The Pleasure Of Getting Tattooed

Tyler Martina

The Pleasure Of Getting Tattooed

The Pleasure Of Getting Tattooed

When we think about getting a new tattooed we inevitably ask ourselves the same questions; What should I get, where should I get it, and of course.. how much is it going to hurt?

We fear the pain.

And this fear is understandable. It is in our nature as rational humans to avoid things that cause us harm. To fear that which causes pain, and to seek comfort.


The foundation of  modern society. Our main aim in life. How can we get, and stay more comfortable.

We wake every morning on our soft beds. Lined with thousand thread-count sheets, in our climate controlled homes. We slide our feet into fuzzy slippers as we rise to avoid making contact with the marginally cooler floor.

We then magically illuminate everything around us with the flip of a switch, as we rub the sleep from our moisturized eyes with our even more moisturized baby soft hands. We think to ourselves, “Damn, it’s tough waking up in the morning.”

Next, we stroll into the kitchen and open our refrigerators to grab a glass of perfectly chilled water, because room temperature is for savages, before we toss a premade breakfast sandwich in the microwave and wait sixty whole seconds to enjoy our heavily preserved treat put together with ingredients from across our great country;  cheese from Wisconsin, bread from California, and “meat” from Montana. We then insert a small cup into a machine, that instantly makes our coffee from Colombia.

While we enjoy this worldly meal, all at the of a couple dollars mind you, we unlock our phones to gain instant access to unlimited amount of knowledge. From the latest headlines, to what grade your nephew got on his last spelling test, we can access it all.

Now, it’s time we move onto the arduous task of sifting through our overly large wardrobes, that somehow never have what we want to decorate our bodies with for the day ahead.

Before we are out the door, we hit the bathroom and brush our hair and teeth using  products with ingredients we can’t pronounce, all while utilizing our unlimited supply of running water. Then it is off to our car as we head to work.

Stepping out of our door we are greeted with the first taste of our “real” natural environment. However, it is difficult to notice because we are dawning our “spacesuits” consisting of shoes, pants , shirt, jacket, and hat. This ensures that we stay comfortable on our five second walk to the car.

As we reach for the handle, the car the door automatically unlocks. Protecting our delicate hands from having to fumble with keys in the cold. We then enter and sit in our ergonomically perfectly adjusted seat. Then, we put on our favorite tunes in the press of a button from a catalog that contains ninety nine percent of the music in human history as our seat begins to warm, that way we only have to deal with our sightly cold ass for a minute or two tops.

On the drive our car tells us where to go, and calculates the best route, telling us turn by turn what to do. Ensuring that we can use our brains for something more important, like thinking about what is going to happen next in whatever series we are binge watching at the time. Giving ourselves a much needed mind break on this already trying day.

We arrive at our destination inconveniently three minutes later than forecasted and our usual spot is taken, forcing us to park a whole four spaces farther away than normal. Knowing that this will subject us to our natural environment for a few more moments, we begrudgingly exit and brave the elements once more as we race to our next artificial environment, anxiously awaiting its blissful comfort.

And so, and so forth, day in and day out, over and over again….

Constantly living in, and seeking out…  comfort.

Fearing pain.

“Living life”

But is this really living?

Spending our whole lives living in and seeking comfort? All the while missing out on all those beautiful things that are not “comfortable”?

Things like playing in the snow, skinny dipping in the lake,  your first kiss, traveling to new places, trying new things, and so on.

Pain and being “uncomfortable” is what makes life worth living.

Experience it, Embrace it,

Find the pleasure in pain. Find comfort in discomfort.

When you get your next tattoo don’t fear the pain, get excited for it.

It your time to really feel something. Something we do not feel enough in this world.

Plus, tattoos look awesome.

So, step outside your comfort zone, and come on down to Mr. Inkwells Classy Tattoos, and get your next tattoo at the Best Tattoo Shop in Orange County. Where we make getting a tattoo easy and enjoyable!

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