Best Walk-In Tattoo Shops, How To Find A Good Walk-In Tattoo Shop Near You

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Walk In Tattoo shop Near Me Best Walk In TattoosBest Walk-In Tattoo Shops, How To Find A Good Walk-In Tattoo Shop Near You

If I was searching for a tattoo shop in Orange County or LA I would find plenty of walk-in tattoo shops near me. But, how would I choose the “best” walk-in tattoo shop near me, and for me?

If you are looking for a walk-in tattoo shop near you, wherever you may be located, read this guide to getting the best walk-in tattoos. After reading this walk-in tattoo guide you will have the knowledge you need to ensure you get the best walk-in tattoo possible.

In this guide we will cover:

How to choose a good walk-in tattoo studio

What tattoos are best for walk-in tattoos

How to choose a good walk-in tattoo artist

And more…


How To Choose a Good Walk-In Tattoo Shop

Whenever you are choosing a tattoo studio (for a walk-in tattoo or not), you need to make sure it is a good, reputable, and safe place to get a tattoo. Tattoos are pretty much forever, so you will want to ensure that you are being tattooed at a good tattoo shop.

Health Inspection and Business Walk In Tattoos Near Me

Here are some of the things to look for when considering getting a tattoo at a walk-in tattoo shop: 

A Business License

A business license is important in a walk-in tattoo shop (or any tattoo shop), because it proves that hey are legally permitted to operate and are in compliance with local laws. 

You could go to an unlicensed tattoo shop, but that would be like going to an unlicensed doctor. Tattoos are like a surgery, you want to make sure you pick a reputable licensed surgeon.

A Health Department Certificate

A passing health department certificate proves that the walk-in tattoo studio has regular inspections from the health department, and that the studio is following mandated health and safety standards.

Would you eat at a restaurant with a failing health department grade, or even worse no inspection card?  Then, you certainly shouldn't risk it at a tattoo shop.

Good and Friendly Tattoo Artists

Other than the right paperwork, a good walk in tattoos shop will have friendly and knowledgeable tattoo artists that will guide you through the process of getting a tattoo, we will have more on this below in the section titled "How to choose a good walk-in tattoo artist".

A Website or Portfolio With Their Work

They will also have a portfolio of tattoos that they have done so you can see the quality of their work, the tattoos they specialize in, and more. This can be in the form of a website or physical portfolios (usually tattoo shops have both). 

Great Reviews

Another good way to see if a walk-in tattoo shop is a good place to get a tattoo is to read online reviews from places like Google, Yelp, Fresha, and other review sites. This will give you an idea of the experience other walk-in clients received, and help you gauge how good of a walk-in tattoo shop they are. 

You should never choose a tattoo studio based solely on the fact that they take walk-in tattoos and happen to be near you. It is definitely worth traveling a bit farther to ensure you are visiting a reputable walk-in tattoo shop. Tattoos are basically forever, so make sure you take the time to pick a good tattoo shop and artist.

Walk in Tattoo shop Reviews Walk In Tattoos Near Me


What Type Of Tattoos Are Best For Walk-In Tattoos?

You have decided that you want to get a walk-in tattoo, and you want it today. But does that tattoo you have your heart set on make sense for a walk in tattoo? Let’s dive into the best tattoos for walk ins next

Flash Tattoos

By far the best tattoos when you are looking to get a walk in tattoo are flash tattoos. Flash tattoos are pre drawn tattoos made by an artist. This means the tattoo artists can just make a stencil, slap in on you, and tattoo it. Not only do flash tattoos save a lot of time, because the tattoo does not need to be designed, making them perfect for walk-ins. They are also tattoos ideas that the artist wants to tattoo, because they designed them.

To learn more about Flash Tattoos click here

Flash Tattoos Walk In Tattoos Near Me

Flash tattoos done by Ryan

Smaller, Less Complex Tattoos

Smaller, less complex tattoos are the next best choice for walk-in tattoos. The reason is obvious, that they are generally quicker to do, so the tattoo artist is more likely to be able to fit you in that day. Not all small tattoos are created equal however, and that means they are all not ideal for walk-ins. Super fine line complex tattoos that take a long time to tattoo, and require a very skilled tattoo artist. 

Small Tattoos Walk In Tattoos Near Me

Tattoos done by Georgie

Avoid Larger, Complex Tattoos

For large complex tattoos it is usually not best to come in for a walk in tattoo. You would be better off spending this time in a tattoo consultation with the artist, that way you can come up with ideas together for the tattoo design. Then, the tattoo artist can set up the proper amount of time to get the tattoo, and it will give them time to take the time necessary to design you a truly awesome tattoo.

Large Complex Tattoos Walk In Tattoos Near Me

Tattoo done by Wulf


So remember, flash tattoos or small simple tattoos for walk-ins. Don’t rush a large tattoo, use the time for a consultation.

How To Choose a Good Walk In Tattoo Artist

With any tattoo it is important to choose a good tattoo artist. This is especially important with a walk-in tattoo. And with a walk-in tattoo you must be able to figure out if they are a good tattoo artist for you quickly, below we will go over different ways to do that.

Look at tattoo shop reviews and reviews of the artist

Again, just like stated above, make sure to check reviews for the tattoo studio you are walking into. Confirm it is a licensed shop, and make sure you feel comfortable. Generally a highly reputable tattoo shop will only have quality tattoo artists working there. You can also comb through the reviews and search for the specific artist's name who is taking you as a walk in, that way you can see what other clients had to say about their experience.

Tattoo Artist Reviews Walk In Tattoos Near Me

Check the tattoo artists portfolio

Next, you will want to view the tattoo artists portfolio, or social platforms like instagram and TicTok where they post pictures of their tattoos. Then ask yourself a couple questions. Does their tattoo style match what you want tattooed? Does their tattoo work look well done? If the answer is yes to both, then that's a big green light. If it is not one or both of the questions, then maybe find a different artist. Most reputable tattoo studios if you are consulting with a tattoo artist about a tattoo that someone else at the shop would be better at they will direct to them, whether you are a walk in or not.

Tattoo Portfolio Walk In Tattoos Near Me

Spend some time and talk with the artist

Finally , spend some time talking to the artist. I know it is spur of the moment when you walk in, and you may have time constraints, but it is important to build some rapport with the tattoo artists and make sure you vibe. If you do, the tattoo and the entire tattoo experience will be a lot better.

Bonus step

Make sure to follow the tattoo aftercare instructions. Maybe the reason you want a quick walk-in tattoo is because you are on vacation with your friends. You will be out having fun, but please don’t neglect proper tattoo aftercare. All the work you did to get a great walk in tattoo can be ruined by neglecting proper tattoo aftercare.

For some easy to follow tattoo aftercare instructions click here

Proper Tattoo Aftercare Walk In Tattoos Near Me

We hope this guide to walk in tattoos near you, or far aways was helpful. And now you should be prepared to find a great walk-in tattoo if you need to get one. Let us know in other questions you may have about walk-in tattoos in the comments below.

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See you soon!


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