Horror Icon Tattoos: Top 10 Horror Icon Tattoos

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Horror Icon Tattoos Top 10 Horror Icon Tattoos

Horror Icon Tattoos: Top 10 Horror Icon Tattoos

Horror movies are unique because we don’t cheer for the victims, we cheer for the killers. Some of these killers are so popular that they have become icons. They have inspired countless halloween costumes, movie sequles, and even some ripoffs. These horror icons have made an impact on our society and of course, our nightmares.

These horror icons look just as amazing tattooed as they on screen, that is why we put together our list of the 10 Best Horror Icon tattoos. This list will have all the Horror icons you know and love (or fear), and maybe even some that can give you new nightmares.

So park your car at “ lookout point", grab some blood covered popcorn, and enjoy our list of the 10 Best Horror Icons tattoos….

#10: Jaws Tattoo

Our first tattoo makes you think twice anytime you go ocean... Jaws has always been our favorite monster of the deep, and although the movie may look a bit dated, this Jaws tattoo looks as fresh as a sunny day at the beach. But don't get too comfortable...

Jaws Tattoo Horror Icon Tattoos

Tattoo done by Rony

#9: Art The Clown Tattoo

The newest horror clown to haunt our dreams and make children's parties even scarier is Art The Clown. And although he is the new "clown" on the block, he is by far the most brutal and scary. This tattoo shows him with is trademark smile.

Art The Clown Tattoo Horror Icon Tattoos

Tattoo done by Cambria

#8: Chucky Tattoo

He'll be your friend till the end, and with a tattoo of Chucky he really can be! He may not be the first killer doll, and defiantly won't be the last, but Chucky has found a way into hearts, whether thats by way of his attitude, jokes, or his butcher knife.

Chucky Tattoo Horror Icon Tattoos

Tattoo done by Kenny

#7: Killer Clowns From Outer Space Tattoo

Next on our list are these clowns... Not only are they clowns, they are killer clowns.. From where? From outer space. These may be a bit more laughable than horrifying, but they are still horror icons that make great tattoos.

Killer Clowns From Outer space Tattoo Horror Icon Tattoos

Tattoo done by Rony

#6: Jack Skellington Tattoo

The pumpkin king himself is #5 on our list, and if his horror level was on par with his icon level, he would been much higher. Either way there is no denying the impact of Jack Skellington on the silver screen and the tattoo industry.

Jack Skelington Tattoo Horror Icon Tattoos

Tattoo done by Ryan

#5: Jason Voorhees Tattoo

From Camp Crystal Lake to your skin, Jason Voorhees looks great everywhere. Not only that, his film franchise, Friday The 13th, has inspired one of the most famous tattoo holidays in history. A true horror icon that looks amazing tattooed.

Jason Friday the 13th Tattoo Horror Icon Tattoos

Tattoo done by Ryan

#4: Ghost Face Tattoo

Our next tattoo will really make you "Scream"... Ghost Face is a great tattoo idea, and the best part is, it's just a mask! So depending on your mood it can be a tattoo of any of the characters who have been behind the Ghost Face mask. But or favorite will always be the OGs (original ghostface's), Billy and Stu.

Ghostface Scream Tattoo Horror Icon Tattoos

Tattoo done by Ryan

#3: Michael Myers Tattoo

The killer that hides away all year only to come back each Halloween to kill the same person, leaving a bloody trail on his way. Dedication to a single person like that is kin of romantic... I mean sure he want's to kill her... but it's only like 1 day year... I'm sure there are people you want dead from time to time....

Mike Myers Tattoo Horror Icon Tattoos

Tattoo done by Ryan

#2: Pinhead Tattoo

Pinhead has put a confusing horror movie franchise, Hellraiser (I mean seriously, what is the movie about?),  on his back, and single handedly (but with many pins) made himself one of the most iconic movie monsters.  Pinhead also looks awesome tattooed, as you can see from the tattoo below.

Pinhead Horror Tattoo Horror Icon Tattoos

Tattoo done by Wulf

#1: Freddy Krueger Tattoo

The undisputed king of horror icons is Freddy Krueger. A burnt face has never been so beautiful, that combined with nails that would make a teenage girl blush, a catchy nursery rhyme, and the ability to attack you in your dreams. makes Freddy the ultimate Horror tattoo.

Freddy Nightmare on Elm Street Tattoo Horror Icon Tattoos

Tattoo done by Adriana

We hope this horror icons tattoo list had everyone you love to hate. What were some of your favorite horror icon tattoos? Do you think we should include any more horror icons in our list? Let us know in the comments below.

Did this horror icons tattoo list get your blood pumping and make you want a horror tattoo of your own? If so, book your tattoo at Mr. Inkwells were one of our killer artists will slay your tattoo…

See you soon!


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