The 21st Century American Renaissance

Tyler Martina

21st Century American Renaissance

The 21st Century American Renaissance

Do you remember the days when you commemorated all life’s milestones with a trip to your local artist workshop, where you told them your idea for a work of art, and then commissioned a painting?

What… You don’t?

Of course you don’t, the only people that commissioned paintings were aristocracy or people with to much money. Commissioning paintings reached its pinnacle during the Italian Renaissance and has only dwindled in popularity since.

But are we in the middle of a new Renaissance? Are people once again commissioning artists to create personal unique masterpieces? And, is this Renaissance not only reserved for the societies elite? Is this Renaissance accessible to… everyone?

Right now you may be saying “I don’t see anyone with paintings in their house besides the same generic ones you find at closeout department stores.”

That’s because in this Renaissance the paintings do not hang on walls, they are not frescas in cathedrals, no these paintings have an entirely new medium… our flesh.

That’s right the American Renaissance is now. And its greater than the Italian Renaissance ever was. What’s more is, this renaissance is still in its infancy, it is growing by the day and is only showing signs of that impressive growth speeding up.

Tattoos are living art. Art that we can bring with us. We can express our memories, express our style, express our feelings, express… ourselves. And this art isn’t hidden away in museums or mansions. No. This art is in full view for the world to see, for the world to appreciate.

Mirroring our brethren from the Italian Renaissance, the world’s greatest artists are again huddled together in artist workshops. AKA Tattoo Parlors. Where they thrive off  one another's creativity and learn from one another's techniques.

These tattoo artists are doing more than was ever thought possible on skin. Any artist style or any combination for that matter is being utilized with peoples flesh as a canvas.

Whether it’s a portrait tattoo that is so real it would make Da Vinci blush, or a mind bending geometric design the likes that would confuse Stella, these tattoo artist workshops are creating world class art, the likes of which have never been rivaled in history.

Something special is happening.

And if you take the time to live in the present, to appreciate and embrace this Renaissance, then you will realize that you are a part of history.

A revolution in tradition.

A changing of the guard.

An artistic Enlightenment.

You are living in the 21st Century American Renaissance, needles are our brushes, and you are the canvas.

Be a part of history.

Get a tattoo.


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