Can You Get Pierced With Hoops? Is It Safe To Get An Initial Piercing With Hoops

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Can You Get a Piercing With Hoops How You Can Get Pierced With Hoops

Can You Get Pierced With Hoops? Is It Safe To Get An Initial Piercing With Hoops

Do you have your eye on a new piercing? Excited about the idea of getting pierced with stylish hoops right from the start? But hold on a sec… is it safe to get pierced with hoops ? And if so, will your new piercing heal properly with hoops?

This comprehensive piercing guide will answer all these questions and more, and you will know once and for all if you can get your initial piercing with hoops. Spoiler alert, it turns out now you can! We have figured out a way that you can be safely pierced with hoops, so read on to figure out how…

Why Traditional Hoops Aren't Typically Recommended for Initial Piercings

Before we get into how you can get pierced with hoops, let’s dive into why traditional hoops have been considered a risky choice for initial piercings. Then, you will understand that piercers aren’t just telling you “No” for no reason, they have your health and best interest at heart. 

Can you Get Pierced With Hoops Not With Traditional Hoops

Increased Irritation: The curved shape of hoops tends to agitate the piercing site, leading to heightened discomfort and irritation.

Friction Concerns: Hoops tend to move around in the ear much more than studs, again because of the curved shape being inserted into the healing piercings. This extra movement causes friction in and around the new piercing impeding the healing process.

Delayed Healing: The curved shape of hoops can delay the healing of the piercing and may even contribute to complications like keloids.

Given these drawbacks, it is just too risky to pierce with traditional hoops, that is why most piercers opt for studs for the initial piercing process. The straight backing of studs promotes smoother healing and reduces the risk of complications, making them a far better choice over the curved hoop. 

* Exceptions to the Hoop Rule

Despite their reputation, there are certain piercings where hoops are not just acceptable but preferred. Piercings like the septum and daith benefit from the curved shape of hoops. But, again the curved shape of the hoop will generally cause problems in other piercings.

Is there a Way To Get Pierced With Hoops? Introducing Our Game-Changing Solution: Piercing with Hoops Done Right

What if there was a way to enjoy the style of hoops without compromising on safety? Enter our innovative solution: hoops with a twist—literally. We've crafted hoops that seamlessly integrate with a straight backing, offering all the style perks of hoops without any of the typical drawbacks.

As you have now learned, piercing with hoops is a bad idea because the curved part of the hoop entering the piercing causes a host of problems including irritation, keloids, and delaying healing. So we fixed that!

These revolutionary piercing  hoops function much like traditional studs, with the hoop pin securely fitting into the straight backing. You get all the healing benefits of being pierced with a stud, along with all the style you want from hoops.

You Can Get Pierced With Hoop At Mr. Inkwells Can you Get Pierced With Hoops

The World’s First, and Best Piercing Hoop

With our groundbreaking hoops, the possibilities are endless. From earlobes to noses and beyond, you can now confidently explore a myriad of piercing options without sacrificing safety or style.

Body Safe

Our threadless hoops are crafted from implant-grade titanium, the world's most body-safe metal. Implant grade titanium isn’t just a strong metal, it’s the most hypoallergenic metal. This ensures your skin won’t be irritated from your jewelry helping to add in a great healing process.

Hoop Made with Most Body Safe Metal Implant Grade Titanium Can you Get Pierced With Hoops

Comfortable and Secure

Our threadless flat-back hoops are not only the safest option for a new piercing, they are also the most secure and comfortable. The threadless design ensures a tight, secure, and seamless fit. While the flat backing, also known as nap earrings, provide optimal comfort during the healing process.

Flat Nap Backing Can you Get Pierced With Hoops


The universal threadless backing also allows for jewelry changes while your piercing is healing! This is possible because the backing is what goes through the piercing, not the top (the decorative piece of jewelry), meaning you can switch between different studs and hoops while your piercing is healing. Now you won’t be stuck wearing the same thing everyday while your piercing heals.

Vestitle to Change Out Tops with Hoop Can you Get Pierced With Hoops


Tailored To Perfection

We understand that each piercing is unique, that's why we offer a diverse range of initial piercing hoops tailored to fit different piercing locations. Whether it's your earlobe, your nose, or anything else, our specialized hoops ensure not only the perfect fit, but the perfect look.

Tailored Fit From Each Piercing Can you Get Pierced With Hoops

Experience the Best of Both Worlds: Style and Safety Combined

Our threadless piercing hoops mean you no longer have to compromise on style to ensure proper healing. With our cutting-edge hoops, you can enjoy the best of both worlds—safety and style seamlessly integrated into a beautiful, and functional hoop.

Implant Grade Titanium Threadless Hoops Can you Get Pierced With Hoops

Get The Piercing You Want With The Jewelry You Want!

With our one-of-a-kind threadless piercing hoops you can finally get pierced with the hoops that you want. Don't settle for anything less than the best. Book your appointment today, and get pierced with what you want! 

See you soon!


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