What are Cybersigilism Tattoos? Cybersigilism Meanings, Examples, and Ideas

Tyler Martina

What are Cybersigilism Tattoos Cybersigilism Meanings Examples and Ideas

What are Cybersigilism Tattoos? Cybersigilism Meanings, Examples, and Ideas

Most people have seen a Cybersigilism tattoo and probably don't even know it. Cybersigilism tattoos look very familiar, like a weird 90s style tribal tattoo, but maybe just a bit thinner, just a little different. But what are these “new tribal” tattoos? What do they mean? And why are they becoming more popular?

In this article we will cover all you need to know about Cybersilgilism tattoos including:

What exactly Cybersigilism tattoos are

What Cybersigilism mean

And, Cybersigilism tattoo examples and ideas


So get ready to step into the future, and learn everything there is to know about cybersigilism tattoos…

What are Cybersigilism tattoos?

Cybersigilism is a tattoo style characterized by its use of thin lines, sharp angles, and usually black ink, to create intricate patterns that resemble a mix of circuitry and organic forms. As mentioned above, they resemble the classic tribal tattoos that we all know and love from the 90s, although the style can vary.

Cybersigilism tattoos often have a futuristic or cyberpunk look and feel, but they can also be more abstract or symbolic.  Cybersigilism tattoos are still a relatively new trend, but they are becoming more and more popular. 

But what do Cybersigilism tattoos represent and mean? Lets jump into that below.

Side Tribal Cybersigilism Tattoos

side cybersigilism tattoo, artist Kenimn

What do Cybersigilism tattoos mean?

The meaning of Cybersigilism tattoos is a combination of technology, mysticism, and symbols to create tribal style tattoos. The tattoo style name is derived from “cyber”, meaning the cyber age, and, “sigil” meaning symbol considered to have magical power.

Cybersigilism tattoos are a product of modernity and how our individual self is becoming more entwined with technology around us. They are a representation of our connection with the digital world, and how that digital world connects with us and shapes who we are.

Cybersigilism tattoos, just like any tattoo, are also a way to express one's individuality and creativity in a visual way on their body.

Lower Back Cybersigilism Tattoos

lower back cybersigilism tattoo, artist Kenimn

Cybersigilism tattoo examples and ideas

Below are a few Cybersigilism tattoo examples and ideas, these just help get your creative juices flowing and help you see what is possible with a Cybersigilism tattoo. 

Cybersigilism Neck Tattoo 

As you can see from the Cybersigilism tattoo below, they look very similar to tribal tattoos. The location of this tattoo is awesome and it looks great. This should really help you come up with ideas for a Cybersigilism tattoo of your own.

Cybersigilism Neck tattoo

Tattoo done by Devon

Cybersigilism Back Tattoo 

This Cybersigilism tattoo has the appearance of wings across the back. The great part about Cybersigilism tattoos is that you can design them into anything you want to enhance the look of your body to your preference and tastes.

Back Wings Cybersigilism Tattoo

Cybersigilism Face Tattoo 

Next we have a bit of a wider version of a Cybersigilism tattoo. As you can see it still has the same look and feel, just a bit bolder, much like the placement of the tattoo. Perfect for those who want to make a statement with their Cybersigilism tattoo.

Face Wider Cybersigilism Tattoos

Tattoo done by Rony


If you're looking for a unique and creative way to represent your place in the digital world, a Cybersigilism tattoo may be the perfect tattoo for you. With their futuristic feel and symbolic meaning, Cybersigilism tattoos are sure to get attention.

If you are thinking about unplugging from the Matrix, and getting a Cybersigilism tattoo of your own, book at any androids first choice for tattoos, Mr. Inkwells. And one of our amazing artists can get you wired with a tattoo that you will love.

See you soon!


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