Couples Tattoos Ideas

Couples tattoos Ideas

It’s that time of year again…

Love is in the air…

And this made -up cash grab of a holiday, Valentine’s Day, is upon us.

But all cynicism aside it always a great time to as Stephen Stills so eloquently puts it, “Love the one you’re with!”

And what better way to do that than with couples tattoos!

Couples tattoos can range from simple like a name tattoo, to elaborate tattoos ideas like lock and key tattoos.

Couple tattoos are great way to express your bond in a way that means something to each of your individually and together. So, if you are at a loss of what to get your significant other , a novel idea is a Valentine’s Day couple tattoo.

We have put a list together of a few of our favorite couple tattoos to inspire you and help you decide what to get when you Visit Mr. Inkwells tattoo shop.


Name tattoos

This is the OG couple tattoo sweet, simple, and highly customizable with different fonts and styles.

Couples Arabic finger tattoos by SarahArabic couples tattoos by Sarah
Initials by Eddie
Wife’s name by Ryan

Puzzle piece tattoos

The puzzle piece tattoo a couples tattoo that fits together perfectly just like you and your lover.

Google Image

Lock and Key tattoos

Lock and key tattoos are great couple tattoos and can range from basic Master lock to ornate skeleton keys.

Google Image

King and Queen tattoos

“Hail to the king baby!” A couples tattoos for the more royal couples, it is also highly customizable from cards to crowns.

Google Image

Infinity band tattoos

Infinity band couples tattoos are an awesome way to show that your love will last longer that the Energizer Bunny.

Google Image

Sun and Moon tattoos

A couples tattoo that symbolizes the connection between Man, Woman, and Nature.

Google Image

Sugar Skull tattoos

Sugar Skull tattoos are colorful and unique, a very cool idea for a couples tattoos.

Google Image

Yin and Yang tattoos

These couples tattoos represent the counter balance inherent in all relationships

Google Image

There are many more ideas for an awesome couples tattoos, let us know some of your favorites in the comments.

Whatever tattoo you and your partner decide to get a couples tattoo makes a great gift idea that you both can enjoy. Couples tattoos are a way to share your bond in blood and ink. A memory you can look back on for years, and special way to say I love everyday.


So come on down to Mr. Inkwells Tattoo Shop, the best tattoo shop to get your Valentine’s Day or any day couples tattoo!

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