What Are Pointillism Tattoos? Plus, 10 Pointillism Tattoo Ideas

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What Are Pointillism Tattoos? Plus, 10 Pointillism Tattoo Ideas

Pointillism tattoos look amazing, and are very versatile and unique. Originally an art style that was popularized in the 19th century by painters, the Pointillism style is making a big comeback on a different canvas,,, Skin, in the form of visually stunning tattoos.

You may be asking yourself, “I keep hearing about Pointillism tattoos, but what exactly are they? What do they look like? And, why should I care?”. That is why we put this guide to Pointillism tattoos together, to keep you on “Point”. After reading this guide, you will learn what Pointillism tattoos are, what they look like, and why you should consider getting a Pointillism tattoo yourself.

Let’s get started.

What Are Pointillism Tattoos?

Let's get straight to the “Point”, Pointillism tattoos are composed by tattooing a series of tiny individual dots that combine to create intricate, and visually stunning tattoos. The Pointillism tattoo style creates a unique tattoo aesthetic that sets them apart from traditional “line work” tattoos, making it a great choice for people looking for something different in a tattoo.

Hypnosis Tattoo Pointillism Tattoo Ideas

"Hypnosis" Pointillism tattoo done by Sage

As mentioned above, the Pointillism art technique was originally popularized by painters in the late 1900s, and now, just like most art styles, it is being done for tattoos. You can get a pointillism tattoo of whatever you want, from a portrait to a simple shape, and anything else in between. This makes Pointillism tattoos very versatile, which is another selling “Point”, for those interested in getting a tattoo in the Pointillism style.

One more “Point”. Dotwork tattoos and Pointillism tattoos are essentially the same thing. Both tattoo styles use the same artistic concept, using tons of tiny dots that when viewed together create a larger image. So, feel free to use each style's name interchangeably, Dotwork or Pointillism, whichever you prefer.

Pointillism Tattoo Examples and Ideas

Now that you know what Pointillism tattoos are, here are some examples of our favorite Pointillism tattoos. Hopefully these tattoos can give you an idea of what is possible with Pointillism tattoos, and inspire your next Pointillism tattoo.

#10: Statue Pointillism Tattoos

Statue tattoos look amazing when done in the Pointillism style, the dots create a great visible texture that looks so good, you can almost feel the stone being represented in the tattoo.

Bust Of David Tattoo Pointillism Tattoo Ideas
tattoo done by Sage

#9: Animal Pointillism Tattoos

The Pointillism tattoo tattoo style is a great choice for animal tattoos. First, the style works great for representing the texture of animal fur. And second, the Pointillism style brings a feel a realism that brings the tattoos to life.

Dog tattoo Pointillism Tattoo Ideas
tattoo done by Sage

#8: Skull Pointillism Tattoos

Skull tattoos are popular in any style, and the Pointillism skull tattoo doesn't disap-"point" . Again, like all pointillism tattoos, it creates a rich texture, and it really brings the tattoo, even if it's a skull, to life.

Skull With Cowboy Hat Tattoo Pointillism Tattoo Ideas
tattoo done by Sage

#7: Dice Pointillism Tattoos

The pips of a die are just big dots, and the pointillism tattoo as a whole is just made of up of dots. This dot on dot design makes for a not only an awesome looking tattoo, but an awesome tattoo concept that works in many different ways.

Dice Tattoo Pointillism Tattoo Ideas
tattoo done by Sage

#6: Realistic Pointilism Tattoos 

If the "point" is to keep it "real", then you can't go wrong with a Realistic Pointillism tattoo. The tattoo below shows just how "smoking" hot a realistic Pointillism tattoos can look.

Marlboro Reds Tattoo Pointillism Tattoo Ideas
tattoo done by Sage

#5: Renaissance Pointillism Tattoos

Tattoos are the modern day renaissance art form. People used to commission paintings and sculpters. Now, we commission art on our bodies. This modern day renaissance is also better than the first, because unlike back then, our art, tattoos, are affordable to all, not just the aristocracy. 

The Creation Of Adam Tattoo Pointillism Tattoo Ideas
tattoo done by Sage

#4: Western Pointillism Tattoos

The west and tattoos go together like sun tea and sugar, so it is no wonder that western pointillism tattoos look so great. Whether you are looking for a classic western style tattoo, or something more out of this world...

Cowboy riding Horse Pointillism Tattoo Ideas
tattoo done by Sage
Alien Cowboy Tattoo Pointillism Tattoo Ideas
tattoo done by Sage

#3: Grim Reaper Pointillism Tattoos

The Grim Reaper has been a popular subject for artists since humans started doing cave drawings, which is why it makes a great idea for a Pointillism tattoo. The dots create an image that we can not hide from, an image that, just like the dots, will be made up of all the single moments of our life. Then we will all face the Reaper.

Grim Reaper Smoking Tattoo Pointillism Tattoo Ideas
tattoo done by Sage

#2: Illustrative Pointillism Tattoos

Pointillism tattoos lend themselves well to the illustrative style. The dotwork looks like the markings of a pencil, creating a very natural look. Another awesome chocie for a pointillism tattoo.

Puck Rocker Tattoo Pointillism Tattoo Ideas
tattoo done by Sage

#1: Painting Pointillism tattoos

Painters are credited with starting the Pointillism art movement, so it makes perfect sense that classic paintings look great when tattooed in the Pointillism style. Plus, it makes finding your next Pointillism tattoo idea very easy, just look at classic paintings for inspration.

The Hand Of Pulto Tattoo Pointillism Tattoo Ideas
tattoo done by Sage
Now you should be something of an expert on Pointillism tattoos, and hopefully you found some ideas that inspired you to get a Pointillism tattoo of your own. Either way, we are glad you’re reading of this article wasn't "pointless".
If you want to get a Pointillism, or any other style tattoo, make sure to book at Mr. Inkwells, where one of our artists can give you a tattoo that is truly on "point".
See you soon!


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