Tattoos, The Best Thing Money Can Buy

Tyler Martina

Tattoos, The Best Thing Money Can Buy


What is the best thing money can buy?

This question has many answers. A multitude of different things flood your mind when you hear the question.

And, depending on who you are, you may think you know the exact thing.

I also believe I have the “right” answer.

And that answer is simple.


Tattoos are the best thing money can buy.

You may be asking yourself “What does this guy know?”. Or, you could be saying “Of course you would say “tattoos”, You won a tattoo shop.” . 

I get it. I understand you may be questioning the validity of my answer. Heck, so would I.

So, let me present to you why I think tattoos are the best thing money can buy, then, after you have heard me out, you can decide for yourself whether I am right or not.

Let me start by simply saying “Tattoos are great.”

They look cool, they are artistic, they are a way to be individualistic, and express yourself.

They are also one of the only things that you can buy that no one can ever take away from you….

We spend our money on frivolous things all of the time. Some products are even marketed as “temporary” or “disposable” . There  are not many things that last forever. And, there are even fewer things that can’t be stolen, broken, or taken away from you.

Let’s look at a car for example. Cars are awesome. They are something almost all of us desire, and we are usually all pretty excited to get one. But, if you are like most of us, you get rid of your ride every few years for something new. You can also crash a car and total it, have it impounded if you break some arbitrary law, have it repossessed if you owe someone money, and have it taken or destroyed in a whole host of other ways.  Add to that, they continuously consume money for as long as you own them (new parts, fees, maintenance, insurance, the list goes on and on), The car seems less and less desirable.

The same logic stands for a marid of other purchases including, houses, jewelry, and any other large investment. 

And, it’s not just large purchases. Small purchases are usually much more fragile, disposable, stolen more often, and seem, in the long run, quite worthless.

It seems that almost everything you purchase with your hard earned cash can be taken from you, will eventually be destroyed, or will end up just costing you more money.

However, there are some exceptions, which include: Knowledge, experiences, and of course…..


That’s right, tattoos. 

No matter what happens no one can take your tattoo from you. It doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor. Even if you go to jail, you can bring your tattoo with you.

A tattoo can’t be stolen. A tattoo can not be confiscated if you owe money.

A tattoo is yours, and it is yours forever.

It is one of the only things that you can spend money on that is truly yours forever (barring dismemberment of some kind). 

So, the next time you are out shopping and you open up your wallet, ask yourself before you make a purchase “What am I really getting for my money?”.

Is it worth it? Not only that, is it what you want worth the time you invested to make that money you are planning to spend?

Money just isn't paper with dead presidents on it. Money is how we are compensated for our time. Time is finite, use it wisely.

When you invest that time, the time you will never get back for those dollars. Make sure to spend it wisely.  

Spend it on something that will be yours forever.  Something no one can take from you. Something that is part of you.

Get a Tattoo.

Tattoos, the best thing money can buy.


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