Thanks for Joining us Friday the 13th!

Thank You For Joining Us ....

Friday The 13th was once again VERY FUN and VERY BUSY.  We did OVER 100+ FLASH TATTOOS, and were packed from FRIDAY MORNING UNTIL MONDAY EVENING. 

Thank you for attending and getting tattooed. If you did attend and were unable to get tattooed, we hope you understand that there are just so many hours in the day and there is no way we can tattoo everyone.

That is why we open up booking 7 days before to ensure those who book a spot. The bookings for this Friday The 13th filled up extremely fast so make sure to watch for emails about the next Friday The 13th in March to secure your spot. We only book 40 appointments on the 13th to ensure we can also accommodate all the walk ins so book as soon as we open booking to ensure your spot.

We do these Friday The 13th events for you. We hope you had a great time and if you did please take the time to review us by clicking here if you haven't already. Thanks to all of you that already have! We are also running running a contest where I lucky reviewer from the Friday The 13th weekend will get a free Mr. Inkwells Shirt. You can check out the selection by clicking here

Thank You Again from me and everyone at Mr. Inkwells Classy Tattoos 

Tyler Martina - Owner

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