoos, and everything in between, it is a pleasure working with our clients to create incredible tattoo art.


Mr. Inkwells was built with a simple idea in mind "Make a better tattoo shop" for the clients and for the artists. And, that is what we have done. Taking inspiration from the renaissance artists we have built a modern day Da Vinci's workshop. A place where the average person can come and commission stunning art. And a place where artists can work together to create the worlds best tattoos and grow together and individually as artists. 

Proof of this simple idea becoming a reality is in every tattoo, every smile, and every 5 star review. 

It is not easy being the best tattoo shop in California,  but it is our goal. 

The job is never done, it is a constant work in progress. Just like art, we are always evolving. But we will always stand firm in our beliefs.  And we will continue to create the best possible tattoo and give the best possible experience. 

Thank you again to everyone that has helped make us the best tattoo shop in California. We appreciate everyone of you, and we look forward to seeing you soon!


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