10 Best Movie Tattoos Of All Time

10 Best Movie Tattoos Of All Time


Mickey O’Neil in Snatch #10

Brad Pitt’s character in Snatch has some awesome ink, most notably the woman’s face across his chest and upper abdomen. This street boxer has some nice street tattoos.

Francis Dolarhyde in Red Dragon #9

This Sick bastard had an equally sick tattoo. This huge back piece helps to illuminate his inner demons and shows how scary a person can look even from the back.

Aquaman in Justice League #8

Jason Momoa is not you father’s Aquaman. In Justice League we get to some amazing ink from under the sea. Fun fact, the tattoo on Jason’s left forearm is real.


Denton Van Zan in Reign Of Fire #7

Dragon slayer Denton Van Zan played by Matthew McConaughey in Reign Of Fire has some seriously cool tribal dragons that cover his chest and arms. If you are going to be a dragon slayer, you need to have the dragon tattoos to match.

Danny Parker in The Salton Sea #6

“Save your back for something awesome.” You here this advise from every tattoo artist, and this is the advise Val Kilmer’s  character took in The Salton Sea.


Fox in Wanted #5

Angelina Jolie’s tattoos in Wanted make her the only woman in the top 10 !? This leads me to the opinion that we need more tattooed ladies in movies. Step your game up Hollywood, just like Fox did with her amazing tattoos in Wanted.

Jesse and Chester in Dude Where’s My Car #4

“Dude!” “Sweet!” These iconic tattoos made it on the list not because of how great they are, but for how hilarious they are. These tattoos have also been copied by a countless number of friends in tattoo shops around the country and probably the globe.


Danny Trejo in All Of His Movies #3

Danny Trejo sports some of the most awesome and  most recognizable tattoos in movies today. The coolest part about Danny’s now iconic tattoo is it’s REAL. That’s right no movie magic here, he is real deal inked, and if I do say so myself it looks great.


Max Cady in Cape Fear #2

Robert De Niro looks like the psycho he portrays in Cape Fear with these “jailhouse” tattoos.  There are so many tattoos we can’t mention them all, but we will give the #2 best movie tattoo spot to his assortment.


Seth Gecko in From Dusk Till Dawn #1

Played by George Clooney this badass, vampire slaying, bank robber, had an equally badass tattoo. A tribal fire tattoo that stretched from his wrist to his neck just peeking out past his suit collar making a statement on how to make wearing a suit look badass as well.

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