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  • Kobe Bryant Memorial Tattoos

    March 10 2020

    Kobe Bryant Memorial Tattoos

    Kobe Bryant Memorial Tattoos Kobe Bryant was a legend. The Black Mamba. LA’s son.  A great man, whose story ended too soon. Here at Mr. Inkwells we have the opportunity to help people get through the rough times by remembering the good in memorial tattoos. The tragedy that struck Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gianna, and the other seven passengers in...

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  • What Are Flash Tattoos?

    February 26 2020

    What Are Flash Tattoos?

    What Are Flash Tattoos? Flash Tattoos tattoos are tattoos designed in house by our world class tattoo artists. Their tattoo flash designs are made for our customers to choose to get tattooed on them, or to give them ideas for their own custom tattoos. Each artist's Tattoo Flash sheet is designed in their unique style, and although some tattoo flash...

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  • How Bad Do Tattoos Hurt? Top 3 Ways To Determine Tattoo Pain

    February 05 2020

    How Bad Do Tattoos Hurt? Top 3 Ways To Determine Tattoo Pain

    How Bad Do Tattoos Hurt? Top 3 Ways To Determine Tattoo Pain You are thinking about getting a new tattoo. You’re looking at cool designs, thinking about where to get your new tattoo, and imagining how you will look with your new ink. You are on top of the world and filled with excitement…. Then suddenly, a thought flashes across...

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  • The Best Halloween Tattoos

    October 24 2019

    The Best Halloween Tattoos

    The Best Halloween Tattoos The season is upon us again… Halloween! Halloween makes us all think of costumes, candies, and all things scary. The icons of Halloween, unlike the icon of many other holidays are pretty cool, so cool in fact that you may want to show them off all year long in a Halloween inspired tattoo. While you won’t...

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  • October Tattoo News and Events

    October 12 2019

    October News and Events at Mr.Inkwells!

    October Tattoo News and Events This month we have tons of exclusive Halloween Flash, new limited edition Halloween Shirts, and of course candy to go with our world famous bubble gum. Also, be sure to check your inbox for our Flash Friday Sale! On one special Friday this month we'll be having a huge tattoo sale that only people on our...

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  • Tattoo Cover Ups

    March 18 2019

    Tattoo Cover Ups

    Tattoo Cover Ups Tattoos are the best, until you don’t want it anymore. Who knows, maybe it brings up bad memories or just isn’t your style anymore. Whatever the reason, you want to cut this lifetime commitment short. You have a couple options: You can hide it with stage makeup, clothing, or something else, and make sure your tattoo never...

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