Top 10 Wolf Tattoo Ideas: Best Wolf Tattoos

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Top 10 Wolf Tattoo Ideas Best Wolf Tattoos

Top 10 Wolf Tattoo Ideas: Best Wolf Tattoos

The wolf is a cornerstone of mythologies around the world. The wolf can symbolize many things including, strength, loyalty, and wisdom. Whether you are a lone wolf or the leader of the pack we can all relate with wolves.That means there is a wolf tattoo for everyone! 

Not only do wolves have many different meanings, they also look amazing when tattooed. That is why we put together our list of the Top 10 Wolf Tattoo Ideas, to help you find the perfect wolf idea for your next tattoo.

So, take a walk in a forest, bay at the moon, and enjoy our list of the 10 Best Wolf Tattoos.

#10: The Wolf Inside Tattoo

This wolf tattoo was inspired by a modern comic, however the idea of having an animal inside has been around for centuries. This wolf tattoo symbolizes visually the wolf inside that is howling to get out.

Wolf and Human Head Tattoo Best Wolf Tattoos

Tattoo done by Rony

#9: Traditional Wolf Tattoo

Traditional tattoo style wolves are always great choice as you can see from the wolf tattoo below. The traditional style with its bold, powerful lines, pairs perfectly with the power and boldness of the wolf.

Traditional Wolf Biting Hand Tattoo Best Wolf Tattoos

Tattoo done by Sara

#8: Blackwork Wolf Tattoo

Blackwork tattoos look great for any tattoo, but they look especially good for wolf tattoos. The line work makes every detail of the wolf stand out, and the darkness of the tattoo goes well with the subject.

Large Wolf Head Blackwork Tattoo Best Wolf Tattoos

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#7: Wolfman Tattoo

The wolfman or werewolf has inspired countless, stories, movies, and shows. This Wolfman tattoo pays homage to the classic wolfman and classic tattoo styles. A great wolf tattoo idea for those into the supernatural.

Traditional Werewolf Tattoo Best Wolf Tattoos

Tattoo artist unknown, let us know so we can link

#6: Wolf Dog Tattoo

Although some dogs look more like wolves than the others, modern dogs are decedents of the wolf. That is why we had to add mans best friend to this wolf tattoo list. 

Wolf Dog Tattoo Best Wolf Tattoos

Tattoo done by Ryan

#5: Wolf with Geometric Shapes Tattoo

The movement of the the stars, the planets, and the moon, have always had an effect on all animals, especially wolves. This wolf tattoo combines the wolf with the natural geometry of celestial bodies to create an amazing tattoo.

Wolf with Geometric Signs Tattoo Best Wolf Tattoos

Tattoo done by Wulf

#4: Wolf with Flowers Tattoo

This wolf tattoo mixed with flowers shows that even the powerful has a softer side. Just like the yin yang, this wolf tattoo symbolizes the balance in nature, and in all of us.

Wolf With Flowers and Geometric Signs Tattoo Best Wolf Tattoos

Tattoo done by Ryan

#3: Snarling Wolf Tattoo

The snarling wolf has sent fear done the spine of animals and humans throughout the world, this tattoo captures that perfectly, you can almost hear the wolf growl, as it's lips slide up it's teeth, right before it lunges forward to take a bite...

Snarling Wolf On Chest Tattoo Best Wolf Tattoos

Tattoo done by Wulf

#2: Wolf In Forest Tattoo

Just how the lion is king of the jungle, the wolf is the king of the forest. This wolf tattoo shows the fierceness and strength of the wolf as he stalks his kingdom at night.

Wolf In Forest Tattoo Best Wolf Tattoos

Tattoo done by Wulf

#1: Wolf and Full Moon Tattoo

Nothing is more iconic than the wolf and the moon, that is why this wolf and moon tattoo is naturally the #1 tattoo on our list.  A wolf and moon tattoo looks great done in any tattoo style, but the tattoo below doe in color realism, with the grey wolf and blood red moon, looks stunning.

Wolf and Full Moon Tattoo Best Wolf Tattoos

Tattoo done by Wulf

We hope you enjoyed this Lycan list as much as howling with the pack at a fall full moon. What were some of your favorite wolf tattoos on the list? Let us know in the comments below.

Did this wolf tattoo ideas list give you an idea for a new wolf tattoo? If so, make sure to book your tattoo at Mr. Inkwells where one of our amazing artists can design you a wolf tattoo that will be sure to make you the leader of the pack.

See you soon!


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