Best Trained Tattoo Artists In The World

Tyler Martina

Best Trained Tattoo Artists In The World

What does it take to be a tattoo artist at Mr.Inkwells? 

That is a very long answer that encompasses a whole lot. Today we are going to focus on one specific part of being a Mr. Inkwells tattoo artist that in itself is a very long answer. 


What do I mean by training?

When I mention tattoo training I am speaking of 5 main things:

Self training as an artist (passion and more)

Classical Art training (art school,  higher learning, etc.)

Tattoo specific training (apprenticeship, workshops, etc.)

Practicing The Art (consistently tattooing, drawing, making flash, etc.)

Experimenting (trying new things, expanding art horizons, etc.)

These 5 aspects of training when combined create a world class tattoo artist. Not 2 out of 5, or even 4 out of 5. But, all 5 are a must for a Mr. Inkwells tattoo artist. 

We think of Mr. Inkwells tattoo shop as a modern day Da Vinci's workshop. Artists here are never stagnant. We are always pushing one another to be better. And, we are always helping one another breakthrough old boundaries and create greater art.

Tattooing is the canvas of the 21st century renaissance. And, at Mr. Inkwells we are leading the charge. This reimagining of what art can be is only possible with the world's most talented artists. But, talent alone is not enough. That talent needs to be honed. Trained to reach its full potential. Constantly sharpened, and constantly practiced.

Tattoo training is designed to weed out the weak. People who dabble in art need not apply. Passion for art is the fuel that makes our artists next level. 

So, let's take a stroll through the process of becoming a tattoo artist from beginning to end, to ongoing. Then you will truly understand what goes into every tattoo at Mr. Inkwells. 

Self training As An Artist

The first thing an artist does before they ever even consider tattooing as an art medium is self training. This training starts the moment they learn how to pick a stick and doodle in the sand. Every tattoo artist at Mr. Inkwells Classy Tattoos is, before anything else, a true artist. They have a passion for creating on any medium, and practice this art for hours on a daily basis. Each picture they draw or tattoo they design is a culmination of years of daily practice and self training.

Classical Art Training

Art as its name implies is an art. However, there is a bit of science to the art as well, best practices that have been passed through the ages by a process of trial and error. There are many styles of art that one may never be exposed to, that is why Classical training is important. It exposes artists to art from around the world and through the ages. Classical Art Training teaches artists proper technique, how to break bad habits, and teaches them what the masters of the past did to create amazing art. This gives the already natural artist a huge tool box to use and the ability to design amazing art in a myriad of styles.

Tattoo Specific Training (Tattoo Apprenticeship)

Once they are highly developed artists they are introduced to the art of tattooing. This tattoo apprenticeship is a hands on experience where the tattoo artist learns everything from how to set a tattoo station, to what size tattoo needle to use when outlining a tattoo. Teaching the art of tattooing can only be done by a highly experienced tattoo artist. These tattoo Masters are at their peak with years of experience and the special ability to pass the tradition of tattooing to their apprentice. 

After a long apprenticeship with many tests, milestones, and free tattoos to hone their art skills using skin as medium, these artists with years of experience are now ready to start creating art the lasts a lifetime for clients.

Practicing The Art

Just as in any profession practice is always needed to evolve and grow. The Tattoo Artists at Mr. Inkwells are some of the busiest tattoo artists in the tattoo industry. They do an average of 3-5 tattoos a day! That means they spend hours practicing the art of tattooing, and this doesn't even include the countless hours they spend designing Flash Tattoos, drawing custom designs for clients, and creating amazing art for themselves. All of this time behind the tattoo machine and other art tools is a big part of why the tattoo artists at Mr. Inkwells are among the top tattoo artists in the industry.


Finally, one of the things that makes the Tattoo Artist at Mr. Inkwells the highest trained tattoo artists is the fact that they are always experimenting. Now don’t get scared, they are not experimenting on you. They are experimenting for you. 

They are experimenting with different art styles, different combinations of colors, different forms of design. All of this experimenting is what causes growth. They learn unique new ways to do something, then they transfer this knowledge to tattooing to create never before seen tattoo art.

As was mentioned before there are plethora of other reasons why the tattoo artists at Mr. Inkwells are so great, the training listed above is just one of the reasons they are second to none. And your Tattoo Artist is the reason your tattoo at Mr. Inkwells will be second to none as well. All the years of training, practicing, experimenting, and countless hours of honing their craft goes into every tattoo we do, big or small.

Set your appointment today and have one of our World Class Tattoo Artists design a piece of art that will last a lifetime. And why Mr. Inkwells Classy Tattoos is the highest rated Tattoo Shop.

See you soon!


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