The Ink That Binds

Tami Martina

The Ink That Binds

The Ink That Binds

At Mr. Inkwells Classy Tattoos we have people from all walks of life come through our door. And, all these people want different tattoos, and each tattoo has a different meaning. Sometimes the simplest tattoo can have the deepest meaning. This past Friday, I was able to watch as the simple xoxo helped unite a family across the Atlantic.

When Sheryl and Amy Clarke walked in you could sense the bond they had with one another. The Mother, Sheryl a Pastor getting ready to embark on a three year adventure in England . And Amy, currently serving her country in US Army had the type of bond that distance and time could not break.

A love like that lasts forever, and during their time apart they wanted something they could glance at as a simple reminder of that.  Hugs and kisses xoxo or in this case kisses and love.

A simple idea, a simple change to a simple design. Some things in life are simple even when life has complicated plans.

Love is simple.


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