When Are Tattoo Shops Going To Open Again? And What To Do While You Wait ....

Tyler Martina

When Are Tattoo Shops Going To Open Again? And What To Do While You Wait ....

You are bored at home. You finally have the free time to let your creativity loose. Then, it hits you…

You have a great idea for a new tattoo!

Then, you realize that tattoo shops are classified as “non-essential businesses” . That means your plans of getting a new tattoo are going to have to be put on hold.

This leaves pondering to yourself, “When are tattoo shops going to open again?”. 

First things first. We want you to know that we want to be doing tattoos as much as you want to get a tattoo. We know waiting can be difficult. Especially in our  “on-demand” world, where you can get any movie in an instant, get a meal delivered in minutes, and almost everything you can imagine is at your fingertips.

However, tattoos are different from most things. They are not digital, they are not deliverable, and they can not be done in an instant.  

Getting a tattoo requires a personal, face to face experience. This experience is a bond between artists and a client. A bond, that even excluding the blood spilled and ink injected, can only be made in person. In a real human interaction.

Getting a tattoo is an experience. An experience where we want you to be as comfortable as possible. That means  feeling relaxed, and just as important, feeling safe. 

Getting a tattoo should be meditative. The Tattoo Shop is a sanctuary, a place where you can forget about the everyday stresses of life, and truly do something for yourself. 

The experience of getting tattooed becomes compromised if you are too worried about anything, especially if you are worried about safety.

That is why at Mr. Inkwells we provide only the cleanest and safest environment to get tattooed. Each tattoo we do is treated like the surgical medical procedure it is. Each and every aspect of how we tattoo is designed to be safe for you and the artist.

With the Coronavirus (COVID 19) pandemic we are following the guidelines set forth by the state of California and our local city.  We are doing what they think is best for the safety of the community. That means that we will reopen as soon as they deem it is safe to reopen.

As of the writing of this article, the dates when tattoo shops are going to open again in California is May 1st.

That date could change, so check back for updates. One thing that won’t change is our commitment to your safety. We want to tattoo you more than you know. We live to help you bring your tattoo ideas to life. This can only be done when both the tattoo artist and the client can truly relax and let their ideas flow.

So, what should you do while you wait for the shop to reopen?

Many things.

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See you soon!


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