Cambria "The Creator" Lara

From Long Beach, CA, Cambria has loved creating art even since her hand could grasp a crayon. With her vibrant tattoo designs she is quickly become a tattoo artist well qualified to represent the LBC. She loves tattoos because it's art that you carry with you wherever you go, it will always be there, no matter what the day brings (excluding dismemberment), to give you a smile.


Cambria's Recent Tattoos

Color Bumble Bee Tattoo on Hand

Micro Tattoo

Color Gecko Tattoo

Color Tattoo

Script and Crown Neck Tattoo

Script Tattoo

Red Ink Butterfly and Flower Tattoo

Floral Tattoo

Deathhead Moth Tattoos

Blackwork Tattoo

Line Work Sun Tattoos

Line Work Tattoo

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