Best Dad Tattoos: Top 10 Tattoo Ideas For Dad

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Best Dad Tattoos: Top 10 Tattoo Ideas For Fathers Day

Best Dad Tattoos: Top 10 Tattoo Ideas For Dad

Are you a Dad who wants a new tattoo, and doesn't know what to get? Maybe, you are a kid who wants to get a tattoo for their Father? 

Either way, this list is for you ....

We have compiled a list the Top 10 Tattoo Ideas for Dads. The list includes great tattoo ideas that any Dad, and hopefully this list will give you some inspiration for your next tattoo.


#10 Best Dad Tattoo: Compass Tattoos

Dads help us develop or compass in life, and for a lot of Dads, their family is their compass. That is why a compass tattoo is on our list of top Dad tattoos. Not only that, compass tattoos look awesome, are very easy to personalize, making these tattoos perfect for Dad.

 Traditional Compass Tattoo

 Tattoo done by Sarah

#9 Best Dad Tattoo: Quote Script Tattoos

Dads are always saying quotable shit. That is why quote tattoos are great Dad tattoos. You will always be able to remember Dads advice because it will always be tattooed on you. Makes all those sticky notes seem pretty worthless.

Momento Mori Script Tattoo

 Tattoo done by Sarah

#8 Best Dad Tattoo: Video Game Tattoos

For the man that taught you Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Select (those who know, know.).Video game inspired tattoos are great for Dads. Most Dads love video games, and for a lot of Dads and their kids video games is where they really bonded. Get a video game tattoo to always remember the times you and Dad shared playing games.

Video Game Heart Tattoo

 Tattoo done by Ryan

#7 Best Dad Tattoo: Car or Motorcycle Related Tattoos

Brumm, brumm, brumm, what is that I hear? Oh yes, it is the next awesome Dad tattoo idea grumbling in.... Car or Motorcycle related tattoos. The only thing your gear-head Dad loves as much as you, that is what makes them the perfect Dad tattoo.

Car Tattoo Idea

 Tattoo done by Ryan

#6 Best Dad Tattoo: Crown Tattoos

Hail to the king baby! Dad, the king of his castle. That is why a crown tattoo is a great tattoo for Dad. You can also get a couples tattoo (as shown below), so the King and the Queen can both get an awesome Dad and Mom tattoo.

Crown and Skull Tattoos

 Tattoo done by Tacho

#5 Best Dad Tattoo: Music Tattoos

Remember all those times jamming out with your Dad in the car? Then, celebrate your mutual love for music with a music related tattoo for Dad. The tattoo can be a an instrument, a band, or something completely different, like the heart made of instruments below.

Music Tattoo Ideas

 Tattoo done by Ryan

#4 Best Dad Tattoo: Movie Tattoos

Did you remember going to the theater with Dad on rainy weekends? Instead of just quoting movies over and over, get something from the movie you both love for a Dad tattoo. The tattoo can be something that everyone knows, or a tattoo that is an inside joke between child and Father.

Leg Lamp Movie Tattoo

 Tattoo done by Ryan

#3 Best Dad Tattoo: Sports Tattoos

Dads and sports go together like peanut butter and jelly. Whether your Dad took you to the games, or you just watched them at home, a sports tattoo is a perfect Dad tattoo.

Sports Tattoo Lakers, Kings,

 Tattoo done by Sarah

#2 Best Dad Tattoo: Animal Tattoos

We all know Dads an animal, which kind depends on the Dad. Whether your Dad is sly like a fox, strong like a lion, or a regal eagle, there is an animal tattoo for your Dad.

Traditional Eagle Animal Tattoos

 Tattoo done by Eddie

#1 Best Dad Tattoo: Dad Tattoos

And #1 is, of course, the classic Dad tattoo. This tattoo can be of anything that reminds you of Dad, or even just the word Dad (or some form of it) tattooed by itself. It is a simple Dad tattoo, and gets the point across very well. The best tattoo to show your Dad your love.

Horse Shoe Dad Tattoo

 Tattoo done by Eddie

What was your favorite Dad tattoo? Is there any cool Dad tattoo ideas we missed? Let us know in the comments below.

And, if this Best Dad Tattoos list inspired you to get a Dad tattoo, or any tattoo, make sure to book your tattoo at Mr. Inkwells Tattoo Shop. Our world class tattoo artists can design you something worthy of the worlds greatest Dad.

See you soon!


  • Mr. Inkwells: February 16, 2022
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    Hey Bill,

    There are tons of good tattoo ideas for you and your daughter to get! It all depends on what you like and share together. We will send you an email so we can discuss it more.

  • Bill: February 16, 2022
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    My daughter has Inc and I have swimming to but I would like to get something that me and her could share together and I have no idea what to get can you help me out

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