Top 10 Friendship Tattoo Ideas: Best Friendship Tattoos

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Top 10 Friendship Tattoo Ideas  Best Friendship Tattoos

Top 10 Friendship Tattoo Ideas  Best Friendship Tattoos

People are social animals; we are born to a family, raised in a home together, and then we go out and make friends. Some people have a small, select group of close friends, while others have hundreds. Some friends are people, and some are pets. But one thing remains the same: our basic human need to bond with others. 

That's why we made this article about the Top 10 Friendship Tattoo Ideas; because nothing says bonding like getting tattoos! These friendship tattoo ideas range from funny to meaningful, and everything in between. So, no matter how you and your bestie want to commemorate your friendship, we have something for you. 

So, get comfy on the couch with your buddy, grab a bag of your favorite treats to share, and enjoy our list of the Top 10 Friendship Tattoo Ideas.

#10: Matching Friend Tattoos

Matching friend tattoos are always a good idea if you and your friends like the same things. If you are interested in matching butterfly friendship tattoos like the ones below, you better-fly down to the tattoo shop!

Butterfly Matching Friend Tattoos Best Friendship Tattoos

Tattoos done by Rony

#9: Multiple Friends Tattoo

What if you have more than one BFF that you want to get a tattoo to represent? Then a tattoo that represents multiple friends like The Powerpuff Girls tattoo below is a great idea, especially if you and your friends all have names that start with B, and you all happen to be superheros.

Power Puff Girls Friend Tattoos Best Friendship Tattoos

Tattoo done by Sara

#8: Sun and Moon Friend Tattoos

A sun and moon friendship tattoo can have many meanings including symbolizing the connection of friends. Just like the sun and moon you are both different, but you both share the same sky. A connection that transcends differences and celebrates the unique qualities of each person.

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Sun and Moon Friend Tattoo Best Friendship Tattoos

Tattoos done by Rony

#7: Connecting Friend Tattoos

Friends are sometimes an extension of each other, where one ends the other begins, you complement each other, you complete each others stories. That is why connection tattoos like that one below are great for friends!

Snow White Friend Tattoo Best Friendship Tattoos

Tattoos done by Steve

#6: Animal Best Friend Tattoos

Who says your best friend needs to be human? Get a tattoo of man (or woman's) best friend, or any animal for that matter instead! This is a great way to have your pet with you wherever you go, without having to pretend they are service animal.

Dog Portrait Friend Tattoo Best Friendship Tattoos

Tattoo done by Steve

#5: Activities Friend Tattoos

Just like Calvin and Hobbes love racing down the street in a wagon, I'm sure your and your friends love doing stuff together. These activities make great tattoos, just like the one below. And don't worry, any activity can be tattooed, from pickle ball to getting blackout drunk and losing all your money in a casino.

Calvin and Hobbes Friends Tattoo Best Friendship Tattoos

Tattoo done by Steve

#4: Mixed Zodiac Signs Friend tattoos

The stars must have aligned to create a friendship so great, so celebrate this alignment with a mixed zodiac sign tattoo! As true friends personalities tend to merge as each friend gains and gives traits to one another, mixing perfectly to create something new, like the tattoo below.

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Mixed Zodiac Signs Friends Tattoos Best Friendship Tattoos

Tattoos done by Rony

#3: Unalome Friend Tattoos

The unalome represents the path to freedom and enlightenment. As you can see, just like in life, the path is not straight, there are many twists and turns along the way. The path can be difficult, but these difficulties make you stronger, and there is no reason that this path needs to be walked alone. This is an excellent friend tattoo idea to commemorate those friends that have helped you on your journey. 

Unalome Friends Tattoo Best Friendship Tattoos

Tattoos done by Summer

#2: Yin Yang Friend Tattoos

Yin Yang tattoos represent balance and harmony. Friendship is finding your counterpoint in another, using your strengths to help build them, and having them there to help you overcome any weakness. The duality between you mirrors the duality of nature, and nothing is more natural in human nature than true friendship.

Koi fish Yin Yang Friend Tattoo Best Friendship Tattoos

Tattoos done by Ryan

#1: Movie Friend Tattoos

Every friend group has a movie that they love, and usually, excessively quote. With a friendship movie tattoo you will have even more reasons to spout off those cheesy one liners! Plus, you will always be able to reminded of that movie you both love, and the amazing friendship that you share.

Tombstone Face Outline Friends Tattoo Best Friendship Tattoos

Tattoo done by Sara

We hope you enjoyed our list of the Top 10 Friendship Tattoo Ideas. What tattoo ideas do you think would be best for you and your BFF? Did you think of any friend tattoo ideas that we didn’t have on the list? Let us know in the comments below.

Did you find the perfect tattoo to ink your friendship in flesh? If so, make sure you book your tattoo at Mr. Inkwells, where one of our friendly artists can create a tattoo that is as beautiful as your friendship.

See you soon!


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