What Are Flash Tattoos?

Tyler Martina

What Are Flash Tattoos?

Flash Tattoos tattoos are tattoos designed in house by our world class tattoo artists. Their tattoo flash designs are made for our customers to choose to get tattooed on them, or to give them ideas for their own custom tattoos.

Each artist's Tattoo Flash sheet is designed in their unique style, and although some tattoo flash may share similar themes each piece of flash is custom made by our artists.

Our artist’s also create two separate types of flash tattoos, Shop Flash and Collectable Flash. Both of these types of tattoo flash are custom made in house by our world class tattoo artists, but there are differences between the two…

Shop Flash Tattoos:

Shop Flash Tattoos are the flash tattoos you see hanging in frames all around the tattoo shop. They are most closely related to “Classic Flash Tattoos”. They are usually iconic tattoos that are somewhat popular or have been at some point. 

These Shop Tattoos still contain each artist's unique aesthetic, and even if the flash tattoo design is of the same thing, let’s say an anchor, each anchor may look surprisingly different based on the artists who designed it.

These Flash Tattoos are some of the most popular at tattoo shops. Clients love getting them or using them for inspiration, and the artists enjoy doing them. If you're lucky may even meet someone one day with the same flash tattoo as you.

Another great bonus to the Shop Flash Tattoos is they save you money. Custom tattoos take a while to design from scratch, since these flash tattoos are already made they will cost you less.

Example of Shop Flash Tattoos

Collectable Flash Tattoos:

Collectable Flash Tattoos are similar to Shop Flash Tattoos in a couple ways. One, they are custom made by our world class tattoos artists. Two, they are priced lower than custom tattoos because they are pre-designed flash tattoos.

However, there are a few things that make these flash tattoos different than the Shop Flash Tattoos.

The main difference between Collectable Flash and Shop Flash Tattoos is that Collectable Flash Tattoos are one of a kind. You will be the only one with one of these flash tattoos, once one of these tattoos has been done the artist removes this custom flash tattoo from circulation. Then you will be the only one with that exact Collectible Flash Tattoo. Your artist will never tattoo that Collectable Flash again. Making Collectable Flash Tattoos one of the only things in this world of copies that is truly unique. 

Collectable Flash Tattoos can also be a lot less traditional in design than your average flash tattoo. Not to say you can’t find traditional Collectable Flash, but, instead of mostly more traditional designs you will find tattoo flash designs run the gamut of styles and subject matter. This part of the reason these Collectable Tattoos are so sought after, because of their rarity.

That being said, these tattoos are a labor of love from the artist. These are tattoos that they designed because they are art they want to tattoo. The artists of course care about every tattoo they do, but, these are the tattoos they dream of doing. These tattoos are their passion pieces, the reason why they choose tattoos as their artistic medium. The tattoos they were born to do, and the tattoos that anyone would be lucky to get.

These Collectable Flash Tattoos are very limited as their name implies and they are upon request and subject to availability. You can find a selection of these tattoos in each artist's individual tattoo station, or in their Collectable Flash portfolios. Be sure to ask your artist the next time you are in the tattoo shop about how you can get one of these exclusive, limited, and rare Collectable Tattoos.

Example of Collectible Flash Tattoos


At Mr. Inkwells Classy Tattoos we offer a huge selection of Shop Flash and Collectible Flash. And no matter what Tattoo Flash you decide to go with you know you will get a great tattoo design at a great price. 

Set your appointment today and come down to check out our exclusive Flash Tattoos 

See you soon!


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