Greek Mythology Tattoos and Meanings

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Greek Mythology Tattoos and Meanings

Greek Mythology Tattoos and Meanings

Greek culture has influenced almost all facets of western culture, our architecture, our politics, our philosophy, and more. Arguably the biggest impact from Greek culture is their mythologies, their stories, and their heroes, inspire us, help us, and teach us.

That is why we made our list of the 10 Best Greek Mythology Tattoos, so you can find the perfect Greek Mythology tattoo for yourself. Whether you like the heroes or monsters, gods or goddesses, or something in between, we have a mythology tattoo for everyone.

So put on your sandals, praise the gods, and begin your odyssey as you enjoy our list of the 10 Best Greek Mythology Tattoos…

#10: Phoenix Tattoo 

A Greek mythology staple, the Phoenix was first mentioned by the Egyptians. The myth of the Phoenix is an immortal bird that dies in a fiery show only to be reborn again from its ashes. A Phoenix tattoo can represent rebirth, renewal, and transformation.

Phoenix Tattoo Greek Mythology Tattoos

Tattoo done by Ryan

#9: Apollo and Dionysus Tattoo

Apollo is the Greek god of the sun, truth, and reason. Dionysus is the god of festivals, insanity, and ritual madness. However although opposites, they embrace each other in the Greek mythology tattoo below. This tattoo is the Greek myth equivalent of the yin-yang, a balance of opposites, the balance that is needed for harmony.

Apollo and Dionysus Tattoo Greek Mythology Tattoos

Tattoo done by Devon

#8: Griffin Tattoo

The Griffin represents strength and bravery making it a great Greek mythology tattoo choice. The Griffin is another Greek myth that has its roots in Egypt. Griffins were thought to pull the chariot of Apollo, and were also known as the hounds of Zeus.

Griffin Tattoo Greek Mythology Tattoos

Tattoo done by Steve

#7: Athena Tattoo

Athena is arguably the most famous goddess from Greek Mythology. She is the goddess of wisdom, justice, war, just to name a few, and she helped Odysseus on his odyssey, and the Greeks greatest city, Athens, was named in her honor.  If you want a Greek myth tattoo that symbolizes virtue, cunning, and some girl power, you can't go wrong with an Athena tattoo.

Athena Tattoo Greek Mythology Tattoos

Tattoo done by Rony

#6: Trojan War Tattoo

Nothing unties a people like war, and no war was as steeped in mythology as the Trojan war. Originally thought to be pure Greek mythology, it turns out that Troy is a real place, and there was a real war. The Trojan war offers tons of tattoo ideas, from Achilles to Paris, or you can get something that melds the past with the present, like the USC Trojan tattoo below.

Trojan Tattoo Greek Mythology Tattoos

Tattoo done by Kenny

#5: Medusa Tattoo

Medusa was cursed by the gods for her beauty, and punished because of their desires. Medusa combines almost every popular tattoo element; snakes, beauty, and monsters, making for an awesome Greek mythology tattoo idea.

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Medusa Traditional Tattoo Greek Mythology Tattoos

Tattoo done by Sara

#4: Siren Tattoo

Better known as mermaids now days, the Sirens have a much darker origin then Disney would have you believe. In Greek mythology the Sirens were monstrous sea-nymphs who's bewitching song lured sailors to their death. Siren tattoos look amazing too, whether you go with a nicer looking mermaid, or the darker Siren.

Siren Mermaid Tattoo Greek Mythology Tattoos

Tattoo done by Steve

#3: Grim Reaper (Thanatos) Tattoo

The Grim Reaper was known as Thanatos in Greek mythology. And just like the Grim Reaper we all know, he appeared to people to carry them off to the underworld when the time allotted to them by the Fates had expired. The Grim Reaper looks great tattooed and is a great choice for a myth tattoo.

Grim Reaper Tattoo Greek Mythology Tattoos

Tattoo done by Rony

#2: Apollo Tattoo

The epic struggle between Gods and monsters is displayed great in this Greek mythology tattoo of Apollo fighting Python. One of the best parts of Greek myths and tattoos, is that they mirror the conflict between good and evil that we deal with in the real world.

Apollo Python Tattoo Greek Mythology Tattoos

Tattoo done by Rony

#1: Zeus Tattoo

Zeus, the king of Mount Olympus takes the top spot on our Greek Mythology tattoo list. Zeus's exploits have have been the subject of some of the most popular myths in the Greek world. Zeus tattoos also look as epic as his myths, as you can see from the tattoo below.

Zeus Tattoo Greek Mythology Tattoos

Tattoo done by Steve

Greek mythology tattoos are awesome tattoo ideas for anyone looking to get a tattoo. Their focus on strength, wisdom, justice, and courage, means that not  only do they look cool, they also have great meaning behind them. Let us know your favorite Greek Myth tattoos in the comments below.

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Did this epic list of Greek Mythology tattoos inspire you to get a myth tattoo yourself? Then, make sure to book your tattoo at Mr. Inkwells where one of our amazing artists can design you a tattoo that even Zeus would be proud of.

See you soon!

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