Forget me not. An unforgettable tattoo for an unbelievable man

Tami Martina

Recently Alison Sipe, of Garden Grove, Ca came into Mr.Inkwells and wanted to get a tattoo to remember an important person in her life. Here is what she decided on and had to say about it…

“I decided to get forget me nots in memory of my mom’s boyfriend who recently passed away due to pancreatic cancer. I feel like once people get sick, that becomes their legacy. But I wanted to get a tattoo that reminded me of the beauty and the light that he brought into people’s lives because that was what truly defined him. I tried planting these flowers for him, but I realized they weren’t getting enough sunlight, so I guess it can also serve as a reminder to give myself enough sunlight (gratitude, kindness, positivity) and to share some light with those around me as well.”


Be sure to watch the timelapse video of this special tattoo getting done.

Art done by Ryan aka Inky,

check out his artist profile and book your next tattoo next with him today!





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