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Best Tattoo Shop Orange County , OC's Best Tattoo Shop

Mr. Inkwells Rated The Best Tattoo Shop In Orange County

Becoming the best tattoo shop in Orange County isn’t easy…

There are many great tattoo shops in Orange County, and many great tattoo artists. Orange County and Southern California in general is a tattoo mecca, and the tattoo culture here continues to thrive and grow, year after year. 

Mr. Inkwells Classy Tattoos continues to thrive and grow year after year as well. This has led to us being the most reviewed tattoo shop in Orange County, as well as the highest average rated (a near perfect 5 stars) tattoo shop in Orange County, Los Angeles County, and all of Southern California. 

Best Reviewed Tattoo Shop Orange County Best Tattoo Shop OC

You can check out our reviews by clicking here for Google,  here for Yelp, and here for Fresha.

We want to thank everyone in Orange County, Los Angeles County, and around the world, for visiting Mr. Inkwells for your tattoos. We know there are a lot of great tattoo shops in OC to choose from, and we are honored you rated us so highly, and continue to choose as your preferred Orange County tattoo shop.

How did we do it? How did Mr. Inkwells become the highest rated and best tattoo shop in Orange County?

The foundation of what makes us the best tattoo shop for our customers is the Mr. Inkwells Guarantee:

Oc's Best Tattoo Shop Mr. Inkwells Guarantee Orange County's Best Tattoo Shop

Upfront Pricing: We always give you a time and price estimate for your tattoo upfront. That way you know the cost before your tattoo even begins, not after like some tattoo shops. Click here to view tattoo pricing, click here to view piercing prices.

Top Quality Products: We only use The best quality, most body safe products for tattoos and piercings, because we know that when it comes to your body, you deserve the best. Click here to view some of our products.

Clean and Classy Shop: A tattoo is a procedure, that is why we keep our tattoo shop as clean as a doctors office. We also know that sometimes tattoo shops can be intimidating, that's why everyone at Mr. Inkwells makes our shop experience the most informative and pleasurable as possible. To read more about shop safety click here

World Class Artists: Every tattoo artist at Mr. Inkwells is highly trained and experienced. Not only are they world class tattoo artists, our artists are classically trained, art school alumni, and all around amazing artists. Click here to view the best tattoo artist in Orange County . And, click here to see the training that each Mr. Inkwells tattoo artist goes through to help make us OC's best tattoo shop.

Tattoos From Mr. Inkwells Orange County's Best Tattoo Shop

Above: some tattoos from our amazing artists

We are the first and only tattoo shop in Orange County to offer a guarantee, and this is one of the reasons we are the best tattoo shop in Orange County. The Mr. Inkwells guarantee sets us apart from the average tattoo shop,  and it shows in our reviews which you can see by clicking here 

Another thing that makes us the best tattoo shop in Orange County is our amazing customer service. We know that choosing a place to get your new tattoo is very important, and sometimes a scary process. That is why at Mr. Inkwells Classy Tattoos we help you every step of the way.

We walk you through the process of getting your new tattoo. From a time and pain estimate, to all the tattoo aftercare products you need and when and how to use them. Check out our short video that goes through getting your tattoo at Mr. Inkwells, the best tattoo shop in Orange County. Click here to watch video

We couldn’t be the best tattoo shop in Orange County if we didn't make paying for your tattoo easy as well, that's why at Mr. Inkwells Tattoos we accept almost any payment including: Cash, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Bitcoin, and we even have industry first interest free Tattoo Financing!

Many Ways To Pay Mr. Inkwells Orange County's Best Tattoo Shop 

To read more about all the payment methods we take click here

To learn more about our industry leading interest free Tattoo Financing click here

Mr. Inkwells also doesn’t only offer one or two tattoo styles, no, our world class tattoo artists can do any tattoo style you could want. Check out some of our recent tattoos by clicking here . And remember that we do all tattoo styles including but not limited to: Traditional tattoo style, Neo Traditional tattoo style, Tribal tattoo Style, Watercolor tattoo Style, Blackwork tattoo Style, Realism tattoo style, Japanese tattoo style, Trash Polka tattoo style, Geometric tattoo style, and everything else.

Different Style Tattoos From Mr. Inkwells Orange County's Best Tattoo Shop

Above: some different tattoo styles for our artists

We also host a ton of tattoo events including our world famous Friday The 13th tattoo deals, our one of a kind Tattoo Roulette, and many more tattoo events you can check out by clicking here.

Not only that, Mr. Inkwells does a ton of Orange County community events to help out neighbors. Some of these events include: Toy for Tots where we were able to collect of $4000 in toys. The Inkspired Art event, where Orange County High School Students can win cash prizes for there art, and much more.

To stay the best tattoo shop in Orange County and the world we are always training new talented tattoo apprentices. This ensures that every tattoo artist including new tattoo artists are world class. From the time they begin their tattoo career they are trained in the Mr. Inkwells way.

There are many other things that make us the best tattoo shop in Orange County including: Easy online tattoo appointments, super comfy tattoos chairs, exclusive tattoo artist created tattoo flash, and much more. 

We thank all of our customers for their amazing reviews and for letting us give them amazing tattoos! They are the real reason we are the best tattoo shop in Orange County, and we are humbled by all the great ratings and support.

If you would like to book your tattoo at OC’s best tattoo shop, click here to BOOK NOW

We hope to see you soon!


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