Best Small Tattoo Ideas: Top Ideas For Small Tattoos

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Best Small Tattoo Ideas

Best Small Tattoo Ideas: Top Ideas For Small Tattoos

You've heard the saying "Great gifts can come in small packages". Well, the same goes for tattoos, some of the best most meaningful tattoos can be quite small.

Small tattoos also have some other advantages too, including: Being easier to hide, not taking as long to get, and being able to get tattooed in small places (fingers, behind ear, hands, etc.).

These reasons and many others are the reason small tattoos are so popular, and why a small tattoo can be the ideal choice for someone looking for a new tattoo.

We do a ton of small tattoos at Mr. Inkwells, and we have put together a list of some of our favorite small tattoos we have done.

So, if you are thinking about getting your first small tattoo, or you are just looking for some inspiration for your next small tattoo, check out the list. We promise that there is a small tattoo for everyone's individual taste…. enjoy!

Small Old School Tattoos

Old school tattoos are cool and classic, a great choice for a small tattoo. They also look good everywhere, you can put these small tattoos on your arms, legs, or on you fingers like below.

Small finger tattoos


Small Couples King and Queen Skull Tattoos

Show the world you are the king and queen with these small couples tattoos. These small tattoos look good on fingers or anywhere else.

Small finger tattoos skulls

King and Queen Card Tattoos


Small Ring Tattoos

Not gold, not silver. Tattoo rings! Tattoo rings are the perfect small tattoo to show your love.

Small Ring Tattoos

Small Ring Tattoo


Small Symbols Finger Tattoos

Symbol tattoos are perfect for small finger tattoos, because they are so simple they can be easily recognized and understood, even as very small tattoos.

Small Symbols Finger Tattoo



Small Script Inside Finger Tattoos

Small tattoos hidden inside the finger are awesome. And, a small script tattoo fits perfectly.

Small Script Inside Finger Tattoos

Small Heart Inside Finger Tattoos 

Small Script Inside Finger Tattoos

Small Script Inside Finger Tattoos


Small Behind The Ear Tattoos

Another good spot to hide a small tattoo, behind the ear. Small tattoos behind the ear are by far the most acceptable neck/face tattoos.

Small Behind The Ear Tattoos Money Bag

Small Behind The Ear Tattoos Stoic

Small Behind The Ear Tattoos Hands


Small Rose Flower Tattoos

The rose is a classic tattoo, that is why rose tattoos are a great small tattoos choice. Whether your small rose tattoo is color or black and grey they look awesome.

Small Rose Flower Tattoos

Small Rose Flower Tattoo

Small Rose Flower Tattoos Micro


Small Fruit Tattoos

Putting a new spin on getting your fruits and veggies. Small fruit tattoos are beautiful and very unique tattoo idea.

 Small Fruit Tattoo Watermelon

Small Fruit Tattoo Peach

Small Fruit Tattoo Orange

Small Fruit Tattoo Cherries


Small Bee Tattoos

If you want a tattoo that's "the bee's knees", you can't go wrong with a small bee tattoo. Everyone will be "buzzin" about your new small bee tattoo.

 Small Bee Tattoo Color

Small Bee Tattoos

 Small Bee Back Tattoo


Small Sparkle Tattoos

What's that I see sporkling in the distance? It's your new small sparkle tattoo! These small tattoos are great for highlighting any part of your body, or any other tattoo.

Small Sparkle Tattoo Finger

Small Sparkle Tattoos


Small Bird Tattoos

Small birds make great small tattoos, hell, you can 1, 2, or even three little birds tattooed.  'Three little birds are in my tattoo...' 

Small Bird Tattoos


Small Lotus Tattoos

Lotus tattoos, when tattooed by a small tattoo expert, look amazing. They are geometric and look good tattooed almost anywhere on the body.

Small Lotus Tattoos

Small Lotus Tattoo


Small Flower Tattoos

Roses are not the only good small flower tattoo, any flower will work. Small flower tattoos are fine and delicate just like the flowers they are interpreting.

Small Flower Tattoos

Small Flower Tattoo


Small Heart Tattoos

You are going to "love" your new small heart tattoo. These small tattoos can be as simple as a heart outline, or you can mix them with other tattoo elements to make them truly unique.

Small Heart Tattoos

Small Heat and Handcuff Tattoos


Small Foot Tattoos

Small tattoos on the foot look very good, and the subject of the tattoo can be anything. For example, a small tattoo of little feet.

Small Footsteps Tattoo



Small Script and Letter Tattoos

You have seen them on the fingers or inside the fingers, but small script and letter tattoos can go anywhere. Just remember, the longer the script, the smaller the letters.

Small Letter Tattoos


Small Horror Tattoos

Are you a lover of things macabre? Then small horror tattoos are right for you! You can get a small noose tattoo, a small ghost tattoo, or anything else you can think of.

Small Noose Tattoos

Small Ghost Tattoos


Small Clover Tattoos

Are feeling lucky? You can always bring that good luck charm with you with a small clover tattoo.

Small Clover Tattoo


Small Unalome Tattoos

The path to enlightenment lies in your tattoo. That is why small unalome tattoos are so great, they are a little reminder of the journey you can visualize on your body.

Small Unalome Tattoos


Small Sun Tattoos

The sun gives life, that is why we love small sun tattoos. And don't get trapped into getting a basic sun, you can get sunset tattoos, sunrises tattoos (I guess the same tattoo could double as both, depending on which way your tattoo is facing), and more.

Small Sun Tattoos


Small Cartoon Tattoos

Everyone watched cartoons when they were little, that is why cartoons are so great for small tattoos. Here are a couple of cartoons from the Mr. Inkwells crew.

Small Octopus Cartoon Tattoo

Small Alligator Cartoon Tattoo


More Small Tattoo Ideas

You can get almost anything tattooed as a small tattoo. Here are some of the hundreds of small tattoos we do at Mr. Inkwells Tattoo shop. 

Little Tattoo Ideas 

Cool Small Tattoos

Small Tattoo Ideas

More Small Tattoo Ideas


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If you are planning on getting a new tattoo be sure to call or book online. Our artists specialize in small, highly detailed tattoos.

See you soon!


  • Mr. Inkwells: March 15, 2023
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    @Susan we can for sure do a tattoo like that! Just give us a ring or email us, and we will get you set up : )

  • Susan DeSantis: March 15, 2023
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    I want a rosary around my ankle and onto the top and side of my foot. Want it in gold, silver, and shimmering color. Can you do that?

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